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Pantheon Temple Entrance
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All you need to know about the Pantheon Temple in Rome

When it comes to Italy, there are two things that come to your mind, architecture and good food(mainly Italian). Colosseum is probably the first thing that is a part of your wish list in Rome. Similarly, there is another structure that you could marvel at when you get to visit Italy. The Pantheon Temple in Rome is the building that you have to see if you are fond of architecture. The temple is located at the Piazza Della Rotonda.

The Pantheon temple entrance which is crowded
Photo by Hyungman Jeon on Unsplash

Pantheon is a Greek term that referred to the temple of gods. It is one of the oldest and iconic buildings in Rome which has a lot of visitors every year. Walking tours are pretty famous in Rome if you wish to explore the city. Just ensure that you have comfortable shoes if you have to walk around the city. There are a few facts about the Pantheon Temple in Rome that could be useful when you visit Italy.

Interesting facts about the Pantheon in Rome

The first Temple that was built had burnt down 

The original Pantheon that was built during 27BCE was destroyed by fire. Surprisingly, the next one that built at 80 CE also succumbed to the fire that broke out. The temple of gods as it is know was rebuilt between 119- 125 CE. There is a small inscription in front of the Pantheon to commemorate Marcus Agrippa, the one who built it first.

Roman concrete is the savior

The Pantheon is said to be one of the old structures to be constructed in Rome. People credit the longevity of the structure due to a special variety of concrete that was used to construct the site.

The magnificent eye

Opening at the top inside the temple which is the source of sunlight
Photo by Lode Lagrainge on Unsplash

One of the special features of the Pantheon temple is the interior dome. Standing over 140 feet, it is said to one of the biggest to be constructed in ancient history. Another incredible feature of the Pantheon is that it has 27 foot opening at the top of the dome. It is referred to as the Oculus or the “eye” in Latin. It is said to be the primary source of sunlight inside Pantheon.

Sundial – Get to know the time

Some of the historians believe that the Oculus or the opening at the top was built to be a sundial. People would be able to identify the time based on the sunlight.

Roman temple to Church

The pantheon became a church during the 7th century and it continues to be a catholic church which hosts masses and weddings. Emperor Phocas had presented the Pantheon to Pope Boniface IV during 609 CE.

The Pantheon Temple entrance
Image Credits: Flickr

If you wish to travel to Italy next time, make sure that the Pantheon temple in Rome is a part of your list. A guided tour of the place might be helpful since it is rich in history. Make sure that you choose the best Rome trip packages available at Pickyourtrail and enjoy the city to the fullest. Click some awesome photos and make it a memorable Italian vacation.

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