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10 places for Indians to go without a Visa

Ever wanted to just pack your bags and go someplace? Bags and Air-tickets ready but a frustrating Visa Application to the country came in the way? We understand. Here are 10 countries you could plan your travel around without the hassles of VISA. Just remember to send us a note when you decide where you want to go.

1. Bhutan

Image credit – kingofwallpapers

Raise your ‘happiness quotient’ in the happiest country in the world! What you can do here: take in the beauty of the Himalayas and discover peace amidst the rolling mountains, lush greenery and flowing streams. Looking to go, look no further than us! 

Best Time to Go: Mar-May and Sept-Nov

2. Dominica

Image credit – centralcoastdivecenter

We set you searching on the map for Dominica? Hidden away among the Caribbean islands is the small nation-island of Dominica. Plenty of must-do’s for the adventurer in you – explore the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, hike to the Boiling Lake and Trafalgar Falls.

Best Time to Go: October to January

3. Fiji

Fiji villa on the beach
Image credit – travelchannel

White sandy beaches, pristine oceans and more than 300 islands to explore. Snorkel, dive, surf, kayak, white-water raft, all the adventurous activities you want to try out in one place – Fiji. On one side, Fiji is laid back with its beaches and peaceful islands. On the other side, check out Nadi, Fiji’s town that is full of action, enticing shopping and great dining too. Welcome to Fiji, ‘Bula!’ as the locals would say!

Best time to go: July to September

 4. Indonesia


Indonesia is where culture meets adventure. The South-East Asian nation has not one, but 17000 islands and more than 200 different languages spoken. Not to mention the variety in its cuisine. Volcanoes and jungles, Dragons and elephants, there’s plenty to experience in this country. And when you are tired of adventure, relax and watch a traditional puppetry show. Where to go within Indonesia? Bali is a great choice to start with.. allow us to help you. We are pretty much Bali experts.

Best time to go: May to September

5. Jamaica

Usain Bolt in Jamaica
Image credit – atlantablackstar

Think Jamaica, think Usain Bolt. Not a sporty person are you? Then think Bob Marley. Jamaica is all heart and soul, full of life. You could be snorkeling one day, rafting another and partying on the white sand beaches of Long Bay Island. Fancy some horseback riding or some golf? Jamaica has that too. So what are you waiting for? Get packing!

Best Time to Go: September to December

6. Maldives

Image credit – virginholidays

The Maldives might make you wonder, for days together, if the sky is bluer than the waters or vice versa. You might lose yourself in these sparkling blue waters for days. The tropical island set in the Indian Ocean is paradise for nature lovers, its many coral atolls are a great place to see the vivid ocean life. Not to mention, the many under-sea experiences you will discover there – restaurants and even spas! Get packing and we will do the rest!

Best Time to Go: November to April

7. Mauritius

waterfall-1341161_1920Mark Twain wrote – Mauritius was copied after heaven. Need we say more?

Best time to go: May to December

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline

So is this the image of Hong Kong you had in mind? There’s more to the city than skyscrapers and buzzing city life. Get to know that atleast 3/4th of Hong Kong is rural – yes! Scenic hills, parks, wooded area and coastline too! Ask VEHO, this guy knows it all about HongKong!

Best time to go: All year around

9. Macau

Macau, China

Macau is casinos and nightlife, yes. But there’s great architecture, blend of interesting cuisines and lots more to look out for here! Check it out. After all, no Visa!

Best Time to Go: October to December

10. Seychelles

ocean-466174_1920James Bond might have been born here. Not literally, but his maker Ian Fleming was inspired by Seychelles for some of his stories. Another reason to visit – uncovering a treasure of the famous pirate Olivier Levasseur that still remains hidden!

Best time to Go:  April to November

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