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Naxos Travel Guide: Your Island Escape to Greece's Hidden Gem

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

About Naxos Island

Known as the largest island in Cyclades, Naxos Island was the center of archaic Cycladic culture. The city is packed with isolated beaches, atmospheric mountain villages and ancient sites. Since it is very expensive to explore Naxos Island, it is considered a high-class tourism island. Naxos Island is filled with high mountains and fertile valleys and so it is the greenest island of Cyclades.

Some of the beaches in the Naxos Island are considered the most beautiful in the country of Greece. The main attractions of Naxos Island include Old Town, Portara, Zas Mountain, Eggares Olive Press Museum, Cedar Forest of Alyko, Plaka Beach, Kastraki Beach, Mikri Vigla Beach, Agios Prokopios Beach, Temple of Apollo and more. Discover the beauty and history of Naxos Island with our Greece holiday packages.


BEST TIME TO GO: Sept-Dec (Cold , Breezy)

BEST AVOIDED: Aug (Crowded, Sunny)

IMPORTANT EVENTS: August - Axia Music Festival, September - Dionysia Festival, July - Bazeos Festival

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Getting In Naxos Island

There are no direct flights to Naxos Island. You need to take a flight to Athens. You can take a ferry from Athens to Naxos. Eleftherios Venizelos is the primary international airport that serves Athens. The major flight operators are Gulf Air, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways , Etihad Airways.

 Chennai16h, 1 stopRs 25,290
 Delhi10h, 1 stopRs 24,798
 Mumbai10h, 1 stopRs 19,214
 Kolkata12h, 1 stopRs 29,957
 Bengaluru16h, 1 stopRs 27,415
 Kochi17h, 1 stopRs 28,161
 Tiruchirappalli26h, 2 stopsRs 58,416
 Hyderabad11h, 1 stopRs 30,117

Getting Out from Naxos Island

One can travel to the neighbouring nations of Turkey, Hungary and Italy from the city of Athens. The international airport in Athens has got domestic flight facilities to provide as well.

Rome4 nights 4 hrs
Budapest4 nights 5 hrs
Istanbul4 nights 4 hrs

How to Move Around Naxos Island

Public Transport

Local transportation is easily available in Naxos. These buses connect various places and provide easy access throughout the city. The main terminal is named KTEL which is located at the end of the pier. For the stops and access points, please refer the link.

Taxi & Airport transfer

Taxis are available on arrival at the Naxos airport and port. Taxis are better for short trips as they turn out to be expensive. There are no separate taxi service providers.

Transport & city passes

There are no tranport or city passes in Naxos. However the bus fares are not very high. Buses are available always.

Driving & Car rental

There are rental cars available in Naxos. The best rental car service Naxos Auto Rent.

Naxos Island Survival Guide

Good to Know

The main city in the Naxos Island is Hora or Naxos and it has gorgeous waterfront and cobbled streets which is all packed with opportunities for tourism and shopping. It produces olives, grapes, figs, citrus fruit, corn and potatoes. It is also considered as a pretty little island with churches, monasteries and Venetian castles and homes. It offers windsurfing and kitesurfing on the western coastline.


The standard voltage in Greece is 230V and the standard frequency is 50Hz. The power sockets are type F and C. So you should carry a power plug adapter on your trip to Greece. However, you need not carry a transformer since the voltage is the same.


Average cost of living for a couple in Naxos Island is INR 3266 per day.

Food & drink

Meal for twoRs. 799
Meal for two (Fine Dining)Rs. 2997
WaterRs. 69.67
Coffee/TeaRs. 232.05
BeerRs. 104.72
Bottle of WineRs. 559.57


Tourist VisaRs. 4805
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff per km)Rs. 59.15
International SIM (Calling & Data)Rs. 33.15

Emergency contacts

Indian Embassy

No.3 Kleanthous street, Athens, Athina 106 74, Greece
Contact No.: +30 21 0721 6227
Email address: embassy@indianembassy.gr

Lost children

Naxos 843 00, Greece
Contact No.: +30 22850 23280


Naxos 843 00, Greece
Contact No.: +30 22850 23280

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