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United Kingdom - A one-stop destination

Be it the pulsating city of London or the castle-filled Edinburg or the neoclassical Bath, UK is one of the most diverse places you'll ever come across. Thanks to its rich diversity, UK is a popular tourist destination and receives a huge influx of travellers from all around the world. The culture, the charm, and the monuments add flavour to a destination which has so much history to offer. A birthplace of Shakespeare and the Beatles & some of the internationally famous personalities, the fascinating history on offer and the influence that the UK has on the world is huge and can't be neglected. What about the beaches? Do they even exist? Yes, it does. Owing to the innumerable list of things to do, beaches in the UK are often overlooked. Take a closer look and you will start hunting for a UK beach package.

Getting closer to the beaches of UK

Finding the right beach to visit in the UK can be a huge task which is why our travel experts have handpicked the best of beaches to head to when you are in the country. If your idea of a perfect beach starts with a clean, litter-free ground, then start with the Bournemouth beach. Offering splendid views of the Isle of Wight and Swanage, Bournemouth is a great place to spend your family picnic, barbecue in the open, and play games. Travel further up the north to Scotland to find a hidden gem of a beach, Luskentyre. White sands and turquoise waters of the beach come alive with the changing colours of the sky. Get in there early to make the most of the sunshine. Green cliffs, amazing views, and a steep path all add up to create a fascinating coastline which is Rhossili Bay. Make sure to pack a picnic to enjoy your beach vacation to the UK to the fullest.

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