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Where to find fresh food for your kid when abroad

The hustle of going abroad along with your kid can be strenuous as far as what to eat is concerned. You ought to think outside the box. The trick is to maintain some sense of normalcy on the kind of food your child eats by not being bullied by the overseas setting and food culture whatsoever. How would you achieve seamless transition on the food your kid consumes without them feeling a pinch or change?

1. Food ordering software

For a start, you should try ordering food from a local hotel of your choice via an online food ordering software. Do quick-fire research and establish the best app for timely and accurate delivery.

The online platform (be it web or app-based) enables you to place a fast order from the menu online and have your favourite meal delivered in no time. This enables you to have an upper hand on fresh food and avoid the discomfort of having to grapple with leftovers. Order your preferred meal as early as possible.

2. Avoid street food

Street food vending is an inevitable venture in most urban areas around the globe. This can be attributed to the considerably low prices on the foods, a wide variety of foods to choose from as well as the short wait for food.

However, picture your kid ailing from a running stomach while overseas just because you went around buying street food. You should shun from any kind of gratuitous eating spree. Most of the ready-to-eat food being ordered along the streets could be spoilt while the dishes could be unhygienic too.

Such queer scenarios could potentially spell harm for your kid. If need be, before purchasing any road-side food, inquire on the sanitary conditions of the seller. Does he/she wear gloves? Is there a set place to wash utensils?

Furthermore, you should only buy canned drinks or a sealed water bottle.

3. Local markets and supermarkets are a great idea

A great insight into buying food in an anonymous country would be to purchase it in fresh amounts from a local supermarket. As such, hygiene is top notch while the packaging is appropriate for every kind of meal. This guarantees the longevity of the food in its fresh state thus a good diet for your infant.

Make a quick grocery list, for example, with fruits and vegetables which are essential nutrients for your kid’s vitamin needs.

4. Restaurant reservation software

For a whole different feel, you could try finding a child menu and comfortable restaurant layout using Eat App- a restaurant reservation software. It allows users and tourists alike to search and pick out restaurants and make real-time reservations.

This peculiar software app also supports all realms of operating a restaurant which means that you can essentially pre-order rooms and preferred suite as well as the perfect layout that spurs comfortable dining. Additionally, you get to experience impressive dining experiences with the application.

5. All-inclusive hotel system

The all-inclusive system in the hotel you are residing at might just be the package you ought to pursue. It is arguably the best restaurant marketing strategy employed to entice foreigners or visitors to go to a particular restaurant premise. Tourists like you and the kid could get fully-fledged meals throughout the day with accompaniments of light snacks, drinks, and desserts.

This evades the kid from small bouts of starvation in addition to giving you the freedom to pick out the best food package for your child’s dieting needs.

6. Room with a kitchen

Additionally, a hotel with a kitchen segment for customer use could be the preferable way to go. While you get to prepare food for the kid on your own, you also get the chance to do away with allergic ingredients. You basically trust yourself as far as fresh food for your kid is concerned thus the need to lay focus on its careful preparation.


Going alongside your kid for tourist forays around the world should pop the crucial question of dieting. Fresh food ultimately translates to good health which must be achieved at all costs especially in a country of anonymity. Avoid spending money on junk food and focus more on a supply of fresh meals only. Insist on packed food, canned drinks, refrigerated meat, branded food products as well as sealed plastic bottles containing water. Keep safe health-wise until you get back home.

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