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beaches in cambodia
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Best Beaches In Cambodia- Soak In The Fun Under The Sun

Cambodia is known for its cultural legacy, and ancient temples, the beauty of the best beaches in Cambodia come as a great astonishment. While numerous travellers give these beautiful beaches a miss for different attractions in their schedule, the untamed coastline of Cambodia has some shrouded diamonds of picture-perfect beaches. If you are searching for a private beach, at that point, head to Coral Beach, which is a private beach having lodges, lounges accessible for lease. Other than this, the top beaches in Cambodia are Serendipity Beach and Koh Thmei Beach. 

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a beautiful and varied destination choice. Surrounded by Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia is overflowing with antiquated destroys and energizing urban areas. Cambodia is home to many great beach destinations along the Gulf of Thailand. In case you’re planning a vacation to Cambodia, remember to relax yourselves at any of these beaches. It is home to stretches of clean coastlines, picture-perfect tropical islands and white sand lapped by a greenish-blue sea. Here are the ten most delightful seashores in Cambodia. However, be forewarned, when you show up here, you may never need to leave.

Here is a portion of the Cambodia beaches, flooding with tranquillity and extravagance.

Best Beaches in Cambodia

Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville 

Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville
Source: Unsplash

Sihanoukville region is home to all the best beach resorts in Cambodia. On the eastern side, there is Serendipity Beach, while it is the operational hub of Cambodia beaches and Beaches. You won’t discover a lot of harmonies here, nor is it the cleanest of the beaches. In any case, if you are searching or looking out for a beach party that you are searching for, Serendipity beaches are among the best Sihanoukville beaches to be after twilight. There are plenty of bars and eateries that set up seats at their front to appreciate the pink sky during nightfall. As obscurity descends, the music begins playing, and beverages start streaming, and the celebrations go on till the early morning. Good fortune is maybe the most mainstream Sihanoukville Cambodia beach.

Otres Beach, Sihanoukville 

Otres Beach sunset view
Source: Unsplash

There are two Otres beaches– beach one and beach two. The first is busier than the second. In any case, the two are a lot calmer and sleeker options in contrast to the wild environment of Serendipity or Ocheteaul beaches, with much better Cambodia extravagance beach resorts and places for windsurfing, kayaking, plunging, and other fun exercises. 

Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Samloem 

lazy beach in cambodia
Source: Unsplash

Koh Thmei Beach, Ream National Park 

Koh Thmei is a little, uninhabited, immaculate mangrove island beach in the Ream National Park region. The piece of the beach directly close to the pontoon dock is a store of banging and sparkling shells abandoned by the high tide. The Koh Thmei Beach is the most perfect one of Cambodia’s sea beaches and islands. 

View of Koh Thmei Beach
Source: Unsplash

Southwestern Beach, Koh Rong Island 

Koh Rong Island has a bunch of Cambodia beach resorts where you can rest in the white sand and wash in the sun or sprinkle around in the gem blue water. The beach located on the southwest is one of the top beaches in Cambodia here, fixed with palm trees and delicate waves slurping up the five kilometres stretch of sands. Swimming is well known here. The Long Set beach, Sok San beach, and Lonely beach are the other getaway goals in Koh Rong, all with beautiful comparative perspectives, however each with their own one of kind vibes.

beaches in cambodia
Source:l Unsplash

Long Beach, Koh Rong

As Cambodia’s largest island, Koh Rong will leave you awe-struck grabbing all your attention. With many travellers making a beeline for Koh Rong, your peace on the shore is guaranteed, because of the island’s 28 seashores. The Long Beach, without a doubt one of its best, four-mile stretch of blindingly white sand that crunches underneath your feet flanked by delightfully clear waters. It is absolute tropical heaven with many beach resorts alongside.

Coral Beach, Koh Ta Kiev

Coral Beach in cambodia
Image Source: Google Images

Koh Ta Kyiv remains the ideal nearly an unsullied heaven, with palms, delicately floating breeze, forlorn shore having few fishing boats on the shore. This is the most fantasised beach location one always wishes to go and relax. Coral Beach is the most beautiful, where you can grab some food and drinks and chill under the sun. The views make exchanging your life for candid. Also, no worries, as you have a WiFi here for all your social needs.

Sabay Beach, Kampot

Alright, So Sabay Beach isn’t technically a beach, yet it’s such a beautiful place, that we would not like to miss it off the list. Also, there’s a makeshift beach at the resort that lines a little stretch of the river, with sunbeds, tables and seats, so we’re not so much cheating here. Since 2017, Sabay Beach has become a famous spot to take in the quiet riverside life that is only around one mile away along the Kampot River. Take a boat trip through the mangroves, go paddle-boarding, take a plunge in the waterway or unwind on the “shore” and appreciate the views.

Victory Beach

The tip of the peninsula on the Gulf of Thailand is the home to Sihanoukville, the well-known beach destination in the nation. While Sihanoukville is home to a few beaches, the best one is the Victory Beach. You will also see the Sihanoukville Port, where boats travel frequently giving you a beautiful sight. The fine white sand and palm trees are pleasing. If you need to grab food on the beach itself, there are a few fish dishes ton try. No doubt, the Victory Beach is an incredible one.

This beach is one of a diamond as it is peaceful with constrained settlement choices and just nature encompassing you. With less impedance of man, this beach is a paradise for the individuals who long for tranquillity and need to invest energy in comfort. Make sure you make a visit to at least one these beaches on your next Vacation to Cambodia and grab the best deal with Pickyourtrail.

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