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Dubai Desert Safari
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Visit Dubai in January for a fantastic start to the year!

An absolute man-made beauty, Dubai – the city with amazing sights and worldly experiences ensures there is something for everyone. Bring in the new year by taking a trip to Dubai in January at its perfect weather which allows for all the adrenaline rush activities and grandeur sightseeing. The revolutionary city would make your trip to Dubai in January the best experience with the Dubai Shopping Festival!

Dubai Attractions
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Dubai’s attractions display their opulence exquisitely. While the city is famously known for its grand desert and magnificent Arabian Gulf, it also has amusement parks of highest standards in the world, larger than the world-sized malls, clean beaches, jaw-dropping architectural buildings, grandeur accommodations and anything one could imagine. Read on to ensure you know everything before your trip to Dubai in January!

Dubai in January Weather

Dubai in January

Dubai in January is undoubtedly the best time for all kinds of outdoor activities in Dubai including desert safaris, adventure sports, all the sightseeing. There is something magical about Dubai in January with the winter sun and clear skies which makes the experience very pleasant. We suggest packing light and comfortable clothes for a trip to Dubai in January along with a few thick layers for cooler evenings.

Sunny days and cooler nights are something you can expect from Dubai in January. Go for a stroll in the night, sunbathe at the beach, picnic in the parks, embark on desert safaris, make merry through the nights – the weather will be the best companion without bailing you out. Occasional showers can be expected at the start of the month, with an average temperature in the day being 23 degrees celsius and a minimum being 16 degrees celsius. The average sea temperature would be 24 degrees celsius.

Dubai in January is a must-visit

The biggest festival of Dubai – An event that awes the non-shopaholics too. We at Pickyourtrail always ensure that your trip to Dubai in January has at least half a day for you to experience the festival. Not only you witness the biggest bet of the city that welcomes travellers from all over the world, but Dubai in January revamps other attractions sites to give you new elements to their experiences.

Not too Crowded – The world is back to work after New Year Celebrations, schools reopen after holidays. Relatively lesser tourists are seen in the top attractions. We at Pickyourtrail suggest Dubai in January for our travellers to enjoy the calm after the storm.

Perfect Weather – Sunglasses and Sunscreen time it is! Put on your summer outfits and go for a lovely outdoor brunch in the pleasant weather. There is nothing that will stop you from doing everything here. Pickyourtrail app, your virtual guide will help you spot on the best restaurants in the city and the unpopular yet amazing experiences near your hotel.

12 Best things to do in Dubai in January

We have listed down the top things to do in Dubai in January for you. These places guarantee a breath-taking experience!

1. Skydive

“Nothing compares to the rush skydiving gives off! I can never get tired of seeing so many pictures and great videos covering the aerial view of Dubai. I’ve been missing this out all these years and yes I’d do it again, and again and much more times” says one of our Pickyourtrail travellers post her 13,500 feet dive.

Dubai Skydive
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Dubai in January provides stunning aerial views and beautiful panoramas with high visibility and low humidity. Delightful weather and Blue painted skies promise a fantastic atmosphere to go skydiving. The famous spot for skydiving is Skydive Dubai Palm Drop Zone for unmatched views of the city. What are you waiting for – go ahead and add this to your itinerary for Dubai in January?

2. Citywalk Evenings – JBR and La Mer

Dubai Sunsets
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If you relish good quality delicacies by the beach, beachside shopping, waterparks or chilling the day away on the sands of Dubai in January, then the JBR and La Mer are the perfect spots.

Relax and unwind at Jumeriah Beach Residence. This compact waterfront strip is known as The Walk at the JBR which is always buzzing with plenty of options for you to shop and eat all you want. Not just a bustling spot, but the boardwalk gives stunning views of the Ain Dubai – Ferris Wheel. Stroll along the water beneath the urban skyline and make some lifetime worth memories.

There’s more to the evening unwinding experience at the La Mer. This is undoubtedly the Most ‘Grammable spot of Dubai. A beach strip offering lots of fun, entertainment and shopping across 1.24 million square meters of space. Street art, paintings, cinema, a water park would surely catch your appreciation.

3. Desert Safari

Desert Safari In Dubai
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Travel the offbeat places but don’t miss the extraordinary popular experiences. A trip to Dubai is incomplete when Desert safari is missed. If you dread the scorching sun in the deserts, go on an evening desert safari. Desert safaris in Dubai in January would require you to carry a sweater for the warmth. Apart from the Dune bashing and other adventure sports, you can enjoy the views of the traditional Sheikhs dressed up and organising it all for you. The safari is all about fun and frolic with traditional bedouin activities along with a sumptuous feast at the camp. Lounge on the cushions in the tents and witness the Fire and Tanoura performances, Belly dancing, get henna tattoos while you relish on their traditional Arabic coffees (gahwa) and Fresh Dates.

4. Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai in January still has a lot of celebrations with pomp and show even after the new years. Shopaholic’s bucket list destination, families delight, child’s wishes come true – Thanks to extravagant Dubai Shopping festival. This month-long annual event in 2020 witnessed 3,847 events, over 4,000 outlets participating actively by offering deals and discounts, and AED50 million worth of prizes were won. The City-wide Dubai Shopping festival ensures nobody can miss the unbelievable offers sometimes as low as 75% discounts.

We said Dubai Shopping Festival is celebrated with pomp and show – yes, apart from shopping, there are other activities in abundance that makes the people go frenzy around the city. You have fireworks, film festivals, entertainment shows, concerts, Live carnivals and what not!

5. Sky Dining

Dine in the Sky
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Yes, that’s right. It’s Dining only, and not diving. One of the best things to do in Dubai in January is to go for Dinner in the sky. The weather being spectacular with great views of the skyscrapers around the city, you can have your meal while making amazing memories lasting for a lifetime. Why eat on the ground when you eat 50m above the ground? It’s widely told that the experience of mouth-watering food served in the air with incredible views is an absolute winner amongst our travellers.

6. Dubai Opera

The art-loving sophisticated should surely make their way to the Dubai Opera. Adaptation of the acclaimed author Khalil Gibran’s iconic writing in 1912 – Broken Wings is one of the most famous and impressive performances in Dubai Opera. The show is running throughout in Dubai in January. This will indeed be a paradise for the theatre lovers as you could witness enthralling performances keeping you hooked on to your seats and a memory you will carry on for lives.

7. Dhow Cruise

Evenings in Dubai in January has a wide range of activities for you to choose from and can cater to all kinds of travellers. Yet another activity providing magnificent views of the city is the famous Dhow Cruise of Dubai. Admire the illuminated city in the evening with a feast of numerous dishes while enjoying the beats of Arabian style music. Oh, all this while the evening breeze of soothes your soul on a well-lit Creek cruise gliding on the Dubai waters

8. World Class stay

Well didn’t we say that Dubai has something for everyone – this is could be the perfect example of that statement. Be it king-size living or life in a camp, the city has everything to offer for ultra-luxurious hotels, serviced apartments, romantic hotels with great views, tent stay, resorts and more. Dubai in January is the perfect time to experience the best offers and entertainment offered in these options and with a plethora of options for you to choose from. We at Pickyourtrail suggest our travellers to book 60-90 days before to avail the best offers on our website.

9. Amusement parks of Dubai in January

Theme parks for the highest standards can be found here in so many numbers and each different from one other than an adventure junkie will want to plan the entire itinerary around them. When we say variety, we really mean it. Water parks, Indoor parks, Snow parks, 4D theatre, Bollywood parks, Hollywood theme, World record rides, Fastest roller coasters and more – you have everything in this city. Dubai in January will ensure all these attractions give you the best of the world experiences with entertainment round the clock!

10. Visit the Global Village

Celebrations always and Dubai in January is celebrated all day throughout the month. The magical Global village is a festival park where you see the culture around the world envisioned in various forms. When you visit Global Village (Dubai), you travel the world with sights of London’s Big Ben to the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy, click pictures against the romantic setup of the Taj Mahal or time travel to Ancient Egypt. Parades, shows, fire-breathing street performances, star-studded concerts, traditional handicrafts vendors, snacks of 100 plus varieties in here – the festival park ensures you travel the world in a couple of hours. Pickyourtrail hand-crafted itineraries ensure at least half-day is dedicated to Global village so that our travellers do not rush through the amazing sights!

11. Arabian Cuisine

Arabian Delicacy
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Dubai in January may give you an experience from all over the world but the best way to experience Dubai is to go on a culinary exploration by delving into the Arabian Heritage. One of the most sought after cuisine is the Arabian cuisine and Dubai is the best place for your taste buds to relish it all. Their street food includes dishes inspired from all over the world with ingredients including meat, grain, dairy, spices like saffron, cardamom, turmeric and thyme. Emirati Cuisine is a great blend of Middle-Eastern and Asian cuisines. Shisha along with Arabian cuisine can be enjoyed in Dubai in January sitting on a lounge by the beach with the pleasant sounds of waves hitting the shore. Prepare your appetite for a feast during your trip to Dubai in January because it’s too hard to resist indeed.

12. Souks of Dubai

Dubai Souks
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A truly authentic Arabian journey is incomplete without the traditional Dubai souk journey. Gold Jewellery galore, Specially hand-woven fabrics, traditional oud scents – souks have a way through its visitors’ hearts that beat the world-sized malls experience. Though we talk about the enthralling metropolitan experience of Dubai in January, their traditional Arabian markets are a significant part of daily life and trade. ‘Souk’ or ‘souq’ (Arabic word) symbolises a market or place where all types of goods are brought or exchanged. These are bright, noisy, colourful and lively market places.

Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to the vibrant city. Dubai in January is going to be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences. We at Pickyourtrail ensure our best travel experience is put into planning your vacation with lots of excitement. Start planning and Happy travelling!

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