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22 Top Things to Do in Koh Phangan: The Vibrant Full Moon Party Destination

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Koh Phangan is a gorgeous island with stunning views, jungle treks, and enough hidden jewels to keep you exploring for months. The island is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is bustling with spirit 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are many beautiful spots to visit in Koh Phangan, Thailand, but make sure to include this island on your list of the best things to do in Koh Phangan when planning your Thailand trip package from India.


Try Diving at Sail Rock

Without a doubt, Sail Rock is the best dive location in the Gulf of Thailand. The rock is about an hour's boat ride from Koh Phangan and is appropriate for all levels of divers. Manta rays, barracuda, and whale sharks are among the main attractions at this dive site.

Location: Sail Rock is located between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

Price: 2000–2500 Baht ($70–80 USD)


Dine lavishly on Thai cuisine at the Thong Sala Night Market

One of the best things to do in Koh Phangan is the Thong Sala Night Market, just because of the atmosphere there. Yet you don't go for that reason. The night market is a foodie's heaven, with everything from fresh falafel covered in hummus to steamy bowls of pad thai. In Thailand, there are several delectable delicacies to try, with marketplaces typically having the best selection.

Location: A taxi to Thong Sala costs $4 from Haad Rin.

Price: The cost for dinner and beer was 150 Baht ($5).


Play the Fun Game At Challenge Phangan

Ever watched Complete Wipeout on television and wished you could participate? You certainly can, as this is one of the best things to do on Koh Phangan. You will laugh out loud as you bounce, flip, and faceplant into the water on this water-based obstacle course. Gather your pals and have fun.

Location: Bantai, Koh Phangan, 90/22 Moo 1

Price: 15 Baht ($500).


Attend The Full Moon Party

One of the most popular activities in Koh Phangan The Full Moon Celebration draws the majority of visitors to Koh Phangan. Every month, the event attracts over 30,000 partygoers to Haad Rin Beach.

Wear UV paint, consume beer from a bucket, and party till dawn to get the whole experience. This is undoubtedly one of the trendiest activities in Thailand if you enjoy parties.

Location: The beach at Haad Rin

Price: The party is free, so simply set aside money for the amount of wine and paint you wish to purchase.


Go Hiking at Khao Ra

You did not imagine trekking on this party island, did you? This journey is certainly worth taking if you prepare thoughtfully and have everything you need to hike comfortably. It is a fairly easy hike. So you’ll not have a need for a guide, and the time taken to complete the hike depends on your pace.

The trail is well-kept, but the markings could be clearer. You may have confusion about which direction to go at a few intersections, but after moving forward around 100 meters, a sign will appear, and following that, you will reach the destination.

Location: In the island's north

Price: Free


Enjoy the Half Moon Party

If you won’t be able to make it for the Full Moon Party but still want some UV rave action, this is the best thing to do in Koh Phangan. The Half Moon Party features three music stages for psytrance, house, and hip-hop in a huge outdoor area. The party is much more understated than the Full Moon Party because it doesn't bring in major names and has a capacity of only about 4,000 people.

Location: North of Baan Tai, in the forest

Price: At the entrance, 1,500 Baht ($45).


Admire The Sunset From Secret Mountain

Secret Mountain is a neighborhood restaurant with unrivaled views that is perched atop a sloping slope. People frequently come here at noon to enjoy the food and drinks while relishing in the sunset. From up there, you can see spectacular views of the island and even the Ang Thong Islands emerge out of the water. At the end of the day, this is among the top things to do in Koh Phangan.

Location: Moo 2, 42/3 Baan Nai Suan.

Price: The pool costs 50 Baht ($1.50), while food and beverages cost 500 Baht ($15).


Spend Time in Ang Thong National Park

For people seeking adventure on their Thailand vacation, the top thing to do in Koh Phangan is to visit the Ang Thong National Park. The park is made up of massive green islands that tower over the lake. The park offers a very cool experience and contains hidden caves, which you can find using a kayak or just swimming.

Location: Between Koh Phangan and Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand 

Price: 1800 Baht per speedboat tour


Visit Paprika and Have Some Israeli Food

If you need a break from pad thai, Paprika boasts some of the best dining options on Koh Phangan Island. Israeli food may not be the first thing you want to eat when you arrive in Thailand. The portions are more than plenty, even for a large eater like me, and the food is affordable, fresh, and excellent. To have a unique experience on your vacation, definitely give this eatery a try.

Location: Moo 6 in Haad Rin

Price: 10 Baht ($3) for meals and beverages.


Tour the Island by kayak

Get a kayak and paddle boat from the shops on the shore to explore more on the tropical island. The majority of beaches offer kayak rentals, but before you sign up, find out how the local currents are.

The west coast waters from Wok Tum to Koh Ma are normally tranquil, with untouched, unexplored beaches to which you can kayak. Before setting out, always seek local advice and ensure your vehicle is outfitted with the essential safety equipment (life jacket, water, etc.)

Location: Any location, but a solid bet is from Wok Tum to Koh Ma

Cost: 150 Baht per hour ($5)


Stroll along Bottle Beach and have a great time

This beach was rated as the best in Koh Phangan by avid travelers, and you will know it when you see it. The long journey through the forest is well worth it once you reach it, but you will be very disappointed if you don't apply bug spray beforehand.

It takes around half an hour to get from Coconut Beach to Bottle Beach. Hiking along the beach is one of the most popular activities on Koh Phangan. 

Location: North Coast of the island

Price: Free


Learn Thai Cooking Skills

Imagine surprising your guests with mouth-watering Thai cuisine. Take up Thai cooking classes, it is one of the best things to do in Koh Phangan. There are so many short-duration cooking classes available on the island where the local women teach the guests. You'll learn to prepare traditional Thai dishes after visiting the organic farm where all of the items you'll be using were grown. The best part is that you get to do a lot of tastings as part of your learning.

Location: Meet in Thong Sala, Pantip Market

Price: $53 for a half-day course


The Yoga Retreat Detox

The Yoga Retreat is tucked away in the jungle and provides week-long to month-long retreats. You will spend hours meditating, practicing yoga, and eating vegan cuisine throughout your retreat. If you don't have time for a full retreat, the Yoga Retreat also provides drop-in yoga courses. For a relaxing vacation, the yoga retreat is the best thing to do in Koh Phangan.

Location: In the woods, 10 minutes from Haad Salad Beach

Price: 300 Baht/$9 for a drop-in class


Try On Milky Bay's Seafood Buffet

What better place to eat seafood than on a tropical island? With a pool overlooking the sea and a location on the edge of a white sand beach, this is the epitome of eating with a view. Milky Bay, one of the best restaurants on Koh Phangan Island, is ideal for relaxing and eating in the lovely sunshine.

Location: Baan Tai 

Price: 500 Baht/$15 for meals and beverages


Enjoy Snorkeling at Mae Haad Beach

Snorkeling is unquestionably one of the most popular activities in Koh Phangan. The water around the island is alive with activity, and lucky snorkelers will have the opportunity to see tropical fish, coral, rays, and other marine animals.

Location: On the North Coast Price: 100 baht/$3 per hour


Take A Koh Tao Sightseeing Tour

Think you've seen everything there is to see and do in Koh Phangan? Take a boat to the neighboring island of Koh Tao (Turtle Island). Although Koh Tao is smaller and quieter than Koh Phangan, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. Koh Tao is also a terrific place to relax.

Scuba diving on Koh Tao is world-class, and PADI certifications are reasonably priced. If you enjoy diving, this is one of the best things to do in Koh Phangan.

Location: To the north of Koh Phangan.

Price: The cost is 400 Baht ($12)


Don't Miss Deli Devi's Delicious Chocolate Tea

You should try their incredible cashew-nut cheese variety! They take classes on cheese making at home, and you can participate in this fun activity on Koh Phangan. 

Location: Koh Phangan District, Surat Thani, Thailand

Price: $297 for the Cheese Making  Masterclass 


Ride Around The Island By Atv

Being a jungly, mountainous island, Koh Phangan is especially fascinating to explore by ATV. This is a unique and best activity on Koh Phangan and a fantastic way to see the island.

The thrilling journey is enjoyable for all skill levels. Drive down off-road dirt roads, stop at breathtaking lookouts to take in the ocean, and take in the verdant vegetation. The excursion includes a guide, supplies, water, and insurance.


Enjoy SUP Rides On Crystal-Clear Waters

Stand-up paddleboards can be rented in a variety of locations on Koh Phangan. Some beachfront eateries even offer free SUP time on particular days. Paddling on the beautiful waters is one of the best things to do in Koh Phangan


Take A Bath In The Falls

Getting sick of the lovely sea? There are so many wonderful cascading waterfalls on Koh Phangan. The special and must-visit waterfalls in Koh Phangan are Paradise Falls, Phaeng Falls, and Than Sadet, and these are significant to the Thai people as the inscriptions of King Rama VI remain on the rocks there.


Take A Break In The Baan Tai Herbal Sauna

You can sweat for an hour or two in the herbal sauna to remove all the toxins and rejuvenate yourself on your Thailand vacation. For those who desire a little more pampering, they also provide massages here.

While most people believe that the best things to do in Koh Phangan include some form of partying, the island actually has a ton of relaxing activities and is a well-liked location for retreats.

Location: Baan Tai, Wat Pho Temple

Price: $3 or 100 Baht

Landing in Thailand for the first time is an unforgettable experience. The moment you step out of Bangkok's airport, you are immersed in a cacophony of color and noise. Koh Phangan gives some relief from the capital's nonstop bustle. 

Koh Phangan is alive with energy, yet it also offers tranquil nooks where you can get away from it all for a while. It combines serenity and exhilaration with natural beauty and adventure opportunities. It's a surreal location that you'll have to discover for yourself to truly appreciate.

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