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5 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies that were shot in Exotic Locations

The Internet has gone mad bursting with the mandatory “Leo Meme’s” right now. After all, the man sure did deserve to win the award and be on the trend for eating raw bison liver and getting into an animal’s carcass, to make it as realistic as possible.


From almost all his amazing movies we’ve seen, the background and landscape has always fascinated us along with his terrific performance. For instance, did you know that parts of the Revenant were shot at the southern most city in the world at Ushuaia.? Scroll down further to check out more scenic and exotic destinations, where his movies were shot.

Inception – Tangier

Remember the scene where Cobb set’s out to hire members for a new team, to perform Inception on Robert Fischer? You may have noticed Leo mentioning it to Joseph Gordon-Levitt that he is going to fly to Mombasa in search of Eames.


Little did we know that the entire scene of the encounter in the bar and chase amid the streets were shot in  the old Moroccan town of Tangier-Tetouan .

Looks like Nolan sure knows how to pick out the perfect spot to shoot such a ‘nail-biter’ scene. Check out our Itinerary to Morocco that has been our travelers favorite.

The Wolf of Wall Street – Portofino

Aunt Emma is Dead? :O


This scene from the Wolf of Wall Street, left Jordan Belfort shattered and broken. Not because of her demise, but to figure out an alternative source as an owner for the Swiss Bank account that holds his illegitimate money from the Steve Maden IPO.

All Hell Breaks loose when then try to “handle the chop” while sailing from Portofino to Monaco, to avoid having their passports stamped. However intense and hilarious this scene maybe – the backdrop of this Italian Rivera, gives us the temptation to live that life.


Since there are a lot of similar marina’s & ports across the coastline, Scorsese’s team had to hunt for the perfect backdrop to us for the film, for over a week. Our wide range of Itineraries to Italy is sure to give you a more better clarity on where to spend you time at.

The Revenant – Canadian Rockies

Apart from DiCaprio’s mind blowing performance in this epic – the white landscapes around also arouses the movie loving traveler. Shot mostly across the Canadian Rockies, the team had to shift base to Argentina – as the weather became too extreme for the crew to shoot outdoors.


The spectacular scenery of Alberta’s Bow Valley can become an extreme location in winter. Another added difficulty for this project was the will of the film director to shoot only in natural light. Days are short during the winter season, and travelling to the distant sets took so much time, that the team had only a couple of hours a day for filming.

Some planes bombed the area in Fortress Mountain to provoke an avalanche.


In British Columbia, the Squamish Valley was used to film the sequence of the bear attack.


The last scenes of the Revenant were shot on the southern tip of South America. The small Olivia river near Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) was the unplanned final set to end such an arduous and challenging production. Director Iñárritu stated that he will never again make another movie like this, because “I am a crazy man, but not stupid”.

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Blood Diamond – Mozambique

The Irony of this film is – although the story was about the political Civil War in Sierra Leone, most of the filming was done across South Africa and Mozambique. Anyone who knows the difference between West, East, and Southern Africa would have been disappointed.


With some portions being canned in Cape Town, where Archer goes to meet his Colonel in Cape Town to the climax of the movie – where he is left to die peacefully, the cast & crew hardly shot in Sierra Leone. Nevertheless, the backdrop of the movie never failed to impress its audience.


As it is proudly said in the movie – TIA (This . Is . Africa).

The Beach – Koh Phi Phi

This movie is probably one of the sole reasons why many youngsters around the world, thrive to backpack across Thailand. Although most of the scenes in this Danny Boyle epic is a work of fiction, the adventurous life and journey shown in this movie (especially when they literally swim to the island) makes us re-think our choices.


If you are looking to re-live a scene from this movie – the waterfall scene, where DiCaprio and others jump from a high cliff to the water below, was filmed in Khao Yai National Park in central Thailand, at the Haew Suwat Waterfall.


The actual beach was also transformed from its natural look. It is reported that crew members flattened the beach with a tractor, much to the locals’ dismay. The tsunami in 2004 however, has reshaped the beach to its natural look.

Now that you have’ a good dose of Leo into you – which would be your favorite destination to pack your bags to?


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