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Vintage car Museum, Udaipur
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Vintage Car Museum Udaipur – Discover the Royal Car Collection of the Rajputs

A city that is known for its heritage and culture in a state that is known for its stellar tourist attractions. It is none other than Udaipur in Rajasthan. Udaipur is one of the most visited cities after the Pink city, Jaipur. A city that is aesthetically beautiful with great landscapes and pristine water bodies, this is one place that is never to be missed. Get to know more about the brilliant history of the Mewar dynasty in the great city of Udaipur. Termed often as the “City of Lakes”, was the capital city of the Mewar dynasty. The city is at the best geographic location to enjoy the great scenery of the neighbourhood. Bordering Gujarat, Udaipur is there in the southwest region of Rajasthan. Surrounded by the majestic Aravalli ranges, it is just a bliss to stay here and it has many places to visit like the temples, forts, resorts and much more. One of the major attractions in this beautiful city of lakes is the Vintage car museum Udaipur. Read on to know more about this interesting place.

The beautiful view of the Udaipur Lake.
Image Credits: Marina Hobbs from Pixabay

About Vintage Car Museum Udaipur

Something that is worth noticing in the city of Udaipur is the life of the Royal Families, moreover their rich and lavish ways of life. Every single common man wants to have a peek at the rich lifestyle of the rich people. Out of the many items that Udaipur has, the Vintage car museum is the best. With a collection of some of the best antique collection of the cars, this place is sure a heritage site. This is one of the main reason to explore this place. Apart from being a normal art collection like many other museums, The Vintage car museum Udaipur is a worthwhile tourist attraction for the family as a whole. So let us have a much deeper understanding of this place and what it has to offer.

Vintage Car Museum, Udaipur
Image Credits: Google Images

History of the Vintage Car Museum, Udaipur

Owned by the Rana Shri Arvind Singh Ji Mewar, the Vintage Car museum Udaipur is not very old. Inaugurated by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu on the 15th February of the year 2000, this museum is the official property of the HRH group. Home to more than 20 vintage cars, it includes 4 antique Rolls Royce cars, 1939, Cadillacs, rare models of Mercedes and many other vehicles. Exhibited in the Garage of the Mewar state motor garage, this is now a museum. This museum will surely blow your minds. Vehicles dating back to 1900s are all in their top quality. There is also a shallow petrol pump in this property which is quite unstable now. So, you will certainly get to know much more about this heritage site once you actually visit this site. You will literally be spellbound to see so many antique cars in one place and you will just be stunned.

Classic car Buick super 8
Image Credits: Google Images

Interesting Facts about the Car Museum Udaipur

If something is old and that place attracts many tourists to it, then it certainly has something more than what we know. So here are some of the most interesting facts about the Vintage car museum Udaipur. Get ready to be mind blown.

  • Custom made cars made the Mewars so popular. Even the Rolls Royce and the Mercedes were of the same way. They customized the cars they wanted to travel in. This is what made these vintage cars very popular.
  • Every single car in the garage that you see in this museum is still in it’s best working condition. One thing about these cars is they are over 70 years old.
  • The 1934 Grand Rolls Royce Phantom was used in the James Bond film, Octopussy. The Cadillac was the official escort of Queen Elizabeth till the airport.
  • Built just for the Mewar family, this Garage was just to park their own cars. This will be an absolute wonder to the people with a normal lifestyle. This will just be a jaw-dropping experience for the tourists.
  • Located away from the loud buzzing noise of the city, this place is absolutely peaceful for the tourists to explore in silence.
Cadillac vintage cars in the museum.
Image Credits: Google Images

Things to do at the Vintage Car Museum Udaipur

  • If you are a car enthusiast, then this Vintage Car Museum Udaipur will not disappoint you in any way as they have a collection of all luxury cars from this luxurious era. This also has the shell petrol pump viewing and a cafe for a grand experience.
  • The cars, sometimes are driven around by the royal descents. If you are lucky, you might get to see one of these cars in action. Trust me you will love it.
  • Even though most of the car here are luxury cars, Other cars like the 1946 Buick, 1930 Ford A and 1949 Vauxhall 12 Deluxe are also seen there.
  • There is a Garden hotel restaurant where you can enjoy the delicious Vegetarian Thali. Purchase the combined ticket of the museum with the meals to enjoy an overall grand experience.
Mercedes Benz car in the museum.
Image Credits: Google Images

How to Reach Vintage Car Museum Udaipur

From the Maharana Pratap Airport, the distance to the Vintage car museum Udaipur is 20 km. You can cover this distance by Taxi. Keep your bargaining power intact as there may be overcharging of fare.

1.5 km away from the museum is where the Udaipur railway station is located and using a train is one of the quickest ways to reach the vintage car museum. This is also one of the cheapest options to reach the museum.

Udaipur bus depot is very nearby to this attraction. it is just 1 km from this tourist attraction. The government-run buses are run by Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh Authorities of Transport. You can also cover the NH8 with a very pleasant road trip.

Buick Super 8 vintage classics car at the museum.
Image Credits: Google Images

Timings & Tickets for Car Museum Udaipur


Rajasthan is the hub for many travellers arriving in India and is a place that has many options to explore. So many of the major tourist attractions are open all days and so is the Vintage car museum Udaipur. These are the timings of the museum.

Opening times:
(Sun-Sat) 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


The entrance fees for this is quite reasonable. It is very much affordable and you will certainly feel the worth for its money once you enter the museum to explore the place. The entrance rate prices for the Vintage car Museum Udaipur are as follows:

Adult: 250 INR
Child: 150 INR

Udaipur is a serene place to explore. The more you explore, the more you will want. Vintage car museum Udaipur is one of the most unique experiences in the city giving you one of the most exclusive experiences of exploring vintage car collections. All car enthusiasts should add this as a part of your itinerary in the Rajasthan holiday packages. Do check out the Pickyourtrail website to get updated more about domestic travel.

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