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ArtScience Museum
Written by Rahul on May 21, 2020 Share on

ArtScience Museum – The Blend Where Mr Art meets Mr Science

Who does not like Art? There are many forms of the same. Some like to see, listen or see it. Certain folks like science in different forms. Some have the burning passion and many questions involving it. Why not both together? Singapore gives out many ways to attract its tourists and it will do anything to bring to life. Even Dinosaurs. Why can’t it bring you the blend of both? The lion’s city impresses us at each and every spot the city has. Sometimes even more. This land is filled with surprises. People just come to visit the grand scale of the city and be baffled with every nook and corner of the city. With all the architectural marvels around the ArtScience Museum is a cherry on the top of it. Let us look deeper into this topic for you to get knowledge about it.

Beautiful Singapore
Beautiful Singapore | P.C – Google Images

Fun Fact

Sang Nila Utama, The Prince of Palembang, Thought he saw lions in the city and name the city, “Singapura” which means Lion city in Sanskrit. But there has never been a loose lion in Singapore.

ArtScience Museum:

The ArtScience Museum is a tourist spot that gives you an experience of a lifetime. There is a blend in the experience which gives you the mix of both art and science. It is located in the integrated resort of the Marina Bay Sands, in the Downtown core. It is the World’s first ArtScience museum that was created which gives you a blended experience of science, art, technology and culture. With 21 galleries built-in, the ArtScience museum is built in 50,000 Sq. ft.

The ArtScience Museum
The ArtScience Museum | P.C – Wikimedia Commons (Google)

The 5 Fact Section:

  1. The design of this building is a reminiscent lotus flower. It was called the “Welcoming Hand of Singapore” by Las Vegas Sands Chairman Sheldon Adelson.
  2. Rainwater Harvesting is done with the building. It is channelled down the centre of the building and these water are used as toilet waters.
  3. The ArtScience Museum is changing its exhibits. It comes and goes for every few months. You get a different experience each time you visit this museum.
  4. This museum has done various achievements. Out of one is that this building achieved LED sustainability and that it is the first in Asia to do so.
  5. The museum has only two permanent exhibits. They are the Future World and Into the Wild.

The Direction Guide:

The ArtScience Museum is one such unique spot which gives out the uniqueness of Singapore. It is located in the integrated resort of the Marina Bay Sands, in the Downtown core.


10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956


1. Bayfront Station (Exit D) – 7min walk to ArtScience Museum
2. Bayfront Station (Exit B) – 11min walk to ArtScience Museum
3. Bayfront Station (Exit C) – 17min walk to ArtScience Museum

By Bus:

The closest station to the ArtScience Museum is the Marina Bay Sands Theatre Bus Stop. It will be an 8 minutes walk to the Museum. The services that run are the following.
SBS: 97, 97E, 133, 133M, 502, 518
SMRT: 106

Location of the ArtScience Museum
Picture Courtesy: Google Maps (Street View)
Location of the ArtScience Museum
Picture Courtesy: Google Maps (Satellite View)

Timings & Tickets Info :


The ArtScience Museum is one of the most visited attractions in Singapore and one of the sole reason associated with it is that the park is open 7 days a week. The Opening and the closing timings are as follows:

10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
(The last entry will be restricted to be at 6:00 PM)


The Ticket rates are as follows:

Future Generations (Selected Generations):
Adult: $16.15
Child: $11.90
Family: $45.80

Any 1 Exhibition:
Adult: $19
Child: $15
Family: $54

Any 1 Exhibition:
Adult: $32
Child: $24
Family: $78

All Access (All Exhibitions):
Adult: $40
Child: $30
Family: $110

February to April is the best time to visit Singapore as a holiday destination.

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