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Turkey in November
Written by Aiswarya Giridharan on November 16, 2022 Share on

Turkey in November 2024: Discover the Best Fall Experiences

Located in the middle-east, this country is truly a land filled with magic. From flowery gardens to delightful valleys, the nature is just perfectly designed to give a traveller the hope to more happiness. Like the sand holding the massive oceans, the thick soil giving hope to the forest’s existence, planning to visit Turkey in November would be the most promising thing that will add on more of beauty to your travel diary. Read through to unwrap the best reasons behind making a Turkey trip in November.

Weather in Turkey in November

The weather in November in Turkey is purely a dedicated winter beginning time with temperatures raging from 9 to 20 degree celsius. With early winter popping in, this Mediterranean country offers a wide  range of climate for you to experience. Turkey Climate in November offers you extensive conditions starting with warmer mornings to colder evenings. Winter brings more rain along with it. Hence, if you are someone enjoying climate, this country is absolutely made for you. The temperature in Turkey in November just gives you the right reasons to explore more into it. 

What to wear in Turkey in November

Since it is going to be sunny-beachy-coldy-snowy kind of a climate, packing outfits that would match the beach, snow, cultural and raining kind of places would be the best thing to do. Taking such variety outfits will help you visit the whole of country and you will be comfortable throughout. Pack some warmer jackets, rain coats, modest and casual dresses. Since the beaches are also going to be on the warmer side, taking along very casual outfits will feel extremely odd on you. 

Things to do in Turkey in November

And here is your top 5 things to do on your Turkey trip in November.  

  1. The weather in November in Turkey makes it ideal to fly in the Hot air balloon in Cappadocia.
  2. Visiting the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul in November saves you from getting blisters during the summer months in an exclusive Istanbul trip package from India.
  3. Visiting the Grand bazaar makes it the right decision since November is that part of the year where people coming in crowd is rare and people choose April-May and September-October forgetting the benefits  November has! Best bargains could be done in November.
  4. Visiting the Basilica Cistern. Though not in use, this exploring the vast space could be bright option on cold mornings.
  5. Hiking at the Love valley could be one of he right options since weather is milder and is on the supportive side to help you enjoy both the hike and climate.

Best Places to Visit in Turkey in November

Pamukkale Water Terraces

Pamukkale in Turkey
Image Source : Pixabay

One of the best places to visit Turkey in November is undoubtedly the Pamukkale Water Terraces. This place is also called the ‘cotton castle.’ The spectacular rock forms naturally cascading water body. This place has made its way to the UNESCO world heritage site. This place offers spring and mud baths. Skin ailments are also naturally cured here. This place is  absolutely an ancient gift from the history. 

Rafting in Koprulu Canyon

Koprulu Canyon, Turkey
Image Source : Pixabay

Early winter time, November is one of the  best times to raft at Koprulu since the weather wouldn’t hinder you from having the utmost fun. This rafting gives you one of the most adventurous experience and you will always be more thrilled to take up more similar adventurous tasks like this later. This natural landscape provides you perfect backgrounds for all your selfies making it more memorable and complete.

International Book fair

Book fair
Image Source : Unsplash

If you are a book lover, this could be your best place to visit in Turkey in November. This book fair extends for a week and you will be extremely delighted to see as many as 800 shops from where you will be able to purchase best books. Along with the fair, you will be able to take part in various cultural events ad activities.


This place should definitely be in your places to visit in November itinerary since this place offers an aesthetic mix of ancient history and modern beach. The weather allows to you enjoy swimming. This place has its historical importance and happens to be one of the important harbours for commerce. Phaselis helps you get lost into nature where you will be able to find the best in you.

Phaselis, Turkey
Image Source : Pixabay

Kursunlu falls

This whole lot feels like picnic since the picturesque places and the stress relieving nature elements provides you with a perfect break from everyday rattle. This natural retreat is designed with other facilities like food outlets and dressing room to help your comfortably allocate a day in visiting this falls.

Visiting Turkey in November is one of the best decisions you could make since the fare you would spend everywhere would see more discounts, saving you a lot. To make the best memories, visit the Pickyourtrail website where Turkey trip packages from India are there for your rescue if you are confused in making a right itinerary. If you are good planer, customise your trip to tailor-make some of the best experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weather like in Turkey in November?

Temperatures in Turkey are cooler in November, especially in cities like Istanbul and Cappadocia. Coastal areas remain milder, making it a pleasant time for sightseeing without the intense heat of summer.

Are there any festivals or events in Turkey during November?

The Istanbul International Film Festival is a significant event that showcases both local and international cinema. Furthermore, some regions mark Republic Day on October 29th with parades and festivities that may last into early November.

Can I visit Cappadocia in November?

Absolutely! Cappadocia in November is lovely, with fewer tourists. Weather conditions may affect hot air balloon rides, but the landscape and cave dwellings are worth exploring.

Are tourist attractions open in November?

Most tourist attractions are still open in November, but it is a good idea to double-check specific sites or museums for any changes in operating hours or closures.

Is it a good time for shopping in Turkey in November?

Yes, November is often the start of the shopping season, with various sales, especially around Black Friday. Bazaars and markets provide one-of-a-kind shopping experiences.

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