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Singapore Island
Written by Priyanka Sharma on May 20, 2020 Share on

Top Things To Do in Victoria Singapore

Singapore located in South East Asia has become the Universal Hub for tourism. People around the world travel miles away to visit this beautiful Island and attend various cultural activities conducted here. Victoria in Singapore is one such place that finds tourist flock in plenty and it should definitely not be missed on your Singapore trip. Find below the Things to do in Victoria Singapore.

When To Visit Singapore?

Singapore offers a unique experience to its people during all the seasons. If you wish to plan a pocket-friendly vacation, then visit Singapore during the month of April. It’s usually Summer season during that month and not many travellers plan their trip during this time. If you are planning a trip along with your family, then the best time to visit will be during March, since that’s the time a lot of activities operate like the Universal Kingdom, SEA aquarium etc exciting a lot of kids. Last but certainly not least, the best time for shopaholics to visit Singapore is during the month of October when the fashion festival is in full swing. So let us help you plan your vacation as per your convenience meanwhile you can go on reading!

Things To Do In Victoria Street

Most of the people aren’t aware of how exciting the Local Culture of Singapore is, so be ready to add this to your list as well.

1.Night Life

If you are on a trip with your friends and want to do something really crazy then you should try the Terra Rooftop Bar in Suntec City sipping on your favourite drink until dawn. Singapore, on the whole, has very exciting and entertaining night lives. After a long day filled with site seeing, adventurous activities your best way to end the day would be here! This place is a must-visit as you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun its got to offer. Victoria Street is situated in a place connecting Kallang and Downtown Core making it even more convenient for you to hop-bars. Not only pubs and Bars this place has got some of the best mouthwatering foods of all time. After all that calorie increase you can have a nice walk to the Bugis Junction which is another happening place in that area.

  • Recommended spots for nightlife on Victoria Street: Moshi Moshi Bollywood, Blu Jaz Cafe, Going Om
  • Recommended restaurants on Victoria Street: Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ, Honguo, Fish & Co.

2.The National Library

The National Library is one of the biggest libraries in Singapore. If you are one who gets peace from reading this is your spot. All you book lovers out there The National Library has got some exciting books for each of you and for all genres. This is definitely your paradise on earth. Also to add that’s not it, it also has an amazing rooftop garden used to host many exhibitions and scholarly events. Also, people say that the view of the Island from above is something you would definitely die for.

The National Library
Image Credits: Google Images

3.The Chijmes

The Chijmes is an ancient historical building in Singapore situated on the Victoria Street. The building was initially a school but it’s now famous for its brilliant events that are conducted here like the Summer Bear Festival. Did you know that in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” the wedding scene was shot in this particular building?

The Chijmes
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is not it, the Victoria Street also has a variety of places to hang out in the neighbourhood such as the cafe joints, hip bars, and restaurants. On the whole, this part of Singapore is equally exciting as the other beautiful Islands. So get ready to plan your next trip with Pickyourtrail and also check out other exciting vacation packages to Singapore. Unwrap the World! Unwrap Singapore!

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