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Things to Buy on Your Bali Vacation

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting

We have listed amazing 13 things to shop in Bali, a list of things to buy as the perfect souvenir to bring back from an awesome trip.

Bali is a beautiful destination, famous for its stunning beaches, unique culture, and vibrant nightlife. With so much to see and do, it can be hard to decide what to buy in Bali. Bali is a great destination for shopping, with a wide variety of shops and markets selling everything from beachwear and souvenirs to high-end designer items. Whether you’re looking for unique local handicrafts, fashionable clothing, or luxury items, you’ll find them in Bali.


Milk Pie or Pie Susu

This iconic snack is a must-have! Balinese milk pies are available in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, cheese, almond, and others. However, the original flavor is the best. Either the souvenir set or the individual single packaging is available for purchase. You can bring it home without worrying because it keeps for approximately a month in the refrigerator making it one of the best buys in Bali. Since it is so widely available, almost every supermarket, gift shop, and traditional market sells this item.


Kopi Kintamani (Kintamani Coffee)

Bali, as one of Indonesia's largest coffee growers, has a wide variety of coffee beans that are not available elsewhere. Coffee from Kintamani is one of them. Kintamani coffee, which bears the name of the stunning mountain range in Northern Bali, has a flavor that is slightly acidic and citrusy. They are raised in fields of citrus. Enjoy this coffee while taking in the mountain views at Kintamani coffee cafes, or if you are wondering what to buy in Bali, purchase the beans to share with other coffee enthusiasts at home.

Price per 200g: Rp55,000–100,000


Batik Bali

Indonesian classic batik, right here! Batik is Bali's national apparel, and each Indonesian area has its own batik themes and fabrics. The traditional Balinese batik attire, the batik kebaya for women, or contemporary batik blouses, skirts, and headpieces are all options. The Singo Barong pattern is a true Balinese batik design. With a grin and pointed teeth, the barong head design is depicted in this motif. According to Javanese legend, Singo Barong is a mythical animal and the king of the jungle. In traditional marketplaces or retailers, you can buy batik clothing and fabrics. The Ubud Art Market (Pasar Seni Ubud) has a huge assortment of Batik and traditional Balinese clothing, so it is highly recommended to visit there!

Price: Rp100,000–400,000


Arak Bali

Bali is renowned for its wine and other alcoholic beverages. Brown rice or fermented coconut juice are the two ingredients used to make arak in Bali. This is made in a fairly traditional manner, using materials found nearby. Dewi Sri, an iconic brand of Arak Bali produced since 1968, is available in gift stores and duty-free areas of airports. If you are thinking about what to buy in Bali, this would be a better choice.

Price per bottle (600 ml): Rp25,000–40,000


Rotan Bag or Tas Rotan

You've probably seen a lot of tourists and residents sporting this lovely bag. Natural abaca (palm) strands are used to make the wooden substance known as rattan. It is braided into a ring-shaped bag and hand-painted with floral and shell designs, one of Bali’s best things to buy. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and hues. Rattan bags are available in Sukawati Art Market and Kumbasari Art Market, in addition to gift shops and street vendors.

Price: Rp100,000 to 400,000


Homemade Balinese Soap

Miss the soothing aroma of the flowers in your hotel and resort? Then get some of these natural soaps before you return home. They are created using a variety of flower extracts, including frangipani, honey, coconut, and others. Natural elements native to Bali, leave your skin moisturized and supple. Bath salt, bath bombs, moisturizers, oils, and more variations are available. You'll therefore be reminded of your incredible trip to Bali every time you take a bath!

Price range: Rp9,000 ~ 12,000


Balinese Chocolate

Sweet tooth, this one is for you! One of the best things to buy in Bali for people of all ages is Balinese chocolate. It frequently blends with fruity flavors like strawberry, citrus, and matcha. The intense dark chocolate flavor might make them fairly bitter, but it has a lovely finish that prevents them from becoming overly sweet. Bali even has a Chocolate Village where you can visit and experience the chocolate crop and production process.

Price range: 50–80g for Rp 30,000–70,000


Jewelry by Celuk Art Village

Jewelry is a common choice for souvenirs everywhere and the best thing to buy in Bali. However, Bali is home to many silversmiths who are quite tribal and traditional Balinese and have been creating exquisite pieces for decades. Here, the intricate design work is done to an exceptional level by the goldsmiths and blacksmiths.

To find some of the greatest deals, go to the Celuk Art Village, which is renowned for creating silver jewelry sets with precious and semi-precious stones. From basic bracelets and earrings to intricate pendants, rings, and armbands, you can find it all here! Check out the lovely town of Celuk's Balinese Silver Jewelry Class Program, which we heartily recommend. It's a wonderful chance to explore your creative side while discovering the delicate craft of crafting Balinese silver jewelry.


Spa Essentials

Bring a small piece of the Balinese spa experience home, whether it is an essential oil vial, incense sticks, aromatherapy massage oils, or organic soaps. Tropical floral aromas like frangipani and jasmine are present in several BodyShop locations and other Southeast Asian spa resorts. However, the spicy boreh body scrub from Bali and the Indonesian herbal Jammu are both very different. Spa essentials are one of Bali’s must-buy things.

Where to Buy: The majority of Bali's notable standalone and in-resort spas sell their spa supplies.


Dream Catchers

The ultimate boho souvenir to bring home from your budget trip to Bali is a dream catcher. These striking talismans have been a mainstay of Bali's retail sector since the 1960s and are suggested as some of the loveliest things to buy in Bali. It is woven with webs, feathers, and beads and is another locally made product. Use the most stunning dream catchers to decorate the inside of your house. In Bali's markets, you may easily locate local vendors selling wonderful dream catchers if you want to purchase them. Local shops in Bali are the best places to shop.


Balinese Sambal

Sambal is one of the best buys in Bali. The main ingredients in Balinese sauce are spices and herbs, which give food a deliciously spicy flavor If you like spicy food, Bali surely has something to sate your appetite. You should bring some Balinese sambal home. It is exclusive to courageous folks who prefer keeping things heated, unlike any other Bali memento. Balinese sambal comes in a variety of tastes, with sambal in Bangkok being the most well-known. In addition, roa sauce, prawn chili paste, and chili onion paste are all equally hot sauces.


Spices and Herbs

The secret to the flavors and aromas of indigenous Indonesian and Balinese cuisine is the use of exotic herbs and spices that are cultivated in the beautiful tropical climate of the islands. Actually, because of the spice trade, colonists fought over the islands in the Indonesian archipelago for centuries. Fortunately, fighting over chili has no place in the modern world. With the many spices supplied in handy packets from contemporary supermarkets and conventional markets, you can bring some of that heat home, and will be Bali’s best buy. Even ready-made sambal dips are offered in portable, fresh bottles.

Almost all of Bali's morning markets and supermarkets are excellent places to shop.

The price range begins at Rp 5,000


Wood Furniture

Balinese woodcarvers can produce such intricate sculptures, therefore, it only makes sense that they can also produce far simpler but no less lovely wooden utensils and home goods. Coasters, placemats, reed baskets of various sizes, and bowls and spoons made from jackfruit wood, teakwood roots, or coconut shells are among the items available. They are all available in bright rainbow designs or in single colors. Shopping options include gift shops, art galleries, and home goods businesses. This is one of the best buys in Bali.

A cheap woven fruit basket starts at Rp 150,000

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

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