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Written by Yoheswari Devaraj on November 16, 2022 Share on

Explore 10 Best Places to Spot Glow Worms in New Zealand!

Planning a trip to New Zealand? Include the glow worms on your list of things to do. With their alluring blue-green glow, they leave a spectacle that you would have never seen before. As they move around looking for food, they create a carpet of starry lights within caves or around the dark trees, so much so that they create an alternate universe. Here are 10 Best Places to Spot Glow Worms in New Zealand.

Where are the glow worms caves in new zealand

1. Te Anau Glow worm Caves

Cruise through Lake Te Anau before entering underground through the narrow passageways, whirlpools, underground waterfalls and into the glow worm grotto. The small boat glides through the caves during the day or night, allowing visitors to view the spectacular sparkling ceiling. The display is nothing short of ordinary.