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10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria To Visit For a Soothing Experience

It’s impossible to replace Austria’s lakes, which are set against the magnificent landscape of the snowcapped Alps. Austria boasts some of Europe’s purest, cloudiest waters. When it comes to lakes and bodies of water, Austria is particularly charming, especially during the summer months. As the weather heats up, lakes become popular spots for swimming, diving, and a variety of other activities.

Most of Austria’s lakes freeze over during the winter, creating wonderlands ideal for ice skating beneath the stars. As the snow begins to fall, snowshoers and cross-country skiers may still enjoy the natural regions and mountains around the lakes, which are popular with hikers throughout the summer.

Either you’re in search for a lake or for a  sailing or canoeing , or a place to walk in the magnificent alpine surrounds, this selection of the finest lakes in Austria will help you discover the right spot.

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria

  • Mondsee
  • Achensee
  • Lake Hallstatt
  • Traunsee
  • Zellersee
  • Plansee
  • Weissensee
  • Grunersee
  • Faakersee
  • Millstatter see

1. Mondsee

image credits: unsplash

This 11-kilometer long clear blue lake, located right near Salzburg, offers a wide range of water sports. This lake is the ultimate of beautiful splendor, complete with a charming lakeside town. It makes for ideal Austrian lake holidays, allowing guests to escape the stress of their often hectic lives. Known for its warm water, swimming here would give you a relaxing experience. It is also a popular wedding location.

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2. Achensee

image credits: Unsplash

One of the largest lakes in Austria, Achensee must be a part of this list. This breathtaking lake is based right at the base of a mountain. The nearby Bärenkopf mountain has excellent hiking routes that lead to the peak, where you may enjoy panoramic views of the lake. The beauty and transparency of the sea, though, are what make it such a unique and extraordinary destination.

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3. Lake Hallstatt

Lake Hallstatt
image credits: unsplash

Hallstatt Lake’s beautiful and peaceful waters, with a maximum depth of 125 meters, are ideal for swimming, scuba diving, and boating. Visitors can go kayaking or canoeing here, but they can also take ferry excursions in antique wooden boats or join an exploration tour. Get the best view of this lake by taking a fun hike in the mountains surrounding this beautiful lake. 

4. Traunsee

image credits: unsplash

One of Austria’s deepest lakes, Traunsee, makes itself a perfect spot for diving, and not just that, It has the ideal wind for windsurfing as well as sailing. In addition, the mountains around the lake are perfect for climbing. The coastlines are also home to extensive flowery meadows, charming market towns, and small villages such as Traunkirchen, Altmünster, and Ebensee. Many ferries cross the lake to connect the several settlements along the lake’s shore.

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5. Zellersee

image credits: unsplash

Visit this lake during the wintertime for some ice-skating and visit this lake during non-wintertime for windsurfing, sailing, and kitesurfing. You will not find any polluting engines running around this pretty lake. Instead, you will find electric boats that are safer for our planet. In addition, numerous mountain streams nourish this lake, keeping the water pure throughout the summer. The lake is called after the neighboring town of Zell am See, home to a gorgeous 16th-century castle and a tremendous Romanesque church.

6. Plansee

image credits: pixabay

Ever knew that you could see 49 feet into the water without actually diving into it? Well, the water in Plansee is so clear that this is possible. There are scenic trails for joggers and cyclists. If you love the outdoors, Plansee is a must-see for you! This lake is also pretty huge, located in the Tyrol region of Austria and connected via canal to Heiterwang, another lake, making it a famous spot for boating. 

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7. Weissensee

image credits: pixabay

Also in our most beautiful lakes of Austria list is the Weissensee, otherwise known as the white lake, located in the Gailtal Alps. A popular location during both summer as well as winter. The lake frequently freezes over, converting into a beautiful ice rink. Weissensee is also a pollution-free lake, attracting a variety of fauna. 

8. Grunersee

image credits: pixabay

Exhibiting a lively green color, the Grunersee, which translates to ‘Green Lake,’ is located just outside Tragöß. Grunersee gets its supply of fresh cool water from the melted snow of the Karst Mountains. The water is so clear that the grass and vegetation beneath the lake show a glowing green through. The lake may not be suitable for sporting activities due to its small size and delicate ecology. However, when divers arrive, they are greeted by underwater bridges, plants, and even a seat, consumed by the rising waters. 

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9. Faakersee

image credits: pixabay

You may have been drinking water all your life, but drinking the fresh, clean water of Faakersee will not leave your memory. The most pristine Austrian lake is known to be Faakersee, with drinking water. You may rest by the lake, bathe in the sun, or go for a swim for a nominal charge. It attends events such as the annual European Bike Week, the continent’s largest motorcycle gathering. Fishing is another favorite winter activity, as is ice skating.

10. Millstatter see

Millstatter see
image credits: pixabay

The Nock Mountains and the Drava Valley, and the Wood Hochgosch area to the south are located in Austria’s Carinthia region, recognized for their magnificent terrain. The view is just stunning! This lake is a famous destination for Austrian lake vacations. Because the mountains shield the lake from chilly winter winds, the water temperature is warm enough for swimming throughout the summer.

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