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Trou aux Cerfs in Mauritius
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on May 26, 2020 Share on

Trou aux Cerfs – Earth’s one of a kind volcano

Fascinating landscapes, historical museums, pristine beaches, beautiful places to visit, Mauritius is an exotic island to visit by the honeymooners. Mauritius island, located in the great Indian ocean has soo many wonders in it. The Trou aux Cerfs, a volcano is one of the reasons Mauritius came into existence. During its eruption, the volcano, and its ashes led to the creation of land in the Indian Ocean.

Trou aux Cerfs is located in the heart of Curepipe, Mauritius. It is one of the most naturally created attractions earth. Unlike other volcanos, Trou aux Cerfs crater is surrounded by lush green shrubs, bushes and pine trees. Tourists are allowed to enter the volcano through three different entrances. The ‘La Hausse de la Louviere Road’, ‘Edgar Huges Road’ and ‘Crater Lane’. The island has been dominant for over 70,000 years and is expected to erupt anytime. The volcano also has a radar station that monitors the cyclonic activities.

Trou Aux Cerfs crater
Image source: Google Images

Things to do here

  • The place surrounding the volcano can get cold easily, carry a jacket, and a hat along while visiting.
  • The place is perfect to take amazing landscape photos. So if you are to do couples shoot, make sure you include this place in your list.
  • Try carrying a bunch of snacks to munch on while driving to and fro.
  • Sunsets here tend to seem surreal, make sure you capture those while at the top of the crater.
  • Try walking or jogging around the crater.

Note: People here speak French and English fluently, so if you know either of them, it’s cool. Mauritius uses European currency, so if you wish to carry in cash, we suggest you carry Euros than American dollars.

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Nearby attractions

1. Adventure Park

Visit the adventure park that is located close to the volcano. It is one of the must-visit places while visiting Trou aux Cerfs. Try your hand in Accrobranche or Zip lining which are the major attractions there. There are various water sports for adults and kids to try as well.

2. Visit Casino de Maurice

Casino de Maurice was built in the year 1970 and is the oldest existing casino ever on the island. With video games, poker, blackjack, American Roulette, etc, this place sure does provide maximum entertainment.

Long view of the volcao in Trou aux cerfs
Image source: Google images

Entry fee and Timings

There is no fee collected by the government to enter the volcano. Trou aux Cerfs does not have any specific timings. However, we suggest you go there in the afternoon and stay until the sunset. The sunset view from the crater is simply breathtaking.

How to reach there?

Once you are in Mauritius, take a bus to reach the town Curepipe. You can take a bus or cab again from Curepipe to reach Trou aux Cerfs. If you feel too adventurous, rent a bike or car, drive west towards Floreal to reach the volcano. There are parking facilities available at the crater.

Get close up, a never before experience walking on a crater at Trou aux Cerfs. Log onto to quickly book your flight tickets and fly to see the one of a kind volcano. Book your Mauritius honeymoon packages and start your Mauritius tour packages with your loved ones and Happy Travelling!

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