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My Son Sanctuary, Vietnam 2024 - Insider Guide

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Vietnam tourism is known for luring tourists from around the world with its scenic landscapes, delectable cuisine and most importantly rich history and culture. Among the many historical treasures, the My Son Sanctuary stands out as a proof of Vietnam's rich heritage. Located amidst lush greenery, this ancient archaeological site has become a must-visit attraction for all the history enthusiasts as well as all the tourists embarking on Vietnam travel packages.

Where is My Son Sanctuary Located?

My Son Sanctuary, which is considered one among the top places to visit in Vietnam, is located in the Quang Nam Province of Central Vietnam. It is about 70 kilometers from the coastal city of Danang. The Ancient town of Hoi An is also located around 40 Kilometers from My Son Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is open for visitors from morning 6:30 am to evening 5:30 pm. The entry fee for visiting the Sanctuary would be around 150,000 Vietnamese Dongs, which is Rs.511/- for one person.

About My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is seen as a monumental landmark with at most historical significance in Vietnam. This archaeological site was once the renowned religious capital of the Champa Kingdom. This kingdom was supposed to have ruled over many parts of present day Vietnam between the 4th and 13th century. There are so many clusters of Hindu temples and towers which the My Son Sanctuary is renowned for and they highlight the excellent Cham architecture. Those embarking on Vietnam tour packages from India have to witness this marvel, not just because it's a historical site, but these structures also have a unique blend of Indigenous and Indian culture.

Key Highlights of My Son Sanctuary

  • My Son Sanctuary has a remarkable collection of temples, each decorated with unique carvings and sculptures. The architectural marvel showcases the Cham people's skill and craftsmanship.
  • The My Son Sanctuary which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site offers insights into the history of Vietnam, as well as its bonding with India through Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • One of the top things to do for Visitors is to enjoy traditional Cham dance performances that portray the region's rich cultural heritage.
  • Located amidst lush forests and surrounded by scenic countryside beauty, the sanctuary offers a peaceful environment for exploration and picture perfect backdrops for photography.

Is it worth it to explore My Son Sanctuary?

Exploring My Son Sanctuary, the ancient capital of the Champa Kingdom is definitely a worthwhile experience and among the top things to do in Vietnam, while on your Vietnam trip. Fully exploring the archaeological/historical  site will take around one hour to three hours, offering rich insights into the history and culture of Champa Kingdom as well as Vietnam. The temples also stand as a testament to the strong bond between Vietnamese culture and Indian culture. So, My Son Sanctuary is definitely a must visit place in Vietnam.

How to get to My Son Sanctuary

One of the best ways to reach My Son Sanctuary while embarking on a Vietnam trip is by starting your journey either from Hoi An or Danang, two of the most well-known cities in Central Vietnam.

Going from Hoi An

My Son Sanctuary is located about 40 kilometers from Hoi An. Visitors can take a taxi, or can even rent a motorbike and enjoy their ride to reach the sanctuary. There are various tours that are organized to visit this historical monument. The scenic drive will take you through picture perfect countryside, offering a glimpse into Vietnam rural life, thereby expanding your list of things to do in Hoi An and experiencing an adventurous trip to My Son Sanctuary.

Going from Danang

If you are going to My Son Sanctuary from Danang, the journey is about 70 kilometers. You can either hire a private car or can also take on a guided tour. You can experience a pleasant drive, and you can also stop at various viewpoints along the way to enjoy the beautiful and scenic landscapes, making it ideal to capture cherishable memories.

The Bond between My Son Sanctuary and The Cham Museum

While experiencing My Son Sanctuary, if you are among those travelers having keen interest and passion for history, then definitely you should consider exploring the Cham Museum, which is among the top places to visit in Danang. This museum located in Danang, is home to an impressive collection of Cham sculptures. The museum also showcases the Cham artifacts and art pieces, thereby providing much deeper insights into Champa Kingdom's rich Cultural heritage. Visiting this Cham Museum before or after your visit to My Son Sanctuary, allows you to better appreciate the significance of the historical site.

Location: This Cham museum is located in Hai Chau District in Danang.

Timings: 7:30am to 5pm

Entry ticket: Rs.200/- per person

My Son Sanctuary stands as a captivating proof to Vietnam's rich history and cultural heritage. This archaeological site, with its complex architecture and rich historical significance, offers visitors a unique insight into ancient history and culture. My Son Sanctuary is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Vietnam, whether you are history enthusiast or nature lover or one among culture seekers. Don't miss the opportunity to discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site and immerse yourself in the charm of Vietnam's past by booking Vietnam tour packages from Delhi offered by Pickyourtrail. Exploring My Son Sanctuary can also turn out to be romantic for those embarking on Vietnam tour packages for couples offered by Pickyourtrail, promising a trip filled with magical moments and romantic memories. My Son Sanctuary is a captivating destination that is to be visited at least once in your lifetime. So, wait no longer, book Vietnam packages from Pickyourtrail and embark on your hassle free Vietnam trip to witness My Son Sanctuary like never before.

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