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Best Time To Visit The United States Of America

The United States of America compromises several states. Each state or region experiences different seasons/climates throughout the year. With long coasts, mighty canyons, lakes and national parks, the country glows up differently in different seasons. It is never same for every city. Planning a visit to the USA? Curious to know about the Best time to visit the United States of America? Here is an ultimate guide that takes you through the seasons in the United States of America. Go on and have a read to experience these seasons virtually. Know the best time to visit the United States of America and plan your trip accordingly.

America Map
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Best time to visit the United States of America

Peak Season in the USA

The term peak season generally refers to the time when the number of tourists visiting the place is maximum. In the USA, it is hard to pinpoint one particular season since it is a year-round destination. Thousands and thousands of people visit the US throughout the year from different parts of the world. In the USA, the summer season is when the country receives the maximum number of tourists. The hotels get expensive, the city gets crowded and the flight tickets get expensive as well.

What is summer like in the United States of America?

The country experiences the season of summer between the months of July and August. It is one of the best time to explore the country. You can visit several national parks spread across the country. Try cycling, hiking or trekking and get adventurous. If you are not a mountain person, you can rent a cabin by the lakeside and while away your time fishing or swimming. The cities belonging in the East Coast of the country experiences a very hot summer compared to the West Coast. So if you are someone who is running away from the heat, we suggest you head to the West Coast.

Summer beach in America
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During the summer, the cities and small-town buzzes with carnivals, festivals and fireworks. The country also celebrates the 4th of July (Independence Day to the United States of America) which also pulls in many numbers of tourists.

Best places to visit in the USA, during the Summer Season

  1. Yellowstone National Park
  2. San Diego
  3. Chicago
  4. Grand Canyon
  5. Grand Teton National Park
  6. Glacier National Park
  7. Zion National Park
  8. Boston
  9. Bar Harbor
  10. Seattle
  11. Outer Banks
  12. Golden Isles
  13. Bruce Canyon National Park
  14. Steamboat Springs
  15. Cape Cod

Key events during the Summer Season

  • The United States of America celebrates it’s Independence Day on the 4th of July. It is celebrated in a grand manner with fireworks, shows and parade.
  • US Open Tennis Champions is also organised in New York during these months.

Shoulder Season in the USA

Shoulder season usually refers to the time when the number of tourists thin out compared to the peak season. The shoulder season here in the USA is usually between the months of March and May. During these months the country experiences the season of spring. The country is seen to be very colourful during these months.

Spring in America
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What is spring season like in the United States of America?

Spring is considered to be the perfect time to tour around the country. With colours like orange, yellow dominating the city, it gives out comfy and cosy vibes. Apart from the summer, people take part in several outdoor activities an enjoy as much as the can.

Best places to visit in the USA, during the Spring Season

  1. Asheville
  2. Boston
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Beaches of Miami
  5. Grand Canyon
  6. Honolulu
  7. South Padre Island
  8. San Francisco
  9. New Orleans
  10. Chicago

Key events during the Spring Season

  • New Orleans is referred to as the French Colony in the USA. As the name goes, the people of New Orleans celebrate the famous Mardi Gras during the spring. Mardi Gras is a beautiful festival celebrated by the people that shows the rich culture and heritage of the French.
  • Coachella, a music festival that happens for a week-long is organised in California.
  • During the months of April, the country has been organising the Boston Marathon since 1897.
  • Families come together and hunt eggs during Easter Sunday.

Off-Season in the USA

For anyone travelling to the USA for the first time, winter is never the right time. Winter in the USA is pretty chill. And for someone who hasn’t seen snow, it can be too chill. Though the cities light up for Christmas, you cannot travel to different parts of the country due to unpredictable weather and expensive flight tickets.

Winter in America
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What is winter season like in the United States of America?

The season of winter in the USA is between the months of October and March. Winter here in the USA is experienced throughout the country. Although the snowfall arrives late or early to different states, the weather then is pretty cold. The minimum temperature that the country experiences during winter is between -1 to 24-degree celsius. If you are travelling anywhere in the country apart from the southern part, you are bound to find snow. Not just that, you might even be stuck at the same place due to unpredictable heavy snowfalls.

Best places to visit in the USA, during the Winter Season

  1. Winter trails in Northwoods of Wisconsin
  2. Colorado Slopes
  3. Dogsledding at Alaska
  4. Idaho Ski Resorts
  5. Utah
  6. Vermont
  7. Montana
  8. Yellowstone
  9. Lake Erie
  10. Fingers Lake, New York
  11. Southern Oregon
  12. Colorado

Key events during the Winter Season

  • The festival of Christmas is popular in the United States of America. Every house is colourfully lit with lights and covered with snow, making it look picture perfect.
  • New Year’s Eve at Time Square is another popular event in the USA.
  • Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world. In the USA, you can see flowers, hearts, balloons and chocolates being gifted to each other.

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