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8 things you MUST know about Travel insurance

Booked an airline ticket online and found yourself confused whether to opt for travel insurance? Wondering whether you need it and what it actually means? Here are 8 things you should know about travel insurance before you book air tickets.

1. Travel insurance generally protects you against travel mishaps like lost or stolen baggage, cancelled flights and sometimes natural disasters too.

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2. Get insurance directly from the airline or from an insurance agency, at times from credit cards too.

3. Compare policies offered by airlines versus private agencies and ensure you read the fine print to understand how you are covered.

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4. Insurance is worth it when you are travelling abroad and don’t have health insurance outside your country.

5. Travel insurance is calculated based on various factors like your destination and duration of stay. Insurance would be higher if you were to go to Japan as compared to S.E Asian countries.

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6. Travel insurance might not be worth it if you are booked on cheap tickets or off-season packages. Expensive non-refundable tickets however might demand you to take up insurance.

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7. Relying on your credit card for emergencies while travelling abroad? Read the fine print if your credit card offers insurance. Generally credit card insurance is valid on emergencies, but not on flight cancellations!

8. And obviously, remember to take your travel insurance before you travel and not when you are stuck in an emergency!

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