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5 Unusual Hotels in Europe You Must Stay in On Your Europe Trip in 2024

Been there and done that? Here’s our challenge, have you stayed in any of these hotels? An igloo with a view, a tree-house, an erstwhile prison  – these five unusual hotels of Europe can be fascinating, weird and quirky at once. Check out these unusual hotels in Europe and remember to mention them when you talk to us!

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Hotel Igloo

So you want to watch the fascinating Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights? You should plan your trip to Finland, for it is here that you will be able to gaze at this wondrous sight from the warm confines of your own glass topped igloo. Located bang on the Arctic Circle, Finland’s Hotel Kakslauttanen & Igloo Village is one of the most unusual hotels in Europe and offers glass igloos with a clear view of the star studded Arctic sky. Along with husky safaris, snowmobile adventures, the hotel also claims to have the world’s largest smoke sauna. 

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The Tree-hotel

On the banks of the majestic Lule river in Sweden lies the small village of Harad, with a population of 600. The village is often in the spotlight thanks to the unique concept of treehouses that accommodates the serenity seeking traveller. Tree-hotel brings together the concept of tree-rooms in the pine forests around Harad and is one of the most unusual hotels in Europe. Designed to be an architectural novelty, the tree-hotel offers glass-cabins, Bird’s Nest, Reflective Mirrorcube and the UFO style rooms. If that wowed you, the Tree Sauna is sure to blow your minds out and so also the spectacular views of the forests and river from the rooms! There are only 6 such rooms, so make sure you books yours in advance.

Propeller Island City Lodge

Named after the Jules Verne novel, the Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, Germany might feel more of a museum than a hotel. Designed by German artist Lars Stroschen, the hotel has 30 rooms, each designed to be extremely unique. From a prison-like padded cell to a coffin-like room, or an upside down room to a mirrored room, this hotel is one of the most unusual hotels in Europe and gives you the chance to live your life in the weirdest way.

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Crane Hotel

You have heard of the room with a view, but one with changing views? One of the most unusual hotels in Europe at an unusual location – the Crane Hotel is set on the dockside of Harlingsen in the Netherlands. The 150ft high crane is a non-functional one dating back to 1960 that is now a hotel. Also called the Spider, the hotel has one bedroom with windows that look onto a panoramic view of the Wadden Sea. Want to see the sunset? Move a few levers and your room moves to show you that magnificent sunset!

The Swiss Jailhouse

If you were to stay at the Swiss Jailhotel Loewengraben, you would be a prisoner of your own choice. One of the most unusual hotels in Europe with more than 50 ‘cells’ to choose from you could be a ‘most wanted’ for the day! The 19th century prison at Lucerne has been remodelled to become a hotel, with prison cells now turned into spartan rooms and shared bathrooms. The lobby of the prison-hotel takes on a spooky look once you’ve heard the stories of the ghosts who live there. Completing the jailhouse atmosphere is the bar that is appropriately called Alcatraz.


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