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25 Places to Visit in Koh Samui - Uncover the Tropical Gem in Thailand!

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Koh Samui, renowned for its breathtaking beaches, is more than just a tropical paradise. With our Thailand tour packages from India, this island destination becomes a gateway to a rich cultural experience. The temples immerse you in a spiritual journey, offering a close encounter with Thai traditions. Explore vibrant shopping streets, providing a perfect opportunity to engage with the locals and indulge in unique finds. Capture the beauty of cascading waterfalls through an extended photography session, while the zoo and marine parks ensure non-stop excitement for your children. Koh Samui's diverse attractions guarantee an endless list of places to explore during your visit.

We have compiled a list of the top 25 places to visit in Koh Samui for a vacation worth remembering:


Angthong National Marine Park

Angthong National Marine Park.jpeg

This famous tourist destination took its inspiration from the Alex Garland novel, “The Beach” and rose to fame when a movie based on the same novel starring Leonardo DiCaprio came out in 2000 with scenes from this place. Ang thong meaning “Golden Bassin” encompasses numerous spots offering opportunities for sightseeing, cave exploration, and watersports including Ko Phaluai, Ko Wua Ta Lap, Ko Mae Ko, Ko Hin Dap, Ko Sam Sao, Mu Ko, and Ko Phai Luak. At Mu Ko, you can try exploring the life underwater snorkelling under the sea and life on land in its majestic caves of which one such cave is the Bua Bok Cave. You can trek 500 metres up the viewpoint of Wua Ta Lap to enjoy panoramic views of the marine park. Do not miss out on kayaking at Ko Mae Ko where the famous movie was shot. 


Big Buddha Temple

Big Buddha Temple.jpeg

Featuring a 12-metre-tall statue of Buddha, the Big Buddha Temple is one of the highly sought-after spots in Koh Samui for its dumbfounding architecture. The sculpture shows Buddha sitting in a Mara position which is a symbol of purity, steadfastness, and enlightenment. Apart from this, the temple boasts various differently-sized statues of Buddha. It is a must to follow a proper dress code if you don’t want to be turned away by any of the monks in the temple. The temple opens its doors to tourists from 8 in the morning till 5 in the evening. 


Fishermans Village

Fishermans Village.jpeg

It's one of those places where you’ll love taking your buddies for a stroll. Housing unsophisticated and rural-type buildings, chic restaurants and boutique stores this spot makes for a memorable shopping experience. From local-style mojitos to souvenirs made from coconut, there is a plethora of items you can shop for. It is worth trying some of the beachside restaurants at the Fishermans Village which offer spectacular views of the sea and serve some delicious Thai cuisine. The main road filled with wooden shophouses looks even more beautiful during the evenings, decorated with red Chinese lanterns hanging up the streets.


Hin Ta And Hin Yai Rocks

Hin Ta And Hin Yai Rocks.jpeg

The funny reason why these two rocks got discovered and transformed into a highly visited spot is that they resemble the male and female genitalia. Ta means Grandpa and Yai means Grandma. The story behind this place involves an old couple by the name of Ta Kreng and Yai Riem who decided to sail to the neighbouring province to ask for the hand of Ta Monglai’s daughter but end up losing their lives due to a storm, turning into the two rocks we see today in Lamai Beach. The views from around the rock formations featuring constant waves and clear blue sky are a sight to behold.


Wat Plai Laem

Wat Plai Laem.jpeg

This famous Buddhist temple in Koh Samui features an 18-armed statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, known to protect sailors from danger. The Budai Buddha statue is known to give prosperity and joy. In the middle of the two statues stands the temple of a lotus flower. The temple features designs depicting Chinese and Thai traditions in its murals and sculptures. You can make a donation and buy fish food from the temple complex to feed the fish in the pond around the temple.


Na Muang Waterfalls

Na Muang Waterfalls.jpeg

This set of two cascading waterfalls set in a dense green jungle is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The first waterfall flows into a natural and calm pool where you a swim in the cold water while the second waterfall which is a 100-metre walk from the first one offers splendid views of the island. The waterfalls also called the Purple Waterfalls for the purple-shaded rocks beneath, are best to be visited during the wet months of September, October, and November.


Secret Buddha Garden

Secret Buddha Garden.jpeg

The Secret Buddha Garden also known as the ‘Magic’ Garden does spill some magic with its fascinating sculptures of gods and animals and its peaceful surroundings. Built by a Thai fruit farmer named Nim Thongsuk in 1976, this place today features some jaw-dropping stone work which attracts millions of visitors each year. In addition to the architecture, you’ll witness a small stream flowing through the garden which adds to the soothing aura of the place. The iconic ambience of this garden is worth the entry fee of 80 baht.


Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach.jpeg

Any trip to Koh Samui is incomplete without a visit to its iconic beaches of which Chaweng Beach is the talk of the town for its clear blue waters and sandy shores. The beach offers opportunities for watersports, rock climbing, trekking, and much more which makes it a top pick among tourists. Once you’re tired from your day, it's time to head to the spas near the beach to enjoy a soothing massage session. If a spa sounds like a costly affair, then a sunbath at the beach shore would be enough to keep you going throughout the day.


Laem Sor Pagoda

Laem Sor Pagoda.jpeg

This yellow-coloured temple located at the end of Bang Kao Beach is one of those places which is often left out of the itineraries of most tourists. A beautiful representation of Srivijaya art, the yellow-coloured tiles give a golden appearance under sunlight which is a sight worth witnessing. At the boat hall located at a walking distance from the Pagoda, you’ll find the wax figure of the monk who built the pagoda inside a small boat where people come to pray. The beachfront location makes it even more favourable to visit than other temples in the area. 


Lad Koh View Point

Lad Koh View Point.jpeg

We’re sure this view is about to amaze you. It's one of those places you share a video of which on social media and have people asking for its location. Offering serene views of the east coast of Koh Samui and the crystal clear sea, it is surely a must-visit for couples. Having no entry fee this spot can be visited any time of the year and makes sure you return with some pretty pictures for your gallery. Around the place, you may find several stalls and restaurants selling snacks and drinks.


Lamai Sunday Night Market

Lamai Sunday Night Market.jpeg

If you want to make the most of the nightlife in Koh Samui then you must consider visiting this lively market located on Lamai Road. From traditional handicrafts and colourful clothes to mouth-watering street food, this place has everything covered for a shopaholic. You can dig into some scrumptious Thai and European cuisine at the restaurants before heading for souvenir shopping. You can put your bargaining skills to work to make sure you get the best deal possible. In the middle of the market, you get to witness live performances which adds to the vibrant vibe of the market.


Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo

Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo.jpeg

After all the beachside spots and buzzing markets, we have got something which your children would love to get involved in. The aquarium section of the zoo features a diverse variety of aquatic life ranging from manta rays and sharks to whirlpools and catfish. Coming to the Tiger Zoo, here you can meet the Royal Bengal Tigers and Leopards and watch them play and move around in their surroundings. In the end, you can even get a picture clicked with the wild cats. Entry to this place costs 750 baht for adults and 450 baht for children.


Wat Sila Ngu Temple

Wat Sila Ngu Temple.jpeg

This red-coloured temple boasting 100-year-old architecture is yet to be on the bucket list of many tourists visiting Koh Samui. The intricate carvings on the interior and exterior of the temple are nothing lower than spell-bounding. This is another temple which is often ignored by tourists during their time in Koh Samui. The temple is quite small and would take you hardly 30 minutes to explore. The magnificent sculptures and picturesque views from the temple are something which will make you visit again for sure.


Khun Si Waterfall

Khun Si Waterfall.jpeg

It is one of those waterfalls for which you may have to go through a challenging trek but it is surely paid off by the charming views that the waterfall has on offer. The location is easy to find and can be tracked down on the GPS. You can take a swim in the water to beat the heat and at the same time appreciate the lush green surroundings. The waterfall is located in the middle of a calming setting of mountains and lush durian plantations which makes for a mind-rejuvenating experience. It is not advisable to go here in slippers as it gets slippery most of the time.


Wat Kiri Wong Karam

Wat Kiri Wong Karam.jpeg

This underrated place in Koh Samui guards the mummified body of a Buddhist monk, Loung Por Ruam which has been preserved in a glass case for around 30 years. What surprises us is that the body's still in decent condition. Due to this, Wat Kiri Wong Karam is a place of its kind setting itself apart from other temples in Koh Samui. Apart from this, the picturesque gardens and pathways make for a good long photo session. The temple opens daily for tourists to pay a visit. 


Lipa Noi Beach

The beach for the peace-loving, Lipa Noi Beach also known as Tong Yang Beach will surely amaze you with its white sandy shores. The shallow water and absence of rocks and corals make it extremely safe to swim for kids. The beach's proximity to fine resorts and restaurants serving delicious cuisines makes for a perfect holiday in Koh Samui. In addition to this, there are opportunities for riding sea scooters and sailing catamarans. The best thing about the beach is the opportunities for exploration nearby which include the Secret Buddha Garden, Dusit Dhewa, and Samui Elephant Kingdom


Wat Samret

Wat Samret.jpeg

This temple is known for its reclining Buddha statue and a Mandalay sitting Buddha statue which is carved with a single piece of marble. With more than 100 sculptures of Buddha in a single room, there is nothing more spiritual and photo-worthy than the Wat Samret.  You’ll be impressed by witnessing the monk gravestones which are another highlight of the temple. At the backside of the temple, you’ll find the forest of mouldering stupas. The temple opens its doors for tourists at 8 in the morning and closes at 8 in the night time.


Silver Beach

Silver Beach.jpeg

Located to the north of Lamai Beach, Silver Beach is another inclusion to the famous beaches list housing some hotels and resorts including the likes of Crystal Bay Yacht Club, Silver Beach Resort, and Crystal Bay Beach Resort. Not just staying at the resorts by the beach would be a great idea, but you can also indulge in watersports like snorkelling and kayaking and explore the beautiful sides of this tranquil beach. However, you should be cautious while being near the large granite rocks standing in the water. Once, you’re done exploring the marine life, you can lay down for a relaxing massage session under the palm trees.


Dusit Dhewa Samui Cultural Center

Dusit Dhewa Samui Cultural Center.jpeg

A visit to this centre offers a closer look into the Samui culture of Thailand. The centre features an ancient Thai house-like design housing a wide collection of Chinese-style statues of animals and deities. This place is pretty secluded from many of the tourist destinations so you can expect it to be less crowdy during your visit. Right from the entrance to the exit, you’ll witness fine pieces of architecture which are worthy of making a place in your photo gallery. The entry fee falls around 120 baht per person.


Buddhas Footprint Temple

Buddhas Footprint Temple.jpeg

To reach the temple you’ll have to climb 150 steps taking you across dense green vegetation. The path to the temple may be hard to navigate but reaching the location would be worthwhile. The temple features four footprints of Buddha engraved in a way that each one is on top of the other. Apart from being a thing among tourists, this location is pretty famous among the locals. The temple opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 6 in the evening. At the temple, visitors are expected to follow a proper dress code. 


Bang Kao Beach

Bang Kao Beach.jpeg

This beach located in Na Mueang is another beach which is the talk of the town among tourists. The setting of the beach features palm trees, rushing waves, and white sandy shores which make it a great location to sit and relax under the sun. The Path to the shore is stony so wearing proper footwear for the same is advisable. You will find cleaner and better-equipped parts of the beach along the hotels located by the shore. Apart from this, there are numerous opportunities for diving and exploring the vibrant coral reefs and varieties of fish. The beach can be visited any time of the day. 


Samui Elephant Sanctuary

Samui Elephant Sanctuary.jpeg

The Sanctuary features elephants rescued from exploitation practices like performing in circuses, street begging, and logging. The location provides these elephants with a safe atmosphere to roam around amidst some iconic views of the Gulf of Thailand and Koh Phangan. A visit to this sanctuary is a perfect opportunity to witness these gigantic yet calm animals interacting among themselves. The entry fee for this sanctuary is around 3,000 baht for adults and 1,500 baht for children.


Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach.jpeg

Since we’ve described enough spots near Lamai Beach, it's worth talking about the beach itself. Famous among tourists for its crystal clear waters and white sand, this beach is much more than just relaxing and appreciating its charm. You may consider trying your hands on some water activities at the beach. The best thing about the beach is its proximity to lively shopping places, restaurants, and bars that you can head to after a tiring day at the beach. At the beach, you’ll find many local vendors selling fruits, ice cream, and cold drinks. The waves for relatively calm as compared to other beaches which makes it an ideal option for children to have a swim.


Maenam Beach

Maenam Beach.jpeg

For those who’ll love a chill and luxurious experience by the beach, Maenam Beach is close to some plush hotels and bungalows which offer serene views of the sea through tall palm trees from their balconies. There is no doubt that this location is one of the best places to stay in Koh Samui followed by Chaweng, Plai Laem, and Lamai. Many people visit this beach for a walk by the water which is calm and hot during the day. Its proximity to shopping streets and opportunities for kite surfing makes it another ideal option for tourists visiting Koh Samui. 


Wat Khunaram

Wat Khunaram.jpeg

This temple in Koh Samui is famous for housing the “Mummy Monk”, Luang Pho Daeng who wanted his body to be put on display to remind the visitors how transient human life is. The mummy serves as an inspiration for the younger generation to follow the teachings of Buddha. The mummy kept in a glass case surrounded by incense sticks, flowers, and fruit offerings is one of the most interesting and unique places you’ll visit during your time in Koh Samui. The temple is open to the public during daylight hours and you must follow a proper dress code to enter the temple.

With such a long list of locations that Koh Samui encompasses, this place just can’t be left out of your itinerary. From temples and beaches to bustling markets and waterfalls, Koh Samui has everything on offer leaving no stone unturned in providing you with a dream of a vacation. Keeping in mind the host of underrated places in the district, it is worthwhile to add an extra day of exploration in Koh Samui on your next Thailand trip.

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