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Bali Travel Guide: The Ultimate Guide For A First Time Visitor

The Island of Dreams; the little-known path to paradise
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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

About Bali

Have you ever dreamt of visiting an island that has it all— stunning beaches, lush greenery, amazing food, and friendly locals? If so, Bali is a beautiful paradise to visit. Every part of this land is deeply rooted with rich culture and tradition. This Indonesian island has something for everyone, and is a great destination for a relaxing vacation or an adventurous getaway. If you have some dream places to visit in Bali, you can customize your Bali trip package.

Bali is an Indonesian island located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Bali is 5780 km wide and features more than 10,000 temples and over 85 islands. It is one of the country's 33 provinces with the provincial capital at Denpasar towards the south of the island. Given its stunning natural surroundings and exotic beaches, the island draws up to 7 million foreign visitors each year.

Bali is a cultural melting pot, influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism. This makes for a fascinating cultural experience, to gain an insight about different religions and traditions. Every temple in Bali, whether it is the sea temple of Tanah Lot, the beautiful Besakih temple, or the enchanting Uluwatu temple, demonstrates the strong Balinese cultural influence. Bali's culture is unique and fascinating, and it is definitely worth experiencing.

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It is no wonder that this Indonesian gem is a beautiful island paradise, giving spectacular natural beauty with a calm way of life. The place is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. From the world-famous Kuta Beach to the secluded Lombok beaches, the beaches in Bali are simply breathtaking to witness. With its stunning scenery, vibrant culture, and exciting attractions, Bali is an unforgettable destination that should never be missed. 

Come to Bali and have the time of your life. From exhilarating Mount Batur hiking to exploring the Monkey Forest, Bali is a hub to endless fun and entertainment. There is so much to do here, from surfing and scuba diving to exploring ancient temples and hiking through stunning rice terraces. And of course, don't forget about the amazing food and nightlife. With so many mouth watering cuisines to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for a relaxed vacation or an action-packed adventure, Bali has something for everyone. Last but not least, the people of Bali is incredibly friendly and welcoming. It's great if you are planning for a Bali family vacation!

Getting Around Bali

Public Transport

Traveling in bus is the best way to get around Bali. The tickets are cheaper and they are more reliable. It's a great choice if you're planning for cheap Bali packages. One of the popular bus service providers is Perama. They operate between all of the popular destinations in Bali and it is advised to book one day well in advance.

Taxi & Airport transfer

The most popular taxi service provider in Bali is Blue Bird Taxi. The cars are modern and they come with well-trained, decent English speaking drivers. For instant rides and advance bookings, call the company directly. Airport transfers are also offered by Blue Bird Taxis. Additionally, there is an air-conditioned bus service called Trans Sarbagita which helps in airport transfer.

Transport & city passes

Transport passes are the effective way to get around Bali at a cheaper price. The popular shuttle-service provider of Kura-Kura offers two types of passes: Kura Kura trip ticket and Kura Kura day pass. Based on your frequency of travel, you can choose between any of the two.

Driving & Car rental

Renting a car or a motorbike also allows you to explore Bali at your own pace. They are comparatively expensive than public transportation. And it is important to keep in mind the road rules and safety measures pertaining to Bali. Traffic in Bali is considered to be unpleasant and hence it will be wise to plan each day accordingly. Alternatively, you can hire a driver while renting the car.

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What to Eat & Drink in Bali

Following the indigenous traditions, the Balinese Cuisine uses a lot of spices, fresh vegetables, meat, and fish. Though highly influenced by the Indonesian regional cuisine along with the Indian and the Chinese, the culinary traditions in Bali is a bit different from the rest of Indonesia.

Bebuk Betutu: Side Dishes are served in small portions before serving Nasi Padang, with rice prepared in different ways.

Mie Goreng: A spicy thin fried noodle dish with a combination of ingredients.

Arak: Balinese liquor made by distilling coconut palm wine, or wine made with black rice and coconut milk.

Teh Panas: A refreshing tea that is taken sans milk. Ask for the special ginger infused tea!

Pisang Goreng: Plantains covered in batter and fried deeply - consumed as an all time snack in Indonesia.

Bali Guling: Also known as suckling pig, it is stuffed of a spicy mix containing coriander seeds, lemongrass, pepper and garlic, and is roasted.

Balinese wine: A wine made from home-grown grapes in Bali - rose, red and white are popular varieties.

Kopi Bali: Finest of Indonesian coffee brewed to perfection. Great for when you need a caffeine hit. 

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Bali Travel Wisdom

Culture & Etiquette

Bali over the years has become a popular destination for travellers.Most places in Bali such as resorts and beaches do not have a strict dress code. Bali has predominantly a mix of Hindu and Muslim culture, that demands that visitors dress modestly in and around the temples and cultural centres. If you are dressed in shorts when visiting these places, ensure you carry a sarong or get one nearby.A namaste or greeting with folded hands is a most respectful way to greet people in Bali.

Major events & Public Holidays

The Bali Arts Festival is held in June, a must visit for the culture lovers for its performances and parades. Yet another festival you may catch a glimpse of in June and July is the Bali Kite Festival. Bali's most important festival is Galingan in April that will give a peek into their rituals.

Road rules and driving license

Indonesia follows left-hand side driving. Travellers require an International Driving License or a local Indonesian temporary license called SIM. While you can rent vehicles in Bali, the traffic conditions may not be very easy to drive in. Helmets are a must-have when riding two wheelers. If you are renting a two wheeler, remember that the Balinese don't like to honk! Check if your rental vehicle has been insured. While renting cars is possible, it is hassle free to rent a vehicle with a driver.

Know your Indonesian

Balinese and Indonesian are the languages spoken in Bali by the locals there. Owing to the wide expatriate and tourist community in Bali, the locals are quite comfortable with English which leaves no language barrier. Fun fact: Don't be surprised if are welcomed with ' Hey mate' as every year 600.000 to 700.000 Australians visit Bali as it's a popular tourist location among them! 

Welcome - Selamat Datang

Hello - Halo

Sorry - Maaf

Thank You - Terima kasih

How its going? - Bagaimana hal itu terjadi?

See you again - Sampai jumpa lagi

Bali Survival Guide


  • The power sockets in Bali are of Type C and Type F.
  • The appliances used in India will require a power plug adapter for these socket types.
  • The voltage here is 220 volts at 50 Hz and it is the same as that we have in India

Sim & Data Roaming

  • When traveling to Bali, it is best suggested to bring an unlocked phone which is not bound to a single carrier.
  • The major operators in Bali are Telkomsel (Simpati), Indosat, and XL.
  • Get the Indosat Prepaid SIM Package at IDR 45.000 with 10 GB LTE Data Package.

Cash & Cards

  • The local currency used in Bali is Indonesian Rupiah.
  • A single meal cost for a person will be around 25500.00 Rp which is close to Rs 150
  • Rp. 10, 000 - Rp. 50, 000 are sufficient for your daily transactions which includes your meal & other personal expenses
  • We’d advise you to carry USDs while travelling to Bali. On reaching the Bali airport, you can exchange the USDs to IDRs.

Health & Insurance

  • Although Insurance is not mandatory for Bali, it is advisable to carry one.
    While Bali has many clinics, the public hospitals are available only in regions like Denpasar, Kuta, Ubud, Nusa Dua and Seminyak.
  • If purchasing medicines, prefer the Kimia Farma chain as they have fair prices and reliable stock.
  • It is recommended you carry sunblock, wide brimmed hats and shades while stepping out in the sun. If you want to avoid the sun, avoid the beaches between 10 am and 2 pm - it is hottest then.
  • Fair warning, there are many mosquitos in Bali. Protect yourself against them by carrying mosquito repellant.
  • If you are bringing a sizeable amount of medicines, carry a doctor's certificate to avoid problems with the Customs.

Emergency Contacts in Bali

Embassy of India in Bali

Jl. Raya Puputan No.163, Renon, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80235, Indonesia

Ph no: +62-361-259502, Email:

Police: 112, Ambulance: 118, Fire department: 113

Top Bali Attractions
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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
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