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4 NIGHTS: Hamburg (2N) → Berlin (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

8 NIGHTS: Berlin (1N) → Athens (2N) → Santorini (3N) → Athens (1N) → Berlin (1N)

3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

4 NIGHTS: Berlin (2N) → Frankfurt (2N)

Flights 3.5 Hotels Activities Private transfer

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9 NIGHTS: Vienna (4N) → Salzburg (3N) → Munich (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Private transfer

10 NIGHTS: Berlin (10N)

Flights 4 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

6 NIGHTS: Frankfurt (2N) → Cologne (2N) → Berlin (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

10 NIGHTS: Munich (6N) → Frankfurt (4N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

12 NIGHTS: Munich (4N) → Frankfurt (8N)

Flights 3.5 Hotels Activities Private transfer

Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

8 NIGHTS: Munich (2N) → Triberg (2N) → Cologne (2N) → Stuttgart (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

8 NIGHTS: Berlin (3N) → Leipzig (2N) → Munich (3N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Private transfer
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Honeymoon in Germany

Considering Deutschland for honeymoon? You just made an excellent choice! Placed in Western Europe, Germany offers a perfect blend of beautiful landscapes, mountains, forests, beaches, rich history and architecture. Known for its beer, World War 2-pertaining sites, art and nightlife, Germany is increasingly becoming one of the most sort-after honeymoon destinations in the world. Sprinkled with fairy-tale castles and centuries-old architecture, your Germany honeymoon is bound for a dash of romance.

Germany Honeymoon Packages from India
Honeymooning Itineraries in Germany Sightseeing Routes in Germany Price* (Cost per visitor)
Enticing honeymoon offer to Germany for 5 days & 4 nightsHamburgBerlin₹ 68,081 (airfare & accommodation included)
Celestial 9-day/8-night Germany package for honeymoonersBerlinAthensSantoriniAthensBerlin₹ 69,969 (accommodation included)
5-day/4-night bewitching honeymoon plan to GermanyBerlinFrankfurt₹ 80,669 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day attractive honeymooning to Germany for newlywed lovebirdsViennaSalzburgMunich₹ 86,523 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day sensuous honeymoon in Germany for the romantic coupleBerlin₹ 88,197 (airfare & accommodation included)
Enticing 7-day/6-night Germany honeymoon packageFrankfurtCologneBerlin₹ 89,505 (airfare & accommodation included)
Exciting 10-night honeymoon package to GermanyMunichFrankfurt₹ 91,730 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-night intimate Germany honeymoon trip package for newlywed couplesMunichFrankfurt₹ 95,715 (airfare & accommodation included)
Munich highlights: 8-night amorous honeymoon in Germany terrainMunichTribergCologneStuttgart₹ 98,027 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day bewitching Germany honeymoon itineraryBerlinLeipzigMunich₹ 1,00,627 (airfare & accommodation included)
Idyllic 11-day Germany honeymooning packageParisGhentColognePrague₹ 1,05,331 (airfare & accommodation included)
Celestial Germany honeymoon plan for 11 days & 10 nightsMunichCologneFrankfurtTribergFrankfurt₹ 1,06,887 (airfare & accommodation included)
Berlin in spotlight: 7-day adorable honeymooning in Germany regionBerlinFrankfurtMunich₹ 1,07,738 (airfare & accommodation included)
Celestial 7-night Germany honeymoon dealBerlinLeipzigDuesseldorfMunich₹ 1,07,825 (airfare & accommodation included)
Sweet 11-day/10-night Germany package for honeymoonersMunichCologneBerlin₹ 1,09,105 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day/10-night sparkly honeymooning package to GermanyMunichZell am SeeSalzburgBudapest₹ 1,10,232 (airfare & accommodation included)
Frankfurt showcase: Lovely 14-night honeymoon in Germany regionFrankfurtMunichInnsbruckSalzburgVienna₹ 1,10,665 (airfare & accommodation included)
Munich in spotlight: 15-day adorable honeymoon in Germany settingMunichVeniceSorrentoRome₹ 1,19,214 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-day idyllic honeymooning offer to GermanyMunichCologneBerlin₹ 1,21,494 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day/7-night engaging Germany honeymoon tour bundle for newlywed lovebirdsBerlinLeipzigCologneMunich₹ 1,22,623 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-night dazzling honeymoon to Germany for your post-marital blissMunichFrankfurt₹ 1,25,848 (airfare & accommodation included)
Hypnotic 13-night honeymoon deal to GermanyParisStrasbourgBerlinBrussels₹ 1,25,998 (airfare & accommodation included)
Divine 16-day/15-night Germany honeymoon tourist package for the ideal coupleParisCologneBrusselsGhentAmsterdam₹ 1,31,684 (airfare & accommodation included)
Lovely 12-day Germany package for honeymoonersBerlinFrankfurtCologneBerlin₹ 1,38,274 (airfare & accommodation included)
Enchanting Germany 8-night honeymooning packageMunichLeipzigDuesseldorfFrankfurt₹ 1,41,232 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-day/11-night sweet Germany honeymoon tourist package for newly wedsDubrovnikSplitZagrebHamburgAmsterdam₹ 1,43,680 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-day divine honeymooning deal to GermanyBerlinFrankfurtTribergFrankfurtDuesseldorfMunich₹ 1,45,170 (airfare & accommodation included)
Paris foregrounded: Hedonistic 12-day honeymooning in Germany landscapeParisFrankfurtInterlakenVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,53,184 (accommodation included)
Amsterdam showcased: 12-day surrealistic honeymoon in Germany terrainAmsterdamParisStuttgartLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,96,299 (airfare included)
Germany's intriguing 17-day honeymoon dealFrankfurtMunichZurichSalzburgBudapestViennaPragueFrankfurt₹ 1,96,550 (airfare & accommodation included)
17-day enchanting Germany honeymoon itineraryMunichNurembergPragueSalzburgHallstattZell am SeeVienna₹ 2,00,094 (airfare & accommodation included)
Divine 2-night Germany honeymoon packageBerlinLucerneRomeVenice₹ 2,10,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
15-night sparkling Germany honeymoon holiday package for the new lovebirdsAmsterdamBrugesParisInnsbruckMunich₹ 2,21,230 (airfare & accommodation included)
Germany's beguiling honeymoon bundle for 14 days & 13 nightsSorrentoRomeMunichAmsterdam₹ 2,48,880 (airfare & accommodation included)
19-day/18-night wine-tasting honeymoon package to GermanyRomeFlorenceZermattInterlakenMontreuxParisFrankfurt₹ 2,72,233 (airfare & accommodation included)

Explore Deutschland!

Our Germany honeymoon packages offers exciting itineraries that make sure you don't miss out on exploring the country. Berlin - the capital and heart of the country, houses plenty of attractions like the Berlin Wall and Museum Island. It also encompasses Berlin's most iconic Brandenburg Gate - a sandstone monument built in 1791. Travel to Cologne for another unmissable landmark - the Cologne Cathedral. Built in 1248, this masterpiece of Gothic architecture is one of the biggest cathedrals in Europe. Ever wanted to know where Disney got the castle inspiration from? Head to Füssen to witness the real life fairy tale - Neuschwanstein Castle, nestled amidst the beautiful Alps. With our Germany honeymoon package, get a chance to take part in the famous Oktoberfest in Munich - the land of opera houses and theaters. Had enough of art and culture? Our honeymoon packages in Germany caters to all tastes. Head straight to the black forest. The beautiful dense forest is a heaven for adventure-seeking couples where you can trek, hike or bicycle. You could also explore Germany's largest island - Rügen, which boasts of great sunny beaches and tourist attractions. Our Germany honeymoon packages provide itineraries including best accommodation and flight options and listing things to do at anytime of the year.

Customise it all you want!

With so many places to see, our services of planning your itinerary, will be handy to you. Our packages are not just for honeymooners but also offer itineraries for adventure-seeking folks or relaxed family vacations. The best part of travelling with us is that you get to choose where you want to do, what you want to do and how you want to do it. Every segment on the itinerary is customisable and is created keeping your interests in mind. So, let us know your preferences, leave the planning to us and be assured, your honeymoon will be a fairytale!