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5 Must-Have-Things To Travel Light

Travelling is something that everyone enjoys. But, travelling light seems an issue for many. If you’re a person who fears packing and almost always ends up carrying 5 huge bags on your trips, this article is for you. Get introduced to the 5 must-have-things that can reduce your bag size considerably!

1. The Right Bag:

Of course, this is obvious. But do you really know if you have the right bag? If you think a large hollow bag is the right one, you’re wrong. Choose a smaller one that has a lot of compartments. That way, you can store multiple things easily. And you can avoid the trouble of unpacking the whole bag to pick out one item!

2. Cargo Pants:

Cargo pants are every travellers’ best friends. You can stuff the pockets with things, to take off the burden from your bag. And they’re super comfortable to wear!

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3. Slim Packing Cubes:

If you haven’t heard of slim packing cubes, you are in for a delight. They help you organize your clothes and save a lot of space. You can carry a lot more in your backpack than you can imagine! Click here to buy them on Amazon!

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4. Travel Towel:

Travel towels are not only compact but are highly absorbent and dry very quickly! They can be easily bought from online stores and are of immense help to travellers!

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5. Smart Phone:

Never leave your smart phone behind. You have a camera, map, travel details, and access to a lot of important information within one device in your pocket. There are multiple apps that you can download to help you during the travel as well. If you are planning your trip with us, you can download the Travel Genie App where you can access all the information related to your holiday in one platform!

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Packing is done!

If you want to go on a vacation but don’t want to bear the burden of planning it all by yourself, just drop us a Postcard ! We will plan and guide through every step on your holiday!


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  • Nice article, these five things are mandatory and drifit sports clothing is also a mandatory thing when we travel to the out world.