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Udaipur in Monsoon – For a Perfect Romantic Getaway

The idea of travelling to Udaipur in monsoon is such a romantic thought in itself. This city of lakes is all things beautiful no matter what time of the year you plan to visit. If the thought of rains ruining your trip is bothering you, fret no more! The whole aura of this beautiful Rajasthani city is filled with love as you wade past the majestic palaces and vibrant courtyards. While summers here are a bit too extreme, you would be making an absolutely wise choice by checking this out in monsoon.

udaipur in monsoon
Image source: Google Images

Here are the reasons why you should consider visiting this beautiful city during monsoon-

The weather is a blessing in disguise

The reason why monsoon would be a good time to visit Udaipur is because it is not as humid as you’d expect it to be. It sets in somewhere around July with intermittent showers until the end of September. The average recorded rainfall false somewhere around 738mm. The temperature during this time ranges anywhere between 23- 33-degree celsius with cool winds sweeping across your face during dusk and dawn. Given the temperature is optimal, your plans will not be hampered because of the rains.

Here’s a carefully curated list of things you could do in Udaipur during monsoon-

Visit the Sajjan Garh Palace

winter palace
Image source: Google Images

This was once a summer retreat for the British. Located 3100 feet above sea level, this winter palace offers the best views of the city. During monsoon, this palace looks like a glistening white pearl in Kodiyat. You can truly feel romance in the air while you are here.

Location: Google Maps
Timings- The palace is open from 9 am to 6 pm on all days of the week

Go for a boat ride on Lake Pichola

lake pichola in monsoon
Image source: Google Images

Although this seems like a very touristy thing to do, it is absolutely worth it. The view of the city while you’re on the boat is stunning. You can see the majestic City Palace, Taj Hotel and Jag Mandir come to life as you sail across them. The best time to go for a boat ride would be at dusk because the hues of the sky lining the city is as picturesque as it gets.

Location: Google Maps
Timings- The boathouse is open from 10 am to 5 pm

Visit the iconic City Palace

city palace udaipur  in monsoon
Image source: Google Images

This 400-year-old architectural beauty is majestic in every way. This is hands-down one of the best places to visit in Udaipur. The amalgamation of Mughal and Rajasthani interiors are a treat to the eyes. The views of the city and Lake Pichola from the terrace of the palace are drop-dead gorgeous.

Location: Google Maps
Timings- The palace is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Attend the Dharohar in Bagore Ki Haveli

Image source: Google Images

There is no doubt about Udaipurs rich cultural heritage. One of the most fascinating ways to witness this is by attending a Dharohar. Every day from 7 pm to 8 pm local women dress up in their traditional attire to perform seven folk dances. They dance on the edges of brass plates while carrying a metal pot on their heads with musical instruments tied to their body. This is an absolutely beautiful thing to witness as you soak in the culture of Rajasthani’s.

Location: Google Maps
Timings- The performance happens at 7-8 pm every day

Eat away at Raas Leela

rajasthani food
Image source: Google Images

It is beautifully located right on the banks of Pichola and this is one of the best places that serve the local cuisine. Rajasthani cuisine is just as fancy as it sounds, and Raas Leela is on point when it comes to getting the taste right. There is indoor and outdoor seating so if you want to have a low-key dinner date, you know where to go now. Don’t worry, it is not expensive.

Location: Google Maps
Timings- Open from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm

What to pack for your trip to Udaipur in monsoon

  1. A waterproof bag
  2. A camera
  3. Shoes
  4. Umbrella or a raincoat
  5. Light clothes

A few tips before you head out to Udaipur

  1. Try to book a hotel that offers lake view rooms. This is a great way to wake up feeling pumped every day.
  2. Udaipur is a great place to shop for Sarees, Dupattas and Bandhani so hit the markets, you will not regret it
  3. Do not forget to try some yummy Daal Baati Chorma and laal maans, you’re welcome
  4. Carry cash on you as the local stores might accept only cash

If you are suddenly feeling energised because you just found out that you CAN actually travel to Udaipur during monsoon, call us and book your trip right away. If you feel the need to avoid human interaction, head over to and book your trip directly to get the best deals. Everything is automated! What better way to plan a quick getaway?

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