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Do not miss out on these 8 best things to do in Cambodia!

Cambodia, also known as the ‘Land of the Khmers’ after the Khmer dynasty that ruled in Cambodia for many years before it was taken over during the Cambodian- Vietnamese war is now ruled by Hun Sen of the Cambodian People’s Party. Regions like Siem Reap and the capital city of Phnom Penh are a reflection of the Cambodian culture and the most visited regions in Cambodia by tourists. Be it culture, nightlife, shopping or beaches, Cambodia has it all.

With a core of the population following the religion of Buddhism, Cambodians have a warm aura around them and greet people respectfully. Home to the world’s largest temple, the Angkor Wat, is the most visited location in Cambodia, and not to mention Tonle Sap which is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia also draws the attention of the visitors. Intrigued already? Read on to find out the best things to do on your vacation to Cambodia.

Visit the Temples

Cambodia is undoubtedly the cultural homeland and not visiting its temples would be an injustice to the country! The most renowned temple, the Angkor Wat is a must-visit if you are a culture buff and the grandeur of this temple is sure to steal your heart. Apart from the Angkor Wat, there are a number of other temples to look out for like the Neak Pean Temple and the Bayon temple. Each of these temples has its own significance and adds to the beauty of the Cambodian culture.

Angkor Wat Temple
Image source: Unsplash

Embark on a river cruise

If you are a game for some hard-core exploration, the river cruises at Siem Reap are your calling. The river cruise can either be a day trip or can also involve an overnight stay. Cruise through the picturesque region of Siem Reap and take in the scent of the local Cambodian culture. Although Cambodia can also be visited via land or on a tuk-tuk ride, the river cruise is the best option if you are someone who loves out of the box travel.

Beaches and Nightlife

Nightlife in Cambodia is rather unknown but you are in for a treat if you love bar hopping. Pub street in Cambodia definitely deserves a mention for the late-night shows and amazing parties. Savour the local Cambodian nightlife as you do some bar hopping and don’t forget to show some love to the beaches as they are emerging as tourist hotspots. Spend a day at leisure and unwind at the beaches of Cambodia.

Bar hopping in Cambodia
Image source: Google Images

Shop till you drop

Shopping in Cambodia can be an experience that is one of a kind. Although any tourist would always take home a souvenir or two, Cambodia’s shopping hubs will compel you to fill up your shopping bags to the brim! Handicrafts, silk paintings, stone carvings with embellishments, recycled handmade bags, and whatnot. Visit the Central Market or get ready to be treated to some late-night street shopping at Cambodia’s Night Market and experience the local cuisines at one of the Cambodian restaurants. Make sure you keep some quality time aside for shopping and it is definitely something you will not regret.

Cambodia Night Market
Image source: Google Images

Apsara Dance Show

If you are a drama junkie, the Apsara Dance performance is a must-see that takes place especially in Thomeanon Temple and also in various theatres across Siem Reap and the Angkor region. Each of the dance performances depicts a special story specific to the culture and history of Cambodia. Dressed in the traditional attire of silk clothing and headgears in addition to jewellery, the Apsara dance performance is sure to leave you awestruck!

Apsara Dance Performance
Image source: Google Images

Unwind at a Spa

Cambodian spas are the best places to unwind after that fun-filled vacation. Relax at one of the local spas and get a fish spa or a Khmer massage done. The fish spa is a treatment that is in trend and you definitely would not want to miss out on the Khmer massage, although it may not be as effective as a Thai massage, it is still worth the time and money spent and works wonders in providing much-needed relief to your muscles.

Hot air Balloon ride

Siem Reap as a region can be explored via road on a tuk-tuk ride or also in another unique way on a hot air balloon. As you fly high above the Angkor region, brace yourselves to get mesmerized by the beauty that the World Heritage Site holds. The ride takes off exactly during sunrise or sunset and you are sure to enjoy the view even more on the ride. But make sure you book for it as early as possible as the slots get filled up in a jiffy!

Cambodian Cuisine

What’s a vacation without trying out the local cuisine? Do not leave Cambodia without tasting the food of the Khmers. If you are a lover of seafood and Chinese flavours, the Cambodian cuisine is sure to steal your heart. The Fish Amok, Lap Khmer, Khmer red curry and the Green Mango salad are dishes to look out for. Hop onto a local restaurant in the night market and savour the delicious meal all at affordable prices.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Cambodia will be between the months of December to early March since the temperatures will be ideal for outdoor activities and sight-seeing. The transition of the winter season to the spring season will also mark the beginning of various Cambodian festivals which will make it the ideal time to visit.

Reasons outnumbered for you to start planning your vacation to Cambodia. Need help in kickstarting your plans? Worry not, we at Pickyourtrail cannot wait to help in planning your Cambodia travel package. Log onto for further details and do not hesitate to step into our office to discuss your vacation plans in great detail. Until then, start planning and happy travelling!

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