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Planning a vacation? But wondering whether if it’s late already? Do not worry for we are here. We will help you through your last minute Mauritius vacation plan. Mauritius is an island country that consists of terrains of all kinds. And that is what makes the Island the favourite spot to a lot of couples. And that doesn’t mean that it is not a destination for family or friends. In fact, Mauritius sees a lot of traffic from families and groups in equal numbers to that of couples. And apparently, the island has tourists pouring in all over the year. Which is why we tell you that it is not too late for a getaway to Mauritius. So, let us give you a brief on the several attraction that is there in Mauritius.

What awaits for you in your trip to Mauritius?

Every year, Mauritius has a lot of visitors which makes it easy even for the last minute vacation planners. So do not worry about your stay, for Mauritius is filled with hotels and restaurants of all sorts. From the high-end ones to the budget-friendly apartments. So let us start with the activities you can do when you are there in Mauritius. Our first place is a temple that is situated all the way up. 1800.ft above the sea level. Yes, we’re talking about the Grand Bassin. Imagine a hike up a hill and finding a lake at the top. Along with the lake, there is a temple. Sounds like a movie set, yes? But that’s what Grand Bassin is. So it is a fantastic way to cleanse your soul and kick start your last minute Mauritius all inclusive vacation package. Up next. Imagine a place that is rich with plant life on all sides and to top that, a beautiful. And that… is Chamarel waterfall. So, this is just a brief of what you can expect in a Mauritius last minute vacation.

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