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10 Best Restaurants To Try Out In Siem Reap

Drop-in at one of these 10 fabulous restaurants in Siem Reap, the tourist city of Cambodia, to encounter an unprecedented culinary encounter. This rundown includes an intriguing scope of eateries that are similarly famous with local people and developing several vacationers to this area.

10 Best Restaurants You Must Try In Siem Reap

1. Chi Restaurant and Bar 

best restaurants in Siem Reap
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Step into Chi Restaurant and Bar, and you genuinely feel like you’ve stepped into a fantasy feeling of a romantic setup. The cleaned-out pastel stylistic theme distinguishes the eatery from other Siem Reap restaurants because of its mouth-watering burger joints. Their nourishment doesn’t frustrate either. If we somehow managed to try out their curried sheep, which is very much cooked, and there are sufficient sheep pieces enough two bellies. 

Where is it? National Road no. 6, Khum Svay Dangkum, Khum Svaydangkum, Siem Reap-17252
When to go? 6 AM – 10 PM 
What’s best there? Crab cake, curried sheep

2. Wild Restaurant 

Wild Restaurant is perhaps the best restaurant in Siem Reap because it ticks off everything on our rundown of what we search for, preferably in a drive-through joint: getting our hands messy. The spot is notable for serving flavorful contributions of 13 sorts of rolls. It likewise has practical experience in Khmer food. In case you’re searching for a reliable other option, you can attempt Amok, a brilliant blend of new waterway fish and coconut cream. 

Where is it? Wat Damnak Road, Siem Reap 17000 
When to go? 5 PM – 11 PM 
What’s best there? Spring roll, duck roll

3. Rina’s Khmer Kitchen 

best restaurants in Siem Reap
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Is it true that you are wanting for chicken tacos? You’ve gone to the ideal spot. Also, remember to request the backups, their mint embellishment will send you straight into paradise. Rina’s Khmer Kitchen opened up as of late, however in a limited capacity to focus time, it has developed to be a topmost loved with local people and the sightseers the same. What makes it perhaps the best Restaurants in Siem Reap is its cutting edge take on Khmer food. 

Where is it? 0396, Wat Damnak, Siem Reap, Cambodia 
When to go? 7 AM – 10 PM 
What’s best there? Best for Khmer curry, chicken tacos

4. Bavaria Restaurant and Bar 

Great pizza places are far and not many are located in and around the Sarai Resort. Concealed in a corner on Salakamreuk road, Bavaria Restaurant and Bar is a pizza darling’s heaven. The pizzas here are slim outside and accessible in sizes of 8, 12, 14, and 16 inches. They have a full exhibit of garnishes going from mushrooms to blue cheddar. Aside from pizzas, Bavaria Restaurant is additionally eminent for offering modest nourishment in Siem Reap, without settling on the flavour of its dishes. 

Where is it? Salakamreuk Road, Opposite Sarai Resort, Siem Reap 17251
When to go? 3 PM – 10:30 PM 
What’s best there? Noodles and rice, goulash soup, pasta 

5. Damnak Lounge 

best restaurants in Siem Reap
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Damnak Lounge is the best decision to encounter top-notch food in Siem Reap. Having tried different things with a full cluster of cooking styles, the Restaurants is by and large broadly celebrated for investigating limits past Siem Reap. Their interpretation of Japanese cooking is the best blessing to the food business. They’ve carried striking advancements to typical dishes like the fish cake. Regardless of whether it is their banana in coconut syrup in sago or energy natural product dessert, your taste buds are in for a treat. 

Where is it? 6, Kruos Village,1st level of Lotus Blanc Resort, Siem Reap 17259 
When to go? 6 PM – 11 PM
What’s best there? Fishcake, banana in coconut syrup in sago

6. New Fruit Factory 

We energetically suggest eating flapjacks with mango and enthusiasm natural products at Fresh Fruit Factory, one of the best Siem Reap neighbourhood restaurants. Since its commencement a couple of years prior, this restaurant has been effective in offering great organic food to the occupants of Siem Reap. Their moderately evaluated smoothie bowls are a hit with wellness monstrosities. Their menu isn’t just unique yet additionally incredibly inventive. 

Where is it? 155, Taphul Road, Siem Reap 
When to go? 11 AM – 7 PM 
What’s best there? French toast, flapjacks with mango and enthusiasm organic product

7. Sita Sousdey 

In case you’re searching for acceptable eateries in Siem Reap, look no farther than Sita Sousdey. The dishes here are absolutely terrific, made new with quality fixings. We propose you to attempt their fish curry or chicken curry. In case you’re in the state of mind to explore, attempt their mark singed rice. We wager that you won’t have the option to stop yourself at the second or even the third serving. 

Where is it? Next to the drug store on Taphul Road, Siem Reap 
When to go? 11 AM – 10:30 PM
What’s best there? Fried rice, fish curry, chicken curry 

8. Le Bistrot De Philippe’s 

best restaurants in Siem Reap
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Representing considerable authority in high-end food in Siem Reap, Le Bistrot De Philippe’s is a comfortable, private eatery that will make you go gaga for past European cooking once more. Arranged on Makara Street, it is spread across two stories. Jazz music floating through the air and delicious nourishment on your plate, what more would you be able to perhaps need? We propose you begin your feast with some flavorful tartare. Make sure to leave some space for dessert, their chocolate marquise is beyond words. 

Where is it?  Makara Street, Apple Microfinance, Siem Reap 17254
When to go? 6 PM – 12 AM 
What’s best there? Tartare, chocolate marquise

9. Le Bel Air 

Le Bel Air shouts old-world beguile with a fascinating turn. Decide on the fantastic chocolate mousse and rosti potatoes. You are for sure spoilt for a decision here, particularly with regards to their exceptional scope of mixed drinks and mocktails. Their selection of fixings and flavours work couple consummately and never baffle. Every one of these reasons makes Le Bel Air one of the most notable eateries in Siem Reap. 

Where is it? Street 26 House 116, Wat Bo zone, Siem Reap 
When to go? 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM 
What’s best there? Chocolate mousse, rosti potatoes 

10. The Christa Restaurant and Bar 

The Christa Restaurant and Bar is a shrouded diamond, no uncertainty. Also, the menu here (which changes with the season), will leave you spoilt for decision. You should attempt their wanton spring rolls and cheeseburger. If cheap food doesn’t energize you, let their magnificent beverages do something amazing. There’s something for everybody here. We additionally recommend you to attempt their throughout the day breakfast menu, it is apparently fantastic. 

Where is it? Rambutan Lane, Behind Art Center Night Market, Siem Reap
When to go? 11 AM – 10:30 PM 
What’s best there? Spring rolls, cheeseburger 

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