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5 Best roadways in the Canadian Rockies to encounter Wildlife!

Home to 5 popular national parks, the Canadian Rockies are certainly an Animal lover’s delight! The wildlife present in the area aren’t forcibly confined to a particular enclosed area, but given a lot of freedom to roam the beautiful vast area of the Canadian Rockies that spans an area of 180,000 square kms. The animals roam so much so, that it’s pretty common to spot varied species of wildlife in just one long drive on one of the many breathtaking roadways of the Rockies. Take a look at the videos below, which show that you can actually get face-to-face with the enchanting wildlife!

1. Lake Louise

This tiny hamlet is named after the Lake Louise situated a few kms away. The road connecting the hamlet to the lake spanning 4kms is very popular among tourists and locals alike, not just for the serene drive, but also for the wildlife that can be spotted on the roads. If you’re lucky, you can spot black bears on the road. If you’re even more lucky, you might come face to face with a grizzly as well!

2. Bow Valley Parkway

This is the roadway from Lake Louise to the Banff section of Banff National Park. While driving down this road, don’t be surprised if you often see cars lined up and people out with their cameras to shoot some of the lovely wildlife around. You can spot an array of wildlife here such as wolves, mules, coyotes, bears, deer and even some of the majestic elks! This roadway has the perfect mix of natural beauty such as mountains and canyons, and wildlife spotting.

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3. Minnewanka loop

This roadway in Banff is home to several Big Horn Sheeps, which are the star attraction of the area. Besides the Big Horn Sheeps, wildlife such as coyotes, elks and wolves can be spotted as well.

4. Spray Lakes Road

This roadway in the Kananaskis Country, West of Calgary is best visited in the morning for plentiful photo opportunities. Bears and big horn rams are prime reasons for the vast popularity of this road.

5. Icefields Parkway Road

Also known as 93 Highway road, this road boasts of large amounts of big horn sheeps, moose, bears and Pikas. A scenic drive down this road is unmatched by any other drive in North America. It offers great sights that are indeed a treat to the eyes and is a definite must visit for people travelling to Canada on a holiday.

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