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Triolet in Mauritius – The Beautiful Town Worthy of a Visit

If you are planning for a vacation to a secluded island country where you will not be crowded with tourists, then Mauritius is your place to be. Located just 11 km from Port Louis, each and every place you visit in Mauritius will make your time absolutely worth it. Right from the white sandy shores to beautiful attractions in Mauritius, one can never resist falling in love with them. Out of all the places, make sure to include Triolet in Mauritius while planning your itinerary. Though every place in Mauritius is beautiful, there is something unique about visiting Triolet.

An amazing picture of Mauritius crystal rock
Image by unesourisetmoi bg from Pixabay

Triolet in Mauritius

Triolet is a beautiful little town located in Pamplemousses which is in the north of Mauritius. Apart from being just beautiful, it is rich in agriculture thus has been contributing a major part of the country’s economy. It is also said that the town has been set up by Indian workers and African slaves who used to work at the estates in Mauritius. Are you curious about what else does this town has?

Attractions in Triolet

No matter which part you stay in Triolet, your vacation will never be wasted. This village has something everywhere within itself to offer to its visitors. Some of the famous places to visit are Trou-aux-Biches, Mont-Choisy and the Grand Baie to the north, Morcellement St Andre and Plaine des Papayes to the east, Pointe-aux-Piments and Balaclava to the west and Arsenal to its south. There are other attractions like Triolet Shivala Mauritius village, which offers helicopter sightseeing for tourists. Also, it has spa centres to relax, Ved holistic care centre for ayurvedic massages and even casino. Won’t it be worth visiting to explore a town like Triolet? Keep reading to see what else this town has.

The picturesque Trou-aux-Biches beach in Triolet in Mauritius
Image Credits: Google Images

Temples in Triolet

If you think Triolet is all about only fun, then you are wrong. The village attracts a huge number of tourists just by the way it is located amongst exotic landscapes. Standing as home to various temples, one should include this in their itinerary if they want to get amazed. You have Maheswarnath Mandir, also called as Grand Shivala Triolet or the Temple de Triolet,  ISKCON Hare Krishna Temple, Sri Siva Subramanya Temple and many more. Get some blessings while you are there!

An amazing view of Maheswarnath temple in Triolet in Mauritius
Image Credits: Google Images

How to reach Triolet in Mauritius

Since it is located only 11 km from Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, you can take a cab to reach the place from the airport. To be on the economic side, you can opt for bus travel as well.

Tips to not forget

  • Plan your day well as the place has so many attractions for you to explore.
  • Make sure to wear appropriate dresses while visiting temples.
  • Don’t litter.

What stops you to plan a trip to such an exciting city like Triolet? Whether you are a beach person or a temple person, Triolet has everything to keep your day fun-filled and relaxing. Its time to start planning your own itinerary with Pickyourtail and our travel consultants will help you plan a perfect vacation with our best Mauritius holiday packages. Also, you can check out the amazing Mauritius couple packages if you are planning a vacation with your spouse.

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