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40 Places to Visit in Krabi - Wonders Await in the Coastal Paradise of Thailand!

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Krabi, a province in southern Thailand, is known for its stunning limestone and its karst formations, as well as its pristine beaches, small islets, vast marshes, lush tropical forests, and rivers and canals that flow gently. Krabi’s economy generally revolves around agriculture and tourism. The gorgeous scenery and vast landscape of this region have done wonders for Krabi's tourism industry. People of all ages and genders, including families, kids, couples, and other groups, will find plenty to enjoy in Krabi, one of the best tourist destinations in Thailand. Situated near the equator, Krabi experiences consistent influence from monsoonal winds. Traveling during the wet season, spanning from June to October, can be challenging due to heavy rainfall. Conversely, the dry season, lasting from November to May, emerges as the optimal time to explore Krabi. Discover the must-visit destinations in Krabi with Thailand trip packages, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.


Wat Tham Suea

Wat Tham Suea.jpeg

Located in Kiriwong valley, Mueang Krabi district of Krabi, Wat Tham Suea Krabi temple is located 230 meters above sea level. This temple can be reached by taking a private vehicle from Krabi or Ao Nang. From the bottom, one needs to hike 1267 steps to reach the top. From the top, the view of the entire Krabi, the sunset and the large Golden Buddha makes this hike worth taking. It is said that in 1975, a monk while meditating spotted some tigers in this cave which led to the name of “Tiger Caves”.The Tiger Cave Temple nearby this temple is also a place that one should visit where you could see amazing stalactite formations inside, the statues of Buddha and Tigers and some monks meditating here. The challenging hike and the breathtaking view from the top make this place an amazing places to visit in Krabi. Just like every other Buddhist temple in Thailand, it is advised to follow the dress code while visiting the temple.


Railay Beach and Caves


Railay Beach and Caves, located between Krabi and Ao Nang, is a peninsula, contrary to popular belief, which holds that it is an island. The penetrating limestone rocks on the mainland make this region inaccessible via roadways; therefore, the best way to reach it is using ferries and boat routes. While the eastern region of Railay is known for its marshland and medium-budget resorts, the western side of Railay is famous for its luxurious resorts and caves. Towering limestone cliffs hanging over the waters of Railay Beach attract tourists every year. Moreover, rock climbing in Railey is considered one of the best in Asia. The adventure and thrill offered by Railay make it one of the top places to see in Krabi with friends. The annual International Fire and Rock competition in Railay is another key attraction here. Apart from rock climbing; scuba diving, kayaking and swimming can also be explored here.


Krabi Town

Krabi Town .jpeg

Krabi Town is one of the best places to visit in Krabi Thailand for first-timers. Newcomers could arrive in Krabi Town, familiarise themselves with the surroundings, and then begin to explore Thailand. Traveling along the Krabi River and strolling along the Mangrove Walkway are a couple of the top things to do in this area. You can also explore the Khao Khanap Nam Cave and its stalactite formations.  Visiting the Krabi night market and the iconic Krabi Crab Statue are other places that should be covered in Krabi. Additionally, Krabi Town has excellent connections to the other Krabi Province districts. Staying in Krabi Town and renting a scooter to get around is one of the cheapest ways to take the Krabi tour.


Klong Thom Hot Springs

Klong Thom Hot Springs.jpeg

Located within the premises of Khao Phra Bang Khram National Park, the Klong Thom Hot spring is one of the best places to go in Krabi with family. There is a short hike through the forest required to reach these hot springs. As soon as you arrive, you'll notice that the pools resemble enormous hot tubs. This pool gets its heat from a volcanic channel that is present underneath. Hot springs is thought to be a natural mineral source and that spending time there can treat body acne and other skin conditions. The recent opening of a few hotels in this area allowed for the streamlined stream of hot springs and the construction of an artificial pool just a few meters from the national park. It is advised to visit both the nearby park and the emerald pool because they are close to Thung Teo Natural Park.


Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

Located within the Khao Pra-Ban Kram Wildlife Sanctuary, this natural park, which is less than 3 kilometers in size, is one of the best places to see in Krabi. Although this natural park is home to dense tropical rainforests, rare birds and animals, hot springs, and caves, its Emerald Pool is its main draw. The Emerald Pool, also known as “Sa Morakot,"  is famous for its warm, crystalline water, which is surrounded by tall trees and chirping birds. It is believed that the pool receives water from a nearby geothermal spring. Though people are allowed to swim here, drinking this water is not recommended as it is carbonated. It is also said that the colour of water changes from grey to green depending on the position of the sun and sky. Apart from the pool, the small hot springs and the trek to reach these spots are worth a visit to this park. 


Shell Cemetery

Shell Cemetery.jpeg

Along the coast of Tale Ban Lam Pho in the province of Krabi, there are what appear to be substantial concrete slabs; however, these slabs are deposits of fossilized freshwater shells. This phenomenon can only be seen in three places on the planet, with Krabi being the largest. This place is one of the interesting places to go in Krabi if you’re passionate about geology or earth formation. The discovery of freshwater shell fossils along the coast has given rise to the theory that a tectonic shift caused seawater to intrude into this area, which was previously a freshwater lake. It is believed to have happened 75 million years ago, that’s why this place is also called the “75 million-year-old Shell Cemetry." There are also some small shops near the coast where you could buy shells and souvenirs. It is recommended to avoid this region during High tide as most of the slabs get submerged in the sea.


Khao Khanap Nam

Khao Khanap Nam.jpeg

Also referred to as the “symbol of Krabi,"  Khao Khanap Nam is one of the most picturesque locations in Krabi. The Krabi River separates two limestone peaks, giving us a perfect postcard picture. The limestone could be reached via boat services, where you could see the limestone caves consisting of paintings and some cave formations. The cave is an archaeological site, and you could find replicas of the findings placed at the cave. Further away from the Khao Khanap Nam, you’ll find the locals of Klang village, where you could explore the local museums and their traditional practices. It is also recommended to try out their dishes made from the local rice Khao Sang Yod. This location is one of the top places to see in Krabi because of the excitement of exploring the limestone caves and moving through the marshlands.


Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta .jpg

Every time we organize a trip to Thailand, we always talk about escaping our daily routine. Due to the effects of mass tourism, some people may now feel that Thailand is a little too crowded, and very few islands have managed to retain their original attractions. Compared to other Thailand tourist destinations, Koh Lanta is less crowded and more affordable. It's one of the top places to visit in Krabi Thailand for couples due to its isolation from the mainland and calmer atmosphere. You have the option of relaxing at the island's beaches or exploring the island by boat, diving, or kayaking along its coast and mangroves. But it's a much safer and quieter place to spend time with your loved ones. The southern region of the Lanta Islands is where popular tourist destinations like Khlong Chak Waterfall and Mai Kaew Caves are situated. A rented scooter could be used to get to the beaches and other tourist attractions in Lanta. Lanta island is also included in the well-known Krabi Four Island packages, which you shouldn't miss.


The Four Islands

Four Islands.jpeg

The Four Islands near Ao Nang are one of Krabi's most well-known and favoured tourist destinations. This is typically on your list whenever you plan an itinerary while in Krabi. The four connected islands—Chicken Island, Mohr Island, Tup Island, and Poda Island—are so close to one another that they can be visited in a single day. During low tide, you can see a sandbar connecting the Chicken, Mohr, and Tup islands. With perfect planning and tide analysis, you could witness the submergence and emergence of this bar from the top of Chicken Island. Hiking, scuba diving, and snorkelling are just a few of the activities that can be done here, making it one of the great places to see in Krabi with family and children. This location is so well-known that numerous tour companies have developed new itineraries for tourists to visit nearby islands, such as the "5 island package," "6 island package," "7 island package," and so forth.


Ao Nang

Ao Nang .jpg

One of the resort locations outside of Krabi is Ao Nang, which is located in the province of Krabi. Ao Nang is a top place to visit in Thailand and is home to nearly 80 islands. Rock climbing, hiking, island hopping, scuba diving, and snorkelling are some of the activities that can be used to explore the island. As they offer the best prices and a few good services, resorts in Ao Nang are another option. One of the main things you could do is go shopping in Ao Nang, where you can find souvenirs for less money, explore the spas and saloons, and get a good massage. Thanks to Ao Nang's first-rate transportation system, you can travel to many other Krabi regions from there. Additionally, virtually all of Krabi's Island-hopping services begin in Ao Nang. Ao Nang can be reached via bus or private vehicle from Krabi.


Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang Beach.jpg

Located between Railay East and Railay West, Phra Nang Cave is an amazing place to visit in Krabi. Blessed with crystal clear water and soft sandy beaches, this place is also famous for its limestone caves. You can find the phallus shrine in the most well-known cave, known locally as the Princess Caves or Phra Nang Cave. The locals worship this cave because they believe it will bring them luck and fertility. There are a lot of boats in this area because this location is frequently included in the well-known 4 Island tour package. Rock climbing is another activity that is well-known here in addition to swimming, snorkelling, and diving. One can hike in the nearby mountains to add adventure and difficulty to this and see the entire peninsula from Railay Viewpoint. If you're willing to go the extra mile, you might also be able to find a small doline nearby called Princes Lagoon.


Elephant Sanctuary Krabi

Elephant Sanctuary Krabi.jpeg

The Elephant Sanctuary Krabi is one of the best places to visit with family and children in Krabi. In Thailand, this park is well-known for its eco-tourism and ethical projects. Its mission is to rescue and rehabilitate elephants who have been subjected to cruelty such as logging, circuses, and begging. This is a must-see if you want to learn more about elephant behaviour in their natural habitat and how they communicate with their species and other humans. One could interact with elephants by preparing elephant food on their own, feeding, mud bathing, and swimming. You will also receive complimentary snacks and drinks. The sanctuary park provides free pick-up and drop-off services within Krabi province. It costs 2500 Thai baht for adults, 2000 baht for children aged 4 to 10, and free for infants under the age of four.


Wat Kaew Korawaram

Wat Kaew Korawaram.jpeg

Also referred to as Wat Kaew; Wat Kaew Korawaram is the largest temple in Krabi Province and is an interesting place to visit in Krabi. This Buddhist temple is quite different from other temples that you’ll find in this country. The temple is situated atop a hill and has a flight of stairs with rails made of long golden naga statues. The walls of the temple are painted white, and the roof is blue. Inside the temple, you’ll find the Buddha in the Bhumisparsha Mudra position and other Buddha relics with intricate wall paintings. The silent ambience surrounded by bright colours creates a peaceful atmosphere, so you’ll find people relaxing and meditating here. Also opposite the temple, you’ll find the Krabi Contemporary Art Museum, where you’ll find modern and contemporary paintings and other art forms. This can help if you're pressed for time but want to visit more well-known locations. Free admission is offered, but it is advised that visitors to the temple adhere to the dress code.


Ao Luk Mangroves and Caves

Ao Luk .jpeg

Because of the abundant natural shade provided by the Ao Luk Mangroves and Caves, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Krabi. Those who enjoy exploration and gentle adventure should visit this location. This area, which is home to two national parks, features dense mangroves, caves, temples, falls, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Long tail boats can be used to enter three caves. The Big Headed Ghost Cave, also known as Thom Phi Hua Toh, has paintings on its walls. After your hike, you can cool off in the small swimmable pond called Bok Khorani Pond located inside this marshland. This location is a naturalist's paradise that shouldn't be missed.


Than Bok Khorani

Than Bok Khorani.jpeg

One of the national parks in Krabi Provinces is Than Bok Khorani National Park, which was founded in 1998. It includes various regions on the mainland in the Ao Luek district, as well as many archipelagos in the Mueang Krabi district and its surroundings. The National park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. This ranges from small islets to large limestone rock formations, from lush tropical forests to mangrove swamps and so on. Some of the key attractions in the park include the emerald pool of Thung Teao Forest Park, Klong Thom Hot Springs, Hong Islands and so on. This location, which spans a sizable area of land, is one of the best places to visit in Krabi with friends because there is so much to discover there, from challenging trails in mountains to amazing snorkelling points on the coastal island.


Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail

Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail.jpg

If you enjoy going on challenging hikes with a few people and seeing the scenery from the best vantage point, this is the place for you. Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail also referred to as Dragon Crest Mountains, is one of the top attractions in Krabi among mountaineers. This location is well-known for its steep slope and natural trails, and climbing the slope requires moderate fitness. The breathtaking view of Krabi, with its limestone cliffs and pristine beaches, awaits you at the summit. The lack of crowds and shops sets it apart from its counterparts. It is recommended to carry enough water and snacks while climbing, as you will need some for energizing during the trek. One thing to remember is that to reach this spot, you need the help of a private vehicle.


Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang Beach.jpg

This beach by itself is a major tourist attraction in Krabi. This location serves as the starting point for many island-hopping excursions in Krabi. Since there is less shade and a lot of boats will be running around, swimming is not recommended at this beach in the evening. With a few quaint bars and eateries, the eastern side will be less crowded. Additionally, the nighttime festivities and light music create a thriving nightlife in this area. Sunset lovers shouldn't pass up the opportunity to see the sunset on Ao Nang Beach. Overall, whether you like it or not, visiting Ao Nang beach is mandatory when visiting Krabi, but you can decide whether to stay on the beach for some time.


Yung Island

Yung Island.jpeg

Located in the uninhabited region of Phi Phi Island, Yung Island or Mosquito island is home to a large limestone monolith and two white sandy beaches. This region is filled with notorious malaria-causing mosquitoes which lead to this name. Also, this region is home to some exotic marines thus making it suitable for diving and snorkelling. Just like every other region, this island was also heavily impacted by the 2004 Tsunami and lost a major part of its corals. That’s why disembarking on this island is strictly prohibited to allow the corals to recover. If you have planned for an island hopping tour in Southern Thailand then this island is one of the best places to visit in Krabi.


Krabi Weekend Night Market

Krabi Weekend Night Market.jpg

This is the location to be in if you want to buy some genuine Thai souvenirs at the best prices. In Krabi's Soi Maharaj 8, you can find the Krabi Weekend Night Market, also known as "The Walking Street of Krabi." This location is a must-visit place in Krabi because of the lively atmosphere, flavorful street foods, exciting live music, and vibrant nightlife. You can purchase a wide range of items here, including traditional Thai foods, clothing, handicrafts from the area, gadgets, and even electrical appliances. This can be a fantastic place to spend your weekend nights in Krabi because the market is open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Mor Island

Mor Island.jpeg

The well-known Four Island tourist package in the province of Krabi includes Koh Mor, also known as Mor Island, which is just a short distance from Ao Nang. Talay Waek is a sandbar that connects the island to Chicken Island and Mor Island. It is possible to walk across this sandbar to get to the other island; it is typically visible during low tide. Additionally, the warm water and soft sands make this location a fantastic diving and snorkelling location. The main draw of this tiny but stunning island is its soft, sun-kissed beaches and exceptional scenic beauty. Don't skip visiting this island; the Four Island Package is one of Krabi's top attractions.


Mu Koh Hong

Mu Koh Hong.jpeg

The largest of the Hong Islands, Mu Ko Hong, is a few meters north of Ao Nang. Although there are 15 islands in this group of islets, only a few of them can be reached via the beach. Hong Beach, or Pilae Beach, on Mu Ko Hong island is well-known for its crystal-clear waters and incredible snorkelling spots. However, the Hong Island Lagoon, which is in the centre of the island, is the main attraction here. The word "Hong" means room in Thai, thus the name. Although this can be reached by boat, it can occasionally be challenging to pass through during low tide. One of the few things that you shouldn't miss is the breathtaking view of the surrounding lime rocks and snorkelling in the lagoon. Pakiba Island, Lading Island, and Daeng Island are some of the other well-known tourist destinations that surround the main Hong Island. We are in awe of the limestone's ability to reflect the sunlight, and the clear water makes this a great place to visit in Krabi.


Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach.jpg

Monkey Beach, located on Tonsai Bay on Phi Phi Island's southwestern coast, offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of Thai city life. It is accessible by boat or kayak from Krabi or Phuket. Tourist agencies provide a variety of packages that people can choose from based on their availability. This island is well-known for its infamous monkeys, who are hungry for the food provided by tourists. Aside from that, this island is known for its crystal-clear waters. People come here all the time to snorkel and enjoy the marine life and the fish. If you want to enjoy snorkelling in a secluded area, this is a great place to visit in Krabi. Caution is advised when dealing with monkeys on this island, as their wild instincts may take over at times.


Koh Poda

Koh Poda .jpeg

Koh Poda, also known as Poda Island, can be found close to Krabi in southern Thailand. Like every other island in Thailand, Koh Poda is renowned for its stunning snorkelling locations, immaculate beaches, and crystal-clear waters. The island is uninhabited, so it won't feel as crowded as other tourist destinations in Thailand. Koh Poda is also included in the list of national parks in Thailand. Covering the island typically takes a half-day or a full day. From Krabi, it is simple to take a ferry to this location. The Krabi Four Island Package, which is offered by several travel agencies in Krabi, enables you to conveniently visit all four of Krabi's significant islands. They do have a resort there named Poda Island Resort, with limited electricity and internet access.


Yao Noi Island

Koh Yao Noi .jpg

The two largest islands in the Ko Yao archipelago are Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi. This island is a hidden gem in Thailand, located exactly in the middle of Phuket and Krabi. Despite being smaller than Koh Yao Yai, Koh Yao Noi has some of the most opulent resorts and cafes. The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters combine to make it an ideal location for snorkelling, diving, and swimming. If you want to get away from busy cities, this is one of the best places to visit in Krabi. Klong Jark Beach, Thakkao Beach, Pasai Beach, and Yao Beach are some of the most popular beaches on Yao Noi Island. The western side of Yao Noi Island is well developed with shops and resorts. The sunset view from here is also amazing.


Loh Samah Bay

Loh Samah Bay.jpeg

This bay, which is a part of the Phi Phi Islands, is typically included in almost all travel packages to the island. The bay is typically up to 20 meters deep, and long limestone rocks encircle it. Although the corals in this area have declined as a result of heavy tourism, marine life makes up for the vibrancy. Numerous colourful fish, birds, and insects can be found here. Because of this, snorkelling is highly advised in this area. Since this tour typically only lasts for a half-day, with better planning, we could visit more locations on Phi Phi island. It is possible to visit this must-see location in Thailand thanks to the island of Phi Phi's wide range of tourism options.


Bida Nai

Bida Nai.jpg

One of Phi Phi Island's smaller islands is Koh Bida Nai. You can take a boat or ferry to get there. The islands were once a small collection of corals, but due to tectonic activity, they are now large limestone rocks. One of Thailand's top locations for snorkelling and diving is this area. It is renowned for both reef diving and wall diving. In addition to being exceptional, marine life has a remarkable variety and abundance. Manta rays, Black Tip Reef sharks, turtles, and other small schools of fish are all visible. Some vibrant corals can be found on the Fantasy Reef, which is close to this island. Due to the strong currents close to this island, this location is only recommended for experienced divers.


Klong Muang Beach

Klong Muang Beach.jpg

This quiet beach in the province of Krabi on the mainland offers a respite from bustling city life. This beach, despite its location, has a tranquil atmosphere with a few palm trees, vibrant little bars and restaurants, and a few small boats. This place is one of the best places to visit in Krabi at a cheaper price. This area is ideal for swimming, diving, and snorkelling. You can purchase some fresh beverages, eat dinner at one of the nearby restaurants, and watch the magnificent sundown from this location. When the tide was low, you could walk far out into the water and occasionally get to the nearby monolith island. When the tide is high, swimming is possible. From here, you could also visit a nearby island, such as Hong Island.


Tup Island

Tup Island.jpg

Also known as Koh Tap, it is a part of the famous Four Island tourist package in Krabi province. The island is connected to Chicken Island and Mor Island via a sandbar called  Talay Waek. This sandbar is usually visible during low tide, and one could walk on it to reach the other island. Also, the soft sands along with the warm water make this spot an amazing diving and snorkelling point. The Four Island Package is one of the top attractions in Krabi, so don’t miss out on visiting this island.


Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island.jpg

In the northeastern part of Koh Phi Phi Don Island, we have a small heart-shaped island called Bamboo Island. Compared to other Phi Phi Islets, this island is smaller and flatter. It is devoid of those typical limestone caves that we will see in other Krabi Islands. The crystal clear water and sandy beaches are key attractions here. This island also offers one of the best snorkelling points in the Phi Phi archipelago and you might several colourful fish here, including the clownfish. Several travel agencies include Bamboo Island as a part of their island-hopping packages, so you could use that to save some money. Overall, the Bamboo Islands are must-visit places in Krabi, Thailand, if you want to explore the islets of Phi Phi.


Mu Ko Lanta National Park

Mu Ko Lanta National Park.jpeg

Also referred to locally as “the group of Lanta Islands," Mu Ko Lanta National Park is one of the largest national parks in southern Krabi province. The largest island in this collection is Lanta. The park is home to a variety of vegetation types, including beach forests, mangrove forests, and tropical rainforests. In addition to this, this area is home to a variety of forest life. The beaches, caves, mountains, and limestone cliffs of this national park are among the most popular tourist attractions in Krabi province. The Ko Taelbang and Mai Kaew caves, as well as the Koh Rok Islands, are a few of them. This park's small islands are renowned for having top-notch diving and snorkelling locations. It is suggested to visit this park during the dry season of November to May.


Koh Jum

Koh Jum.jpeg

Koh Jum is one of Krabi’s island-hopping destinations. This small island is located between Koh Lanta and Krabi town, and boats and ferries used to be the only way to communicate. This area is well known for its beaches as well as for its laid-back attitude and serene, tranquil environment. Because of its serene atmosphere, this place is a favourite among tourists who frequently visit Thailand. The Thailand tourism boom hasn't yet affected this island because it only got electricity in the late 2000s. Some of the places you should go here include the South Andaman Beaches, Loma Beach, Golden Pearl Beach, and Coconut Beach. With the development of a few resorts recently, this place can be an ideal place for couples to visit Krabi to enjoy some privacy.


Mai Kaew Cave

Mai Kaew Cave.jpeg

Located in the southern part of Koh Lanta island, this cave exploration is not for the faint-hearted. The cave can be reached by hiring a private vehicle from Ko Lanta Island. To reach the cave, one needs to walk through the jungle and cross the steep rocky slopes. Once you enter the cave, you need to explore further, where you’ll be able to see amazing speleothems formed within the dark cave. On this journey, you might run into spiders and bats as well. This is one of the more adventurous places to visit in Krabi as a couple. Keep in mind that this location calls for a moderate level of fitness because entering the cave may cause the oxygen level to drop. As the journey is dark, it is advised to purchase headlight equipment and carry some repellents. As it may be difficult to navigate the steep slopes at night, this location is ideal for day trips.


Khlong Chak Waterfall

Khlong Chak Waterfall.jpeg

In the centre of Southern Lanta Island, you’ll find a small seasonal waterfall which is one of the key places to visit in Krabi. More than the waterfall, it is the journey to reach the falls that should be experienced. The journey begins with a stroll across a stream, passing by some nearby hamlets, enjoying a nearby dam, and so forth.  Following that, this journey will take you through a variety of tropical forests, including some mangrove forests. Once you get to the falls, the water is so clear that it is well worth the trip. Do not hesitate to visit the well-known Khlong Chak Cave, where you might run into bats and spiders. Inside the cave, you can see the roots of large trees snaking along the rocks, which is a natural wonder that shouldn't be missed. It is advised to go for this trek during November and December as it gets dry in the high season. A guide is also advised because they can help you discover the trek's secret treasures.


Koh Phi Phi

koh phi phi.jpeg

Everyone would have pictured taking a vacation on a tropical island with pristine beaches, vibrant boats, and swaying palm trees. Visit the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand to find out that this fantasy is now a reality. A must-see destination in Thailand is Phi Phi Island, which is situated between the city of Phuket and the Strait of Malacca. Similar to James Bond Island, this island is famous because of the Hollywood film "The Beach," which stars Leonardo DiCaprio. The largest islands in the group of islands known as the Phi Phi islands are Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Leh. The Phi Phi Islands have seen an increase in tourist activity ever since they gained notoriety, and they are now one of  Krabi’s top tourist attractions.  Aside from swimming, snorkelling, and other water sports, the Phi Phi islands have plenty to explore, like Tonsai Bay, Maya Bay, the Viking Caves, the Bamboo Islands, and the Phi Phi National Park.


The Mud Crab Sculpture

One of the most important and major tourist attractions in Krabi Province is the Mud Crab Sculpture, found along the Krabi River. The statue consists of a mother crab and her baby. The statue symbolizes the ecosystem diversity of this region and reminds people to protect and conserve it. The nearby Oke Bird Monument was also built for the same reason. Apart from its cultural significance, this location is photogenic and offers a breathtaking view of Khao Khanap Nam. The Krabi Night Market is close by, and with careful planning, one could visit both spots.


Monkey Trail

Monkey Trail.jpg

In the south of Ao Nang, a small trail that connects Ao Nang to Pai Plong Beach is called the Monkey Trial. The name comes from the monkeys that can be seen playing on this pathway. The pathway is small, less than a kilometer, and it is not as challenging as other hiking points in Krabi. The journey starts with a small temple and a wooden bridge, after which the hike begins. You’ll find little monkeys sleeping, jumping over trees, playing, and fighting with each other. This is a beautiful place to visit in Krabi if you love nature and its wildlife. It is strongly advised against giving monkeys any food because doing so could make them aggressive. Last but not least, if a monkey bites you, seek medical attention right away. 


Tree Top Adventure Park

Tree Top Adventure Park.jpg

Ao Luek province is proud of its lush tropical rainforests and the thick mangroves it possesses. One such eco-tourism spot that is made from this thick canopy, which is surrounded by limestone cliffs, is Tree Top Adventure Park. It includes various activities like zip lines, gliders, giant Tarzan swings, rope walks, tree climbing, and many more. This place is a great place to be in Krabi if you love adventure and the thrill arising from it. They do provide basic training before the start, and each group is headed by a qualified guide to ensure the safety of the visitors.


Noppharat Thara Beach

Noppharat Thara Beach.jpeg

As the park's administrative center, Noppharat Thara Beach is a part of Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi. This park holds authority over both onshore and offshore regions within its boundaries. The beach is famous for its Noppharat pier where boats that are part of Krabi’s island-hopping tour embark. The tranquil atmosphere of white-sand beaches surrounded by tall coconut trees is a major tourist attraction in Krabi. Swimming, diving, and snorkelling all work well here.  At low tide, it was possible to walk across the sandbar and over to the opposing monolith island.


Ao Thalane

Ao Thalane.jpg

We are always faced with the decision of choosing an adventurous or sightseeing tour when we make travel plans. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do both at the same time? One such popular tourist attraction in Krabi where we could enjoy doing both is kayaking at Ao Thalane. Here, one needs to kayak along the mangrove forest and the limestone caves, and one will be awestruck by the natural beauty of this region. The highlight of this area is kayaking through the Ao Thalane canyon. Due to the lack of a public transportation connection in this area, the only way to get to Ao Thalane is by hiring a private car or renting a scooter. 


Wat Sai Thai

Wat Sai Thai.jpeg

This temple is famous for its giant reclining Buddha under the large limestone rock lying in the Mahaparinirvana state. The temple is at the start of the famous Karbi’s Love Road or Krabi-Ao Nang Highway; this spot is a place where you could stop and take a break. The other key attractions here include the giant bell and other small Buddha statues. This place can be an interesting place to visit while travelling towards Krabi or Ao Nang. Though entry is free, any offerings provided to the temple will be appreciated. It is advised to follow a certain dress code while visiting the temple.

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