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10 Natural Phenomena that will WOW you!

Despite the advancement in science and technology, certain phenomena prove that nature is the ultimate winner. Take a glimpse at a few of these unexplained wonders of nature that are beyond one’s imagination. Getting here isn’t a thing of dreams when Pickyourtrail is here!

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA

The Smoky Mountains are home to at least 19 species of fireflies, of which only one possesses the unique ability to synchronise their flashing light patterns. Watch these brilliant flies as they put up a show in the dark.

Getting there: You can set up a camp, or check into a hotel in either the town of Tennesse or North Carolina, and spend your days exploring the Great Smoky Mountains’ scenic overlooks, sights and 800 miles of trails accessible via the park’s 270 miles of roadways.

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Danxia Landform, China

Danxia Landform in China comprises vibrant multi-coloured mountains, valleys, hills, and cliffs.The unique blend of colours of the rocks is the result of red sandstone and minerals deposited over 24 million years. This land of colours will offer a unique experience to its visitors.

Getting there: The Danxia national park is located close to the city of Zhangye, about 30 minutes west by car, in northwestern China’s Gansu Province. Upon reaching, tours and sightseeing trips are available.

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Northern Lights, Norway

The Northern Lights offer an enticing, magical display of colours in the night sky. This is caused when charged particles from sun strike the atoms and molecule in Earth’s atmosphere inducing them to light up. The experience can be truly awe inspiring. For more, check our post on 5 Best Places to view the Northern Lights.

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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, in south west Bolivia is the world’s largest salt flat. This vast reflecting land of bright salt is the remains of a prehistoric lake that later dried up to form the World’s largest mirror. Unlike any other place on earth, the Salar de Uyuni is breathtakingly beautiful and provides an enthralling experience. This place will leave you gazing in awe!

Getting there: You can hop on a tour to the Salar de Uyuni from several locations. Two primary ones are from Tupiza and the town of Uyuni in Bolivia. There are dozens of tour agents offering this trip from Uyuni.

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Thor’s well, USA

This is a deep hole found in the rocks of Oregon coastline that are very mysterious. Initially the waves crash in from above, the hole fills up, only to deliver it back in a surge about 20 m high, seconds later. The water then overflows before being taken up again. The entire process is dramatic, you can watch it all happen from a distance.

Getting there: Thor’s Well can be accessed from the north side of Cook’s Chasm, a drive along the interstate and later cutting across the state.

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Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier is the most appealing place in Alaska, attracting thousands of visitors every year to see its vast frozen tract. The cave offers enchanting sights when viewed from inside. Explore this cave to see for yourself.

Getting there: The primary way to get this close to the glacier is by water. You can either rent kayaks and paddle yourself in or take the guided canoe tour.

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The bio-luminescent waves of Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

The shores of Vaadhoo Island in Maldives is a place of fantasy, with its waves sparkling with blue light at night. The glowing waves is a result of bio luminescence, a natural phenomena that seems surreal. Walking along this “Sea of Stars” will be an amazing experience.

Getting there: The place is accessible from the Male Airport and offers spectacular views round the year.

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Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

Giant’s Causeway is the most famous set of basalt columns in the world. Around 40,000 basalt columns have decked up in a unique fashion to form steps along the ocean like a staircase reaching out to the waves. You can go on a walking trail to view some stunning seascapes.

Getting there: There are two ways to approach the Giant’s Causeway. It can be reached directly by road, either on foot or using the seasonal Ulsterbus service. A longer circular walk follows the cliff path to Shepherd’s Steps and back via the Giants Causeway.

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The Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves attraction is a cave at Waitomo on the North Island of New Zealand. The place is known for the high density of glowworms – Arachnocampa Luminosa which are exclusive to New Zealand. Watch this sight in admiration when you explore this beautiful cave. Here are other sights that will take your breath away in New Zealand.

Getting there: Cave tours are available, including activities like black water rafting and canyoning.

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Sailing Rocks, Death Valley, USA

In Death Valley National Park, heavy stones appear to move across the dried lake bed called Racetrack Playa, leaving a trail behind them. This movement of rocks without human intervention remained a mystery until it was found to be result of a natural phenomenon where the rocks are said to be propelled along by thin, clear sheets of ice on breezy, sunny days – called the “Ice Shove”.

Getting there: The road to Racetrack Valley begins near Ubehebe Crater. It takes a 27 mile drive from this place to reach the Racetrack.

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