Turkey & Greece tour packages

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6 NIGHTS: Istanbul (4N) → Athens (2N)

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7 NIGHTS: Istanbul (3N) → Mykonos (2N) → Athens (2N)

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8 NIGHTS: Istanbul (4N) → Athens (4N)

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8 NIGHTS: Kusadasi (2N) → Istanbul (2N) → Mykonos (2N) → Athens (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees
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Historic Greece and Turkey Tours

Greece and Turkey tours in the last few years have become widely popular among tourists. Greece’s rich and exhaustive history, whitewashed houses, turquoise waters, clear sands, and urban nightlife is an attraction with visitors. Turkish cuisine, exquisite mosques, hot air ballooning amidst rugged mountains, thermal spa terraces also equally allure travelers to this historic transcontinental country that straddles between Asia and Europe. With Greece and Turkey Packages discover two extreme European countries in one trip and experience travel like never before.

History, Mystery, and Beauty of Greece

Be it Athens in Greece, that has a historical significance with the Acropolis at the center with Parthenon atop, the temple of Olympian Zeus built for the great Greek god Zeus to unravel, changing of Evzones guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier at the Syntagma square to witness, the suiting ambiance and atmosphere at Monastiraki square to just sit back and people watch, delectable Greek salads, and pita pockets to satiate your love for food, Olympic stadium of Panathenaic to explore, Athens flea market to shop all souvenir and trinkets galore, Athens has its share of spots to delight traveler’s seeking history and good food.

Mykonos on the flip side has crowds coming in to explore the luxury of its beaches, parties that last till dawn, adventure watersports that leave you wanting for more, restaurants by the Little Venice that provide spectacular sunset views, sugar-cubed houses with hints of blue that paint across the town, Mykonos is for everyone who find pleasure in doing the forbidden.

Santorini is known for compact whitewashed houses built on a cliff overlooking a beautiful caldera, that set a good backdrop for a breath-taking sunset. Restaurants, souvenir shops that line up the alley, catamaran rides that give you the best of the Island like nothing else, luscious wines that demand to be tasted, lunch by the Amoudi bay that calls to be experienced, Santorini is for everyone who can’t keep their cameras to rest.

Culture, Architecture, and Bazaars of Turkey

Istanbul, this Turkish old city reflects the cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled it. Be it the iconic Hagia Sophia, a church once, then a mosque and now a museum that features a soaring 6th-century dome and rare Byzantine mosaics, Topkapi Palace which was the principal residence for generations of sultans and renowned for a large harem that it houses, Grand Bazaar that sells everything from Spices to the famed Turkish lamps, Basilica Cistern an underground church with exquisite Byzantine engineering that once fetched and stored drinking water from now Bulgaria to Istanbul, Bosphorus cruise that gives a good overview of the city’s palaces and mansions galore, Istanbul is a culturally strong city with impressive sights that can make culture vultures happy.

Pamukkale, a collection of bright blue tiny infinity pools amidst snow white landscapes are hot water travertine basins that attract tourists of all age and groups. They are found in Denizli, a small town in the south-west of Turkey and are a huge attraction with tourists of all age and groups alike.

Antalya, a Turkish resort city which finds harbors swamped with yachts and beaches with luxury hotels is an interesting city in the bags of every traveler’s Turkey visit. Be it pristine white waters of the Duden waterfalls, Hadrian’s gate built to honor the visit of the Roman emperor Hadrian or the 13th century 6-domed Yivliminare Mosque known for its 129-ft high minaret tower, Antalya is definitely a must visit Turkish city on your Turkey Greece tour.

Greece and Turkey Tours with Pickyourtrail

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