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Turkey in February
Written by Shrinidhi H on June 20, 2022 Share on

Turkey in February 2023 – Your Guide for A Perfect Trip!

In Turkey, February is the middle of winter. Tourist numbers are low, and many resorts are closed, but if you’re looking for culture, history, or big-city attractions, it is a good time to go. Temperatures are not as cold as they are in North America or Northern Europe, and there are plenty of indoor activities to keep you warm. Here’s the weather, list of places you can visit and important festivals in Turkey in February.

Weather in Turkey in February

Large cities like Istanbul and Izmir, located north and west of Turkey, tend to have fairly mild winters. Although it can snow (especially in Istanbul), most coastal areas are mild and moist. For example, the average temperature in February in Istanbul is 9°C (48°F) and the rainfall is 2.7 inches (70 mm). The average temperature on the Antalya coast is 14°C (57°F) and it rains 156 mm (6.1 inches). 


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Inland cities like Ankara and Cappadocia are cold and dry. The average temperature in February in Ankara is 36 mm (1.4 inches) at 7 ° C (44°F) and 34 mm (1.3 inches) in Cappadocia at 6°C (42°F).

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Places to visit in Turkey in February

1. Kabak Bay

Do you like hippie atmosphere? Check out the quiet Kabak Bay. When you’re in Turkey, it’s very easy to visit places like the Kabak Valley near Fethiye, as you can rent a taxi and enjoy the breathtaking beauty. Or, if you’re truly adventurous, you can always opt for a day hike. It is one of the most beautiful and famous places in Turkey. 

Turkey in Februray
Source: Unsplash

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2. Patara

A must-see attraction in Turkey is Patara, Turkey’s longest beach. If you’re wondering what to see in Turkey when you’re on this beach, there are some cheap beach cafes where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds. If you are lucky, you can see the sunset and the moonrise at the same time from the top of the dunes. This fascinating place is one of Turkey’s most famous tourist attractions. 

Turkey in February
Source: Unsplash

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3. Princes’ Island

Princes’ Island is one of the main tourist attractions in Istanbul, Turkey. The best thing here is silence. You can use a carriage or bicycle instead of a car. The landscape of Princes’ Island is one of Turkey’s most beautiful destination and is the perfect place for those seeking tranquillity and loneliness. Visitors may spend 6-7 days in Turkey just to see the charm of Princes’ Island.

Turkey in February
Source: Unsplash

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4. Marmaris

Another great place to visit in Turkey is Marmaris. Marella Cruises departs from Marmaris. There are many places in Turkey that you need to visit, including Hagia Sophia, the Grand Bazaar and the Blue Mosque. But, Marmaris offers spectacular views of the Turkish sea that make viewers fascinating.

Source: Unsplash

5. Topkapı Palace

Built in the 15th century by the Conqueror of Mehmet, this palace was the symbolic and political home of the Ottoman Empire until 1853. This palace travels back in time to its decorations, treasures and Haren. Therefore, it is one of the most interesting places for history lovers in Turkey. Together this fascinates this place and is a must-see for all tourists visiting Istanbul, Turkey. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1924, the palace became a museum.

 Topkapı Palace
Source: Unsplash

6. Sumela Monastery

The Sumera Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the world and its construction dates back to the 4th century. Located outside the Turkish city of Trabzon, this stunning, secluded environment is a great attraction for visitors. The Sumera Monastery is located on the cliffs of Mount Zigana and is dedicated to the Mary. Undoubtedly one of the best places in Turkey for architectural enthusiasts and spiritual souls.

Sumela Monastery
Source: Unsplash

Festivals in Turkey in February

Camel Wrestling Festival

The camel wrestling season begins at the Selcuk Festival. This is the most spectacular time. After this event, dozens of small events will be held from February to April, and the winners of these events will have the chance to attend the Selcuk Camel Wrestling Festival next year. The Camel Ring Festival looks back on centuries-old traditions. This is not a big commercial or tourist event.

Villagers from all  Aegean towns gather here to witness the finale of the camel wrestling season. This event is not a commercial event. Not many people will sell you anything. Therefore, please prepare. There aren’t many foods other than camel sausages. Bring a picnic backpack and drink. There will be many Aegean dances, Aegean music for you to enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Turkey In February

Which are the cities I can visit in Turkey? 

Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya are some of the cities you have to visit in Turkey. However, there are many other places to visit Turkey. 

What can you see in Turkey in 7 days? 

Turkey is fascinating because there are so many things to see. Visit the Blue Mosque, the natural sauna at Pamukkale’s hot spring pool, see the beautiful Hagia Sophia, learn about Turkish history, visit Ankara Castle and explore the ruins of Ephesus. 

What is the most beautiful place in Turkey?  

It is difficult to identify the beautiful destinations of Turkey, but  Ankara, Patara, Hadrian Temple and Antalya are the most beautiful places in Turkey and should not be missed. 

 Is a trip to Turkey expensive?

No, Turkey is not a place to spend a lot of money. You can explore, stay and dine on a minimal budget.

Turkey is a destination with astoundingly rich insights and sites. As you cross the best places to visit in Turkey off your list, remember to walk through the ancient ruins where time stood still, be enthralled by the natural scenery, savour the tasty local cuisine, and relax on the beaches on your next Istanbul tour package from India. Pack your bags and book your customised Turkey itinerary right away with Pickyourtrail and get affordable Turkey packages and Turkey honeymoon packages!

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