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Turkey in March
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Turkey in March 2023 – Your Guide To a Blissful Turkey Holiday!

March marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring in Turkey. As this is an unpredictable month in Turkey, you may experience wintery or pleasantly warm weather depending on where you go. If you want to see Turkey’s many cultural and historic sites without the crowds, March might be the month for you. Continue reading to learn more about visiting Turkey in March.

Weather in Turkey in March

Turkey’s temperatures rise in March, and the months are generally several degrees warmer than in February. Beach resorts on the west and southwest coasts are mostly closed in March, but if you want to check out the beaches, the average temperature rises to a fairly comfortable level. The average temperature in March in Bodrum is 16°C and the average temperature in Antalya is 17°C (62°F). However, these coastal areas may be a little wet. 

Turkey in March
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Istanbul is a bit chilly in March with an average temperature of 11°C, but this is ideal if you’re walking around the city or spending time at indoor cultural attractions. Other popular destinations are just as calm. The average temperature in March in Cappadocia is 10°C and that in Pamukkale is 15°C.


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Places to visit in Turkey in March

1. Hagia Sophia

Known as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, the fascinating Byzantine splendour of the Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofia) is one of the top attractions not only in Istanbul but also in Turkey. In 537 AD, Byzantine Emperor Justinian built this. The church is regarded as the greatest architectural achievement of the Byzantine Empire and has been the world’s largest church for 1,000 years. The splendour of its overwhelming appearance is surrounded by a delicate minaret added after the conquest of the Ottoman Empire. The interior of the magnificent and frescoed cave is reminiscent of the power and power of ancient Constantinople. 

Turkey in March
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2. Ephesus

Don’t miss the mighty ruins of Ephesus, a street town with huge monuments and marble columns. It is one of the most fully surviving and famous ancient cities in the Mediterranean. Here you can experience what life was like in the golden age of the Roman Empire. The history of the city dates back to the 10th century BC. But all the major monuments you see today date back to Roman times when it was a thriving trading centre. Sightseeing tours here take at least half a day to cover the main highlights and longer if you want to explore the area. So be sure to time your visit so you don’t feel like you’re in a hurry. 

Turkey in March
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3. Antalya

This busy Mediterranean hub has something for everyone. Just outside the town, the two major beaches are a paradise for sloths in the summer sun, attracting vacationers from all over Europe. The old town is a great place to explore, with cobbled streets lined with Ottoman mansions. The Antalya Museum is one of the best museums in Turkey. Thanks to its magnificent collection of Hellenistic and Roman marble statues. Also, for travellers who want to use Antalya as a base, there are many attractions outside the town.

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4. Mount Nemrut

The tallest burial mound on Mount Nemrut is one of the most popular tourist attractions in eastern Turkey. It is littered with the broken debris of the giant statues that once protected it. This strange and isolated location has to be one of Turkey’s most unusual archaeological sites. The giant stone heads of the long-forgotten gods look down from the top, casting an eerie atmosphere on the barren peaks. The most popular time to visit is sunrise, where you can see the statues appearing from the darkness. 

Mount Nemrut
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5. Ölüdeniz

A lush forest that flows down a cliff to a white sandy beach. Just a short drive from Fethiye, the protected bay of Ordeniz is Turkey’s most famous beach,  with landscapes that may have fallen from perfect postcards, and it’s easy to see why its popularity hasn’t diminished. If the beach is crowded, try a tandem paraglider dive from the top of the mighty Babada (Mount Baba) behind the beach, which offers breathtaking views of the sky.

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Festivals in Turkey in March

Newruz –  This ancient Middle Eastern and Asian festival heralds the arrival of spring. Turkey’s Nevles celebrations include feasts, games, bonfires and egg paintings. From late March to early May, 

Ramazan – It is one of Turkey’s most important religious events. Devout Muslims refrain from eating and drinking during the day of the month. Some restaurants are closed for a month and others are only open for a short period. Travelling to Turkey during the Ramazan period can be an interesting cultural experience, but not all restaurants offer services, so you may need a little more planning and flexibility. 

Istanbul Dance Festival – Reflecting the history of Istanbul as a cultural meeting place, dancers from all over the world gather to represent Istanbul’s wide range of dance styles for shows and workshops. 

Camel Wrestling Festival – from early January to late March. Camels compete for the ultimate honour of being chosen as the victor (or the ultimate honour of its owner!) in Selcuk, near the ancient ruins of Ephesus.


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To sum up, this is our detailed blog about visiting Turkey in March. Because there are so many wonders throughout the country, it is extremely difficult to visit them all in one trip. Pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable Istanbul tour package, surrounded by artistic architecture and other unusual sights. Make your Turkey itinerary personalized with affordable Turkey tour packages or Turkey honeymoon packages in Pickyourtrail!

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