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Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on February 1, 2022 Share on

Union Budget 2022: E-Passport with Embedded Chips in 2022-23

Union Budget 2022: We have been given a clear idea of the future of India in the Union Budget 2022 speech by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. She made a big announcement for travellers saying that e-passports will be issued in 2022-23. She also added, “The e-passports will use embedded chips and futuristic technology.” This action is taken for Indian citizens and to make their travel a bit convenient. According to officials, e-passports will have more security features and will use Radio-Frequency Identification and biometrics.

The applicants’ personal information would be digitally signed and kept in a chip. This chip will be integrated into the passport booklet and if the chip is tampered with by someone, the system will detect it and will result in the passport authentication failing.

Earlier in the month, the ministry of external affairs expressed plans of introducing chip-enabled e-passports. “It has been the constant endeavour of the ministry to enhance passport services, in fact, all citizen services that we provide, and introduce new features and facilities in the passport and our passport services,” MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi had said.

India’s E-Passport Project (Under the Process of Implementation)

  • The new electronic passport will be based on biometric data like fingerprints. 
  • It will also ensure a smooth immigration process globally.
  • The electronic chip will be encoded on the passport with security-related data.
  • It will be produced at India Security Press, Nashik

Before, traditional passports were at the risk of fraudulent activities that e-passports will control and lower the risk. The chip in the passport will store all the biographical information and will have a digital security feature. The chip will have a unique digital signature of each country that can be verified using their certificates. The idea of e-passport was floated back in 2017 and since then 20,000 official and diplomatic e-passports have been issued on a trial basis. Moreover, the country is also planning to introduce fully digital passports. It can be stored on devices like mobile phones.

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