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The World’s Clearest Water Bodies

There is absolutely nothing like exploring the natural scenery of the country you are visiting. Climbing mountains, hiking through forests and swimming in serene lakes are some of the great ways to connect with nature during your trip. Somewhere between the tallest mountain peaks and the lowest valleys are hidden treasures and wonders of the world: crystal clear waters (World’s Clearest Water Bodies). Though some are protected, some are swimmable. These refreshing stops are sure to provide you with a unique experience that you won’t forget soon.

The World’s Clearest Water Bodies 

How many times has it been, you visited a beach, lake or a river only to be disappointed by the soiled water. Wouldn’t be nice to swim or relax on the bank actually seeing what is beneath the surface. Here’s a list of World’s Clearest Water Bodies with water as clear as crystal

  • Rotomairewhenua (Blue Lake)
  • Lake McKenzie
  • Crater Lake
  • Five Flower Lake
  • Blue River
  • Rainwater Lagoons
  • To Sua Ocean Trench
  • Calanque d’En Vau

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Rotomairewhenua (Blue Lake)

The Rotomairewhenua lake is situated within the Nelson Lakes National Park, New Zealand. Known as one of the clearest lakes in the world and popularly called as Blue Lake, this lake in New Zealand is estimated to have a visibility of almost 80 meters. The water in Rotomairewhenua lake is so clean, its clarity is comparable to that of distilled water. The Blue and violet guest of the lake is natural and this phenomenon is said to occur only in clear waters. You can reach this lake in 2 days by foot if you start from the boundary of the Nelson Lakes National Park. If you are looking for a much shorter trip, take a scenic helicopter ride to see the lake from above.

Reflections of mountains an trees in lake
Source: Unsplash

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is located on Frazier Island in Australia. This lake is one of the most visited Clearest water bodies on Earth. This rainwater is the only source of water and this lake is not fed by any other sources. Adding to its beauty is the pure white silica sand. The sand acts as a filter that cleans the water and it feels amazing to just walk over it. The varying shades of green and blue in the lake not only makes it look beautiful but also provides you an opportunity to humblebrag about you incredible vacation on social media and make other jealous. 

Lake in Australia
Source: Pixabay

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Crater Lake

The Crates Lake in Oregon, USA is one of the World’s Clearest Water Bodies. It was formed thousands of years ago after the collapse of a volcano. This caldera lake is widely known for its deep blue colour and its purity. It is worthy to mention that it is the seventh-deepest lake in the world and the deepest in the United States. In spite of being so deep, it is still clear. Wonderful isn’t it! This lake is fed round the year by Snowfall and its clarity was recorded at over 100 feet. Thanks to its high altitude, it’s often obscured by the clouds. 

Crater Lake
Source: Pixabay

Five Flower Lake

The Five Flower Lake is located in the Jiuzhaigou Valley in China. This lake is the gem of Jiuzhaigou Valley. This lake dazzles with an intense spectrum of colours making a great sight! A local legend says that this lake was a result of a gift presented to the mountain goddess who lived in the Jiuzhaigou Valley by a god from the west of the Jiuzhai Valley. The legend goes like the God from the west falling in love with the mountain goddess. The god presents the goddess with a beautiful mirror. In a hurry and eagerness to accept the gift, she dropped the beautiful mirror. This mirror broke into 108 pieces and it, in turn, became 108 beautiful lakes covering the Jiuzhaigou Valley.


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Blue River

The Blue River is located in Petermann Glacier, Greenland. The Petermann Glacier is the main source of water to this river. Whenever the weather warms up, the glaciers melt-up and form channels. The Puddles and channels from the melting ice join together as they descend the glacier forming the Blue river. Getting here in person can be quite treacherous. The striking contrast of the white glacier against the blue waters is certainly a sight to behold. 

Glacie waters
Source: Pixabay

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Rainwater Lagoons

Rainwater Lagoons in Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil. The sand dunes of this region collect fresh rain water and create seasonal pools of crystal clear water. This spectacular landscape in Brazil can be best explored on foot. Go for a swim when the mood strikes. You can also take a scenic flight over the pools with the surroundings providing an otherworldly experience, It is definitely worth your time. Make sure to add this lagoon to your itinerary and explore a largely undiscovered wonder of Brazil.

sand dunes of brazil
Source: Pixabay

To Sua Ocean Trench

To Sua Ocean Trench in located in Upolu in Samoa. This easy-yto-miss swimming hole is carved into a lava field near Lotogage village in Samoa. It is believed that an ancient eruption created the hole which is now connected to the ocean via an underwater cave and filled with clear seawater. You can reach these pristine waters climbing down the wooden ladder. The tidal surge at To Sua Ocean trench is strong and so a rope is stretched in the middle of the pool. You can grob onto this rope, if you feel like you are getting pull off by the tides. 

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Calanque d’En Vau

The Calanque d’En Vau in Cassis, France, is a gorgeous inlet located just outside Marseille. This is accessible only by foot or by boat. The dramatic view of the imposing cliffs surrounding the sparkling clear water is a treat to one’s eyes. The blues, greens, and whites surrounding the area make Calanque d’En Vau an ideal spot for a picnic and a swim.

Source: Unsplash

Hope you found this article useful. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags to one of these amazing World’s Clearest Water Bodies and enjoy your time relaxing.

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