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7 Must-have Travel Gizmos

Travelling abroad and wanting a hassle free vacation? Here’s technology to your aid. We go beyond selfie sticks and fancy bags here. These here, are the best and latest in gadgets you will need while travelling. Trust us, they will make your life simpler! And the most important bit of technology you need to use – Pickyourtrail. Ever tried it out?

1. Language Translators

Image credit – indiegogo

Wondering what to do in a strange country where you don’t understand the local language? Banish those painful language books and get tech-savvy. Get a portable gadget like Sigmo, that translates 20+ languages in real time. Another option would be Google Translate, downloadable on your phone. Good enough to get you through with cabs and restaurants, maybe not for a perfect conversation.

2. Travel Adapters

Travel adapter
Image credit – aliexpress

Yes, we know you have this on your list – travel adapters. What we recommend is power adapters that are so compact that fit into your pocket or purse! Vacations mean a lot of photo transfers between camera and laptops. Check out travel adapters that allow you to charge more than one device at a time.

3. Noise cancelling headsets

Noise cancelling headsets
Image credit – sonymobile

You have a long gap between flights on your vacation and are looking to catch up on some quiet at the airport. Your best companion at this stage would be Noise cancelling headphones. Sit back and block out the din around you while you take in a book or just some shut-eye.

4. E-Book reader

Kindle ebook reader
Image credit – pixabay

What’s a vacation without a book in your bag? Wish at times that you could carry more than one? That’s where E-book readers come to your rescue. Carry hundreds of titles with you wherever you go. Have an airport wait or just relaxing at the hotel lounge? The EBook reader is your best friend indeed!

5. Power Banks

Samsung power banks
Image credit – shopclues

Imagine you are on a long road trip and and your phone battery dies before you find a power source! Power bank to the rescue! These little things pack a whole load of power in them. And what’s better, they don’t occupy too much space. Oh and yes, they don’t charge just phones, they charge cameras and other gizmos as well.

6. GoPro Cameras

Gopro camera on helmet
Image credit – businessinsider

The ultimate way of capturing your action packed vacation – GoPro cameras. Take it with you when you go on that underwater adventure or send it up to take shots of the magnificent scenery.

7. Luggage Trackers

Trakdot luggage tracker
Image credit – terapeak

The eternal fear of travellers – losing their luggage. But with luggage trackers, have no fear, your luggage can not go missing. Luggage trackers like Trakdot are a compact unit that tracks your baggage using a GSM chip that is inside your bag. The tracker will be connected to your computer or smartphone.

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