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best villas in negambo
Written by Nigilesh on May 31, 2020 Share on

10 Best Villas In Negombo

Negambo is a beautiful village located near the capital city, a 40 mins drive away from Colombo. Negambo lagoon is one of the famous estuary lagoon visited by travellers around the world. If you want to enjoy your Sri Lankan vacation in a relaxing manner then you sure have to spend some time in this place. The major part of the tourist attraction in this place is its beaches and they are known for the cleanliness.

Watersports do happen in most of the beaches in the place like most other beach destinations. You can get yourself trained in diving and windsurfing in the schools available. In this article, we list down the top places for you to accommodate yourself in this beautiful place of Negambo.

10 Best Villas In Negombo

In terms of accommodation, this place pretty much has everything from the small boutique hotels to villas, simple hostels to 5-star hotels. The connectivity among the other major parts of Sri Lanka won’t be a concern. Staying in a well-maintained villa in Negombo can elevate the experience. Keeping all this in mind, we have come up with the list of best villas in Negombo, each one of this is handpicked by our destination experts.

  • Paradise Villa and Hostel Negombo
  • Yoho The Blue Pearl Family Cottage
  • Villa Hundira
  • Daisy Villa
  • Greenbanks
  • Puneevilla
  • Riverine Villa
  • Beach House ‘Sea 64’ Negombo
  • Fishermen Lagoon Villa
  • Lakshmi Family Villa

1. Paradise Villa and Hostel Negombo

This is situated in Negombo’s prime location. It is very close to the St. Mary’s Church, 1.4 Kms away from the Villa. It has both villas and Hostels as well. Since this place has accommodations for all budget ranges, this is well-known by the travellers and the locals. It offers a very well maintained garden, has free Wifi- whihc is a common sight nowadays. This place has a three-bedroom villa with a functional kitchen for family vacationers.

2. Yoho The Blue Pearl Family Cottage

The famous Negombo lagoon is just 7 Kms away from this wonderful family accommodation. This is one of the famous ones out there. It pretty much has everything a family would ask for. Starting off from free wifi to a lounge area at sharing basis. You do have a playground for children’s to spend some time. All this might seem very normal but what sets this accommodation apart from the other ones in this place is the price.

3. Villa Hundira

Ave Maria Convent church
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Want a pool to relax while staying in the villa? Villa Hundira is where you should be headed to. It has an outdoor pool that offers some great place for the guests. This again has all the basic amenities like free wifi and a garden. The popular attractions within the close proximity to this place are Ave Maria Convent, Angurukaramuula Temple, St. Anthony’s Church. Connections between the Villa and the Colombo international airport and the Negombo Railway station is good enough.


Sri Lanka Package Starting @ ₹14,562


4. Daisy Villa

sri lanka villas
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This is another villa that is located in the 7Km radius from the international Airport. Daisy villa has modern two-bedroom accommodations with all the basic amenities and facilities in a proper villa. This place is known for its excellent hospitality, but for people who don’t know about this place can stay here only because of the nearby attractions. The marque attraction nearby this place are Dutch Fort, Maris Stella College, St Anthony’s Church, Negombo Beach Park and Ave Maria Convent.

5. Greenbanks

This is located one of the marque zones in the Beautify city. This is located close to the, so that the attractions like St Anthony’s Church, St. Mary’s Church, Angurukaramulla, Maris Stella College are pretty close to this villas as well. The uniqueness of this accommodation is that it has villas with private pools. It is close to the airport as well, 6 kms drive away. In terms of amenities, you have pretty much every basic amenities

6. Puneevilla

Sri lanka vilas
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Puneevilla is located at a distance of 12Kms drive away from Negombo. This place has a beautiful garden and thus offers a garden view room category. You have the best of amenities you can get in the wholes of Negombo. The villa has a living room with seating arrangements and a functional kitchen with a fridge and a microwave oven. Guests are allowed to use the terrace as well.

7. Riverine Villa

Riverine Villa
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The Riverine villa is the closest villa to the Bandaranaike International Airport. Just 2kms from the airport. And most of the attraction in this place is in close proximity to this place. You can enjoy a comfortable stay while you are Negombo. Nearby attractions: Maris Stella College, Negombo General Hospital, Ave Maria Convent, Negombo Lagoon.


Sri Lanka Package Starting @ ₹14,562


8. Beach House ‘Sea 64’ Negombo

It is located on the beachside of Negombo. Just a 5 mins walk away from the beach, Beach House ‘Sea 64’ Negombo. Most of the important attractions near this place are in the walkable distance. This more of home kind of accommodation yet has all the basic amenities as the previous ones. This has a free private parking space which is not the case in a few villas from the list. All these things make this accommodation a perfect one to stay relaxed.

9. Fishermen Lagoon Villa

Fisherman Lagoon villa is one of the coolest places you can stay around Negombo. Features like free bikes to roam around, barbeque facilities and the garden along with a play area for kids makes it one of the best accommodations one can get in this place. In addition to this, it houses an indoor private pool. You can easily spend a day or two here if you have ample time to cover the rest of the places.

10. Lakshmi Family Villa

Staying at Lakshmi Family Villa gives you the opportunity to enjoy countless walks to the beach as the villa is just 14 minutes walk away. You can have plenty of other perks like hairdryer, bathroom with bidet, dining area, kitchen and you can also order Asian food from the kitchen. Within the budget, you will get the feel of a luxury stay.

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