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Gili Islands ariel view
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on May 19, 2020 Share on

15 Amazing things to do in Gili Islands

Three tiny islands naming Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air in Indonesia are called Gili Islands. They are situated in the coats of the northwest of Lombok Island. Diversity in marine life, great coral reefs, and an amazing view are what the island is known for. This tropical getaway is a paradise for party enthusiasts. The place flocks with tourists coming over from different parts of the world to enjoy some thumping music and lively parties that are organized near the beaches. The parties are hit mainly because of the good food provided.

Music, food, and drink, everything you need is available here with awesome fun vibes. Whether you are someone who is looking to blend in or a party junky, there is something for all.  The beaches here are beautiful with clear blue water and are bliss for surfers and swimmers.  Hungry from the swim? The beach has got you covered with striking restaurants that have an amazing menu to bars that offer not just regular but few custom made drinks for a cheaper price and beers with some crunchy appetizers.  

Beaches in Gili
Image source: Unsplash

Things to do at Gili Islands

1. Watch the sunset

The beaches are not just for parties and water sports, enjoy breathtaking glorious sunset views just by sitting at the beach. You don’t have to spend a penny to enjoy this. 

2. Aqua Yoga

Wellness and fun go hand in hand. What is more fun than adding fun into workouts? Splish splash, stretch your hand and legs and strike a pose. The H20 and Meditation Centers at the island have some beautifully inbuilt pools to conduct these sessions and make one’s mind stress-free.


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3. Diving and Snorkeling

Water sports make everyone go crazy. Rent a snorkelling or a diving suit and explore the coral reefs or swim alongside the fishes at Shark point and Deep Turbo. You don’t have to be a pro swimmer to explore the underwater of Gili, there are trainers to help you and assist right next to you.

4. Roam around Gili Island

Motorbikes or cars are not allowed in the Gili islands. Rent a cycle and it’ll hardly take an hour or two and the views you’ll find are magnificent.

5. Night markets in Trawangan

Image source: Unsplash

Enjoy a massive meal at the night markets in Gili Island. Feast yourself with yummy, fresh seafood at an affordable price. If you are a vegetarian not to worry, the place has got some amazing grilled vegetables with peanut sauce, try your hands in it. 

6. Movie dates at the beach

While roaming around the beach, you might find some advertisements for movies playing in the night, why not try watching a movie under the stars with your loved one. 

7. Island hopping

You have already picked out a perfect island among the three, but why miss out on what’s happening on other islands? Take a day trip to other islands by taking a water taxi and explore the beaches or spend the night partying. 

8. Take a cooking class

Cooking class
Image Source: Unsplash

Indonesia is famous for its cuisine. Good food is good for the soul. Register yourself at one of the cooking classes available and take a memory down the lane of your vacation back when you try it at your home.

9. Trek to Rinjani

Mt Rinjani is a volcano in the Gili Islands. There are trips available to trek from the main island. Reaching the summit might take a day or two, so be ready to spend your nights in the beautiful mountain.

10. Join a party

Night party, beach party
Image source: Unsplash

Gili’s beachside is filled with parties and music. The party scene is amazing at Gili. When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, the bars become very busy with tourists flocking over. Every day there is a minimum of 10 parties happening.

11. Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding in the water
Image source: Pixabay

Everyone loves playing in the water. Try the famous paddle boarding sport at Gili. Grab a surfboard and paddle around the coastline while you balance yourself standing on the board. 

12. Relax with a massage

Indonesia is famous for its spas and body massages and it’s worth every penny. Relax your soaring muscles with a deep oil massage and head for a hot bath. 

13. Visit turtle sanctuary

Image source: Unsplash

Island Gili Meno has an amazing sanctuary for turtles. Get to know more about turtles and swim with them.

14. Booze Cruise

Gili Trawangan has the best booze cruise, unlimited booze, unlimited party, and unlimited fun. Take the Jiggy Boat Cruise, and party with roughly 100 people along and have massive fun.

15. Secret Islands

There are few islands in Gili apart from the major three. Take a boat and follow the wanderlust in you and explore the islands, hardly a day trip will be a treasure hunt kind of experience.

Gili Islands though very secluded, it is one of the busiest spots in Indonesia, post-sunset. With the backdrop of red and orange sceneries during the sunset and the majestic mountains, Lombok has many unmissable events. Sink your toes in the clear blue water and capture the place with your eyes, a beautiful place filled with amazing memories is the best souvenir one can take back home.


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