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Written by Yoheswari Devaraj on May 29, 2017 Share on

17 awesome sights to see on a New Zealand road trip

Scenic beauty. Adventure. Food. Wine. Mountains. Skiing. History. Waterfalls. Glaciers. Beaches. That in a few words is New Zealand for you. Best seen on a road trip. We give you many more reasons to hit New Zealand on a road trip. As you drive through the country, watch the magic unfold. Here are 17 awesome sights to see on a New Zealand road trip.

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Watch the golden leaves frolic to the invisible sway of breeze and breathe in the clear autumn air. Have a picnic and soak up the warmth of the sun. Laze around the beautiful fields to hear the rustling and caressing of leaves.

Oh, the contradictory nature of Mother Earth is a sure wonder! The blue of the sky, the autumn colours of pale green and gold on the trees. Such vibrant hues are what you get to see on a New Zealand road trip.

Meet the different shades of blue at New Zealand. Feel the silver-blue water ripple across the lake as you wade in deep and dunk your head below. A glorious moment of silence greets you, before you lose yourself to the water spirits.

Hear the crunch of the crimson and gold leaves under your feet. A picturesque place surrounded by vivid colours you cannot ignore. This is “picture perfect” New Zealand in autumn.

Picture Credit: Hari Ganapathy

Lush green fields of varying greens, calm sheep grazing and the blue skies yonder. The very picture of contentment. Don’t fall asleep as you attempt counting those sheep.

Picture Credit: Hari Ganapathy
Picture Credit: Adharsh Arulalan
Picture Credit: Vivek Sivaraman

Did we get you singing ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’? An everyday affair in New Zealand, this is. A rainbow around every corner as you drive through and maybe, a pot of gold at the end of it. Get packing to see your very rainbow with us!

Picture Credit: Vivek Sivaraman

There is no reaching the destination in New Zealand. It is the journey that matters. Stop by lakes such as these, reflect over not just the mountains but life as well. This serenity is something you will carry with you forever.

Picture Credit: Adharsh Arulalan

Rowdy cats in the country!

Picture credit: Adharsh Arulalan

Lounge under a tree overlooking the still lake. With the shadows to conceal you from the real world, you can perhaps take a nap and escape to your Neverland.

Leap through the shrubs, down the steep pathway to the clear-blue heaven beneath. Is it solitude you prefer?

Picture Credit: Simone Jedwilayties

Watch the turkeys pick at the grass inside small picket fences surrounded by mountains and greenery. A breathtaking sight to behold.

Beautiful barren trees casting its shadow. Is autumn coming to an end? Soak in the warm glow of the sun before winter catches up.

Bike through the small paved roads in the countryside between golden weeds and clear lakes. Feel the fresh air against your face and look up to the blue sky.

Picture yourself living inside a hobbit-hole? With its colourful round doors overlooking the glassy lake and the meadows beyond.

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