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Visiting Hong Kong: Essential Tips and Places to See

Hong Kong is a beautiful metropolis that has lots to offer, starting from a rich historical heritage and up to the newest entertainment and shopping experiences. It is a huge city, located on several islands and world-famous for its landscape. Millions of people travel here every year. If you are considering this destination on your tourist trip, there are several things you need to know. Let’s start with some essentials.

  1. When planning a trip, think about seasonal weather changes. In the summer it is too hot and humid. The most comfortable sunny and dry weather is from October and up to December. The period from January to March is a bit colder, but still sunny with some rainy or foggy days.
  2. Hong Kong underground is quite tricky, but it is the fastest way to get to almost any place. Luckily, the underground has an official mobile app – MTR Mobile that works offline and shows the best-suggested routes and travel time.
  3. Octopus card is necessary to pay for all public transport of any kind here, whether it is a bus, a boat, a tram or MTR. One can pay in a bus or a tram with cash, but only if there is no change needed because there are no conductors. You can also pay with Octopus card in some stores located on MTR stations, like 7-Eleven.
  4. There is a governmental tourism board, which gives all relevant information on places to visit. The website gives the most detailed route to get to any attraction, including the exact address, the bus number, and MTR station.

Most Exciting Sightseeings in Hong Kong

The exact routes you take depend on personal interests; there are many traditional temples, restaurants, shopping places, etc. But these places are a must, especially when visiting Hong Kong for the first time.

The Peak

Hong Kong High Peak
Image source: Unsplash

It is the highest point of Hong Kong Island with a stunning view of Victoria Harbor and the skyscrapers of the city centre. To get to the terrace one should take a tram and it is a thrilling adventure as it goes sharply up the hill. It is better to go in the evening to see the sun setting. There are two factors to consider – the place is always quite crowded with tourists and it is better to go on a sunny day. As it is very high up in the foggy day the view might be blocked with clouds, so plan your trip accordingly.

Victoria Harbor and Star Ferry

Hong Kong Victoria Harbor and Star Ferry
Image source: Unsplash

Star Ferry is quite a small ship cruising through Victoria Harbor. It costs relatively cheap and the trip takes about 10-15 minutes but it is quite fun. The Harbor is a stunning place to see itself as all the world-famous skyscrapers are located here on both sides of the river. Every day at 8 pm you can see the light show performing on 40 buildings.

Ocean Park

Hong Kong has Disneyland, and it is quite entertaining but if you have time only for one amusement park, it is better to choose Ocean Park. It has the most thrilling rides, zoo parks, oceanarium, dolphins show, etc. You can see Pandas here and also attend a rollercoaster, what else can one wish for? It is one of the largest amusement parks in Asia and has two parts separated by the mountain. You can go from one part to another by railway or cable car system. The second one takes more time, but the view is stunning.

Big Buddha

Hong Kong Big Buddha
Image source: Unsplash

Tian Tian Buddha on Lantau Island is a 34-meters statue near the Po Lin monastery. It is better to go there early in the morning before the main crowd arrives. The monastery itself is also worth visiting. You can either go by cable car or bus. The first option is picturesque, but it is much more expensive and the queue is huge. The bus is cheaper but the trip takes about 50 minutes through the mountains. Either way, go on a sunny day to see Big Buddha in his glory.

Ladies Market

It is a world-famous market whether you can get literally anything, from souvenirs and accessories to the fake designer bags, sneakers, and clothing. The main thing you need to know – it is a place to haggle. Never agree on the first price a salesperson offers. If you enjoy bargaining, this is a unique experience, if not – you can just go around without buying anything.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

However, the monks do not actually live here, this monastery is still a unique place to see. To get there one should go up the 400-steps stairway surrounded by golden Buddha statues of all kinds. The temple on the peak point is stunning; it is worth mentioning, that the majority of traditional temples are prohibited from taking pictures inside. It is considered very disrespectful to places of beliefs.


Hong Kong is an amazing place of contrast and new experiences. It combines almost anything one could wish for, including beautiful nature, stunning historical places, and incredible architecture. Many come here for shopping, others to try traditional food or entertainment. It is definitely worth visiting and exploring. Just make an exciting travel route with all the places to visit and wear comfortable shoes.

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