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7 days amazing trip to Meghalaya
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One Week Trip to Meghalaya – Everything about the Scotland of the East

People from far and wide are seen embarking on Meghalaya packages, in the hope to experience the best of vacations. Not only is the region filled with everything amazing, but it also gives tourists an opportunity to explore the best of the unknown. It undoubtedly is one of the most stunning destinations in India and provides for a surreal vacation, altogether. For those of you heading towards the region for the first time will fall in love with the stellar magnificence of this place. 

Trip to Meghalaya

If travel to the region has been on your mind, you most definitely have got to check some of the Meghalaya packages, available. The place is sure to leave you awestruck with its charm, beauty, splendour and so much more. 

Regardless of whether you’re travelling with family, friends or maybe even are a couple heading out on your first vacation; you’re definitely not going to be sorry. Some of the Meghalaya packages, give you the opportunity to be part of some of the most amazing explorations. So get ready to venture into a trip that’s completely out of the ordinary. 

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Meghalaya Trip Itinerary for 7 Days

When you’re planning a vacation, one of the first things that come to mind, remains the number of days required to make the most of the destination. Well, when it comes to a Meghalaya Package, a 7-day trip could be what you need. 

We’ve gone ahead and jotted down some of the best things for you to explore, during your Meghalaya vacation. Find some of the most sought after attractions and stunning locations included in your Meghalaya Package. 

  • Day 1 – Journey from Guwahati to Shillong
  • Day 2 – Journey from Shillong To Cherrapunjee 
  • Day 3 – Cherrapunjee Explorations
  • Day 4 – Journey from Cherrapunjee to Mawlynnong
  • Day 5 – Journey from Mawlynnog to Shillong
  • Day 6 – Shillong Explorations
  • Day 7 – Travel back from Shillong to Guwahati

Day 1 – Journey from Guwahati to Shillong

Journey from Guwahati to Shillong
Image Credit – Pixabay

The very day of your trip will include your journey right from Guwahati, all the way to Shillong. Tourists are in for the vacation of their lifetime, as they stopover at the ‘Umium Lake,’ and soak in the serenity of the region. One cannot help but marvel at the spectacular beauty of the place. A must try Meghalaya package, has got to be on your vacation list, if you’re looking for something that’s truly refreshing.

Tourists can explore the ‘Khasi houses,’ which are predominately the colonial-styled houses in the region. It offers tourists with a whole new perspective and view on the way of life, of the people in the region. 

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Day 2 – Journey from Shillong To Cherrapunjee

Journey from Shillong To Cherrapunjee
Image Credit – Unsplash

The second day comes along with a trip from Shillong, heading towards the region of Cherrapunjee. This day calls for a deeper understanding of the area and exploration of the famous ‘Khasi Hills.’ The landscape beauty of the place cannot be understated and calls for a view that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. 

Tourists find themselves making their way through and exploring some of the most famous of attractions. The ‘Mawkdok Viewpoint,’ ‘Elephant falls,’ and ‘Mawsmai Caves,’ being just some among the few. This journey provides for one of the best Meghalaya packages, you’ll find. 

Day 3 – Cherrapunjee Explorations

The third day of your journey calls for a stop by at some of the most popular and much talked about attractions in the Cherrapunjee region. Tourists are left marvelled as they experience some of the natural wonders and amazing places present here. You could head towards the ‘ Nohsngithiang Falls,’ the ‘Eco Park,’ and maybe even the ‘Cherrapunjee market.’

Day 4 – Journey from Cherrapunjee to Mawlynnong

Does a trip one of the cleanest village in the whole of Asia, excite you? Well, your journey from Cherrapunjee to Mawlynnong, calls for just that! Tourists get to explore one of Asia’s most popular attraction, all for themselves. You can head over to the ‘Umngot river,’ for one of the regions finest boat rides or maybe a journey to the ‘Tamabil BOP,’ for an experience that’s out of this world. If you’re looking for something magnificent, a view of the extensive ‘Bangladesh plains,’ could be what you need. 

Day 5 – Journey from Mawlynnog to Shillong

The fifty-day of your travel brings along with it, a beautiful exploration of Shillong. This has got to be one of the best things of your Meghalaya Package and makes for the greatest of explorations. 

Tourists can make their way towards the famous Church in the region, known to be about a hundred years old. It gives you the opportunity to soak in the true beauty of the region. A Meghalaya Package that’s going to leave you spellbound is what you’re in for. 

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Day 6: Shillong Explorations

Shillong Explorations
Image Credit – Pixabay

If you’re heading towards Shillong, one cannot miss out on the much recognised ‘Shillong Peak.’ This is the most famous, popular and widely recognised attraction in the region. Located just about a couple of kilometres away from the main town, tourists are seen travelling to the peak. 

A journey here calls for some stunning views and an exceptional setting, as well. You’re sure to be left awestruck with the significance of this place and what it has to offer. A Meghalaya package that you’re going to love, could just be awaiting you!

Day 7 – Travel back from Shillong to Guwahati

Travel back from Shillong to Guwahati
Image Credit – Pixabay

The last day, calls for a trip back from Shillong, back to your base of Guwahati. This makes for a fun and most definitely worthwhile Meghalaya package, that you’re going to cherish for a long time to come. 

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How many Days are enough for Meghalaya?

5 Days would be perfect for exploring Meghalaya.

When not to visit Meghalaya?

During the Monsoon season, from June to October. These months bring heavy rainfall to Meghalaya.

When is the ideal time to visit Meghalaya?

During the Summer Season, from April to the start of June will be the best time to visit Meghalaya.

Is Meghalaya worth a visit?

Meghalaya is perfectly worth it for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Why is Meghalaya so famous for tourism?

It is because of its scintillating natural beauty and stunning attractions including waterfalls, national parks, caves, summits and many more.

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