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Turkey In September 2024: A Complete Guide to Fantastic Turkey Trip

Turkey is one of the most loved destinations in the world. The destination caters to all set of audience. Be it family, honeymoon travellers, friends trip or a solo trip, the destination has so much to offer. Turkey is a fascinating destination which attracts travellers all round the year. Also, Autumn is the start of everything turning vibrant and beautiful in the country. Turkey in September looks heavenly! Balloon filled skies, shimmering beaches, cay, and kebabs, marvellous historical sites and a myriad of must-sees and must-dos. Shades of the golden, glowing, rosy and azure party all around the country and the streets are brimming with travellers. All in all, whoever craves to see Turkey blooming in its lavish glory ought to set out for a holiday as soon as autumn hits in the country!

Photo by Damla Özkan on Unsplash

This lavish evergreen and vibrant destination is a picture-perfect place. The country is tucked with lush green mountains, relaxing spas, exciting adventure sport, ancient ruins. Turkey is a perfect place to be in during Autumn. And to help you plan your vacation to Turkey in September just the right way, we have handcrafted a guide that will make for a great travel buddy and is full of information. All you need to do now is to pick the guide and leave on a mesmerising journey to the land of mysteries and bliss!

Weather In Turkey In September

Resting in the middle of Europe and Asia, unlike other countries, Turkey faces different climatic situations in different areas. Also some regions like Central Anatolia and Aegean witnesses a continental climate. The best time to visit Turkey is between the months of March to May and September to November. September indicates the onset of autumn in Turkey. The weather becomes very pleasant and soothing. The days last for 8 hours with a mediocre temperature hovering at 26℃. The days are warm but you can easily travel around the country. You can face little chilly nights though when visiting Turkey in September.

Photo by Emre Gencer on Unsplash

Places to visit in Turkey in September

There is no shortage of places that you can visit in Turkey. But there are attractions that you need to visit in September to have the best experience. Here is a list of places to visit in Turkey in September that you must go through before you leave for your vacation. Keep scrolling down to experience the best of turkey virtually. Let’s get started!

1. Most Popular Tourist Attractions

Turkey has plenty of magnificent spots like museums, mosques, churches and national parks. The destination is a treat for history buffs. The country is tucked with many historical and famous museums. Topkapi Palace, The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Museum Of Anatolian Civilizations are some of the famous museums in Turkey. Also, Turkey offers eminent mosques and churches. Grand Mosque of Bursa, Selimiye Mosque, New Mosque, The Armenian Apostolic Church are must-visit places in Turkey in September with your very own Istanbul tour package from India. Turkey is not just about history, museums and religious shrines. It is also a destination where you can witness the wildlife of Turkey. If you wish to relax amidst nature during autumn, then Turkey is your paradise. Turkey has famous national parks like Köprülü Canyon National Park and Beydağları Coastal National Park. Keep a couple of days at least to visit these attractions in Turkey in September. The land speaks volumes about the history and culture of Turkey.

mosque in turkey
Photo by Fatih Yürür on Unsplash

2. Beaches

Turkey is not just about culture, history, it also offers some of the best beaches in the world. You can encounter certain memorable and astounding experiences in the shores of Turkey. It has turquoise colour, glass-like waters surrounded by luxuriant and green foliage. From basking in the sun to taking a relaxing dip in the clear blue water, there is a lot that you can do on the beaches in Turkey. You can indulge in various adventurous water sports such as paragliding, surfing, diving. The iconic Kleopatra Beach in Alanya is the best place for paragliding and surfing. Also if you wish to spot some sea turtle, Patara beach is the perfect spot for it. The Patara beach is the largest beach in Turkey. you can easily find sea turtle at this beach while unwinding and sunbathing. You should visit Patara beach on your vacation in Turkey in September.

beach in Turkey
Photo by Serdar Dincer on Unsplash

3. Theme Parks

Turkey has so many fun-filled attractions. It is not just a perfect place for teen travellers also a paradise for kids and theme park lovers. If you are travelling with kids never forget to stop at theme parks such as Adaland Aquapark, Istanbul Aquarium, Sazova Park in Turkey. Theme parks are filled with so much fun and exciting activities. It is not just a place for kids, but also for the kids in you. If you are heading to Turkey in September with your family then you should definitely stop by the well-known Miniaturk Park. Do visit this world-famous park in Turkey in September. The theme park is well known as the biggest miniature park in the world. It has about 114 types of iconic Turkey monuments and mini structural gems!

Things To Do In Turkey in September

Turkey has some of the finest Kebabs and Baklava! If you are foodie never miss these dishes when you visit Turkey in September. The country has so many popular restaurants that serve the delicious kebabs. There are bakeries which popular for preparing the best Baklavas. Also, turkey is famous for its tea called Cay and you should try the traditional tea as well!
But any vacation is incomplete without shopping and buying souvenirs. The weather in Turkey in September is perfect for going on a shopping stroll on the streets of Turkey. Turkey is famous for Carpets, Dry fruits, Textiles, Ceramics, Jewellery, Accessories, and Needlework. there are several shops where you can get all these things. Market places such as Grand Bazaar, Bagdat Street and more that you must add to your list!

turkey market space
Photo by Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash

Turkey is a truly magical destination that will etch memories of a lifetime in your heart. With the plethora of places to visit, you can indeed be spoilt for choice. Book your Turkey travel package through Pickyourtrail to revel in a hassle-free holiday.

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