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Written by Deepak K on June 25, 2018 Share on

American Dream – 4 billion dollar mall at the size of a city is coming to Miami

Imagine going on a visit to a mall. Off the top of your head, you are probably picturing a two to three storied mall with over 50-70 stores to shop from, few restaurants to hang out, and a movie theatre. But, what if I say you are wrong? The mall that you are visualizing may be a mall of the present. The malls of the future, however, are going to be totally different. One such example is the recently announced 4-billion-dollar mall in Miami called American Dream.

Built by Triple Five group and covering a gigantic area of 6 million square ft, the mall will be the size of a city. Take a minute and try to picture the sheer size of this mall. That is insane! So what is inside this one-of-kind mall? Hold on because this is about to get interesting.

A theme park, a 20-slide water park, 2,000 hotel rooms, 16-story indoor ski slope, 14 screens 3D movie theatre, performing arts centre, miniature golf, art deco village, outdoor fishing centre, indoor ice-skating rink, and a submarine. This is almost too much to see in a single day, which is why you will probably keep coming back here time and again. For the same reason, the management of the American Dream Miami are expecting a turnout of 30 million visitors annually.

Interestingly, Triple Five group has already started working on one other similar project called American Dream Meadowlands in New Jersey and the pictures look amazing. Huge in its own way, American Dream Meadowlands is spread across 3 million square feet of land and will carry a Nickelodeon style theme park.

Rendering of American Dream Meadowlands. Image Credits: Triple Five

While malls were just considered as a place filled with retail stores, malls like these are changing the perspective. More than just a place to shop, malls like these are becoming entertainment centres where you can easily spend your entire day. And with a wide range of activities to choose from, there is something for everyone in the group. They are a separate world by themselves.

The proposal for the construction of American Dream Miami has already been approved by the Miami Dade County Commission and the work leading up to the construction of the mall is in progress. The approval has also opened up 25,000 jobs which is amazing. For now, there is no information on when the mall will be complete. Keep following us to stay updated with all the travel-related queries.

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