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Your Guide to Paris
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Traverse yourself into Parisien Art – Art Exhibitions at Champs-Élysées in Paris

Paris has continued to repurpose buildings to house antique and world-class artwork. Home to various architectural excellences, tourists head over to Paris to enjoy the artistic beauty of the artworks and Champs Elysee’s remains one of the popular streets to admire the works of famous artists.

If you’re an art lover, this is definitely just the right place for you. The streets are filled with some of the most exquisite of art and is a treat to your eyes. Soak in the scenic beauty of the Parisien streets, coupled with an excellent collection of artwork; all at your disposal. Whether you’re an art lover or whether you just enjoy strolling through streets filled some world-renowned artwork; this is the place you’ve got to be in. So if you’re vacationing in Paris for the first time, make sure to head towards this amazing street and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Some of our top recommendations for the best galleries located in the Champs-Elysee are listed down below.

The Petit Palais

Having a collection of diverse artwork, the ‘Petit Palace,’ remains a storehouse of artwork right from the 1920s. The varied rooms within the building consists of paintings from the 19th century depicting the Parisian food market, medieval illuminated manuscripts, and even Greek pottery. The collection at the ‘Petit Palace,’ gives tourists an overview of the artwork before the 20th century. Most of the artwork here, can be viewed and seen within the span of one afternoon; unlike the Louvre – which would take weeks altogether!

Tourists spend an entire morning or may even spend a day, all the way till the evening – looking through the amazing collection of artwork at the Petit Palace. If not for the collection at just one place, it would have been nearly impossible for tourists to view all the artwork available at this museum. It would ideally take weeks to go through every single piece of artwork and take in the deep meaning that each piece represents.

The Louvre

The Louvre in itself, is a city within the Parisian city – with a number of passages, galleries, stairways and escalators. It remains the largest and the most visited museum by tourists worldwide. The very museum is an architectural marvel in itself coupled with the artistic glories that have been added in pieces from one century to the other. If there’s a region that continues to efficiently showcase the importance and diversity of the French culture, the Louvre is just the right place.

Talked about all over the globe, not only is the Louvre the most visited Parisien museum of all time – but also has a collection of exquisite artwork that has been accumulated together over decades of time. Each piece has been collected over centuries and belongs to different periods of time altogether. Tourists are fortunate enough to get a fruitful insight into these marvellous pieces, all under one roof. The undeniable architecture of the museum coupled with the splendid artwork is what tourists come for. Regardless of whether you’re an art lover or not, the Louvre museum has got to be a must-visit on your Paris itinerary.

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Galerie-Musée Baccarat

The ‘Galerie-Musée Baccarat,’ gives tourists an insight into artworks by designers Georges Chevalier and Ettore Sottsass; that contained artistic pieces that were of prime importance during the exhibitions of the 1800s. From the ‘Alchemy room,’ decorated by Gérard Garouste, to the ‘Red Carpet Entrance,’ with a chandelier in a fish tank – the artwork is a testament to Baccarat’s work.

The work of the great artisan ‘Baccarat,’ has been talked about by artisans from across the globe over centuries. The pieces of his artwork have been recognised to tell a whole new story, each time around. Tourists who visit the museum and are taken into a whole new atmosphere/world altogether. If you’re on a guided tour, your guide gives you a detailed analysis of the history behind each piece of artwork and it is truly an experience worth the visit. So, ensure you’ve jotted down this museum on your to-do list while you’re in Paris.

Musée Dapper

The ‘Musée Dapper,’  was named after the ‘Olfert Dapper,’ the Dutch humanist – with the ‘Fondation Dapper,’ beginning as an organisation to preserve the ‘Sub-Saharan Art.’ After being reopened in 2000, the venue houses bookshops, cafes and performance spaces – staging exhibitions of various kinds every year.

Not only is this museum home to a great variety of amazing artwork but it also is a collection of the great artwork of the Saharan period. It is a splendid collection of great pieces that have been widely recognised. But in addition to the above, today the museum also gives tourists an entirely unique experience. With a wide number of cafes and restaurants in courtyards – tourists marvel at some great art and then enjoy some amazing food of the region. So be sure to mark this museum on your list. Be a part of a great variety that the Parisien region has to offer.

Musée National Jean-Jacques Henner

Reopened in 2009, after about four years of renovation the, ‘Musée National Jean-Jacques Henner,’ traces back to the life of Jean-Jacques Henner and his humble beginning-  all the way to him being one of the most sought after painters in Paris at a much later stage. The building was the studio and home of ‘Guillaume Dubufe,’ and the interiors have been made to recreate the actual feels of that period of time. Jean-Jacques Henner’s work is today spread across the museum’s three floors and tourists are given an opportunity to view some of the greatest artwork in history.

If you’re an ardent art lover, admirer, or simply in search of the true definition of ‘Art,’ the ‘Art Exhibitions at Champs-Élysées,’ are a must stopover for you !! We at Pickyourtrail ensure our best travel experience is put into planning your vacation and can’t wait to craft a Paris Tour Package, you’re absolutely going to love!! Happy travelling!

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