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Roller coaster in Singapore
Written by Kajani Shivam on September 1, 2020 Share on

Adventure Activities In Singapore For All Adventure Freaks Out There!

Adventure!! – Does this word excite you and fuel your soul? Couldn’t resist yourself from taking part in an adventure activity? Well, you definitely need to read this. You will find plenty of adventure activities all around the world, right? And yes, some of the countries are literally gifted with such activities and you shouldn’t miss to take on an adventure ride is such countries. And, guess what? One such country is Singapore. Yes, it is the Lion City! When it comes to Singapore, we all know that it is one of the famous countries in Asia and is filled with luxury malls, lip-smacking dishes, romantic places and many more, right? Well, adding to it, you will also find some crazy adventure activities in Singapore. Without any further delays, let’s quickly jump into the adventure activities in Singapore.

A lady rock climbing
Image Credits: Unsplash

Adventure activities in Singapore

  • Indoor Skydiving
  • Universal Studios
  • Changi Experience Studio
  • Reverse Bungy at Clarke Quay
  • Freefall Adventure at Sentosa
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark 
  • Go-Karting experience
  • Forest Adventure

1. Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving
Image Credits: Google Images

Skydiving is always one of the best adventure activities to do, right? Afraid of heights, but still want to experience the thrill? Well, Singapore offers you indoor skydiving activity which can be experienced inside a safe environment. iFly is an indoor sky diving area where you can jump into the wind tunnel and have a similar skydiving experience. Guess what? This wind tunnel is the largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving in the world. This activity is definitely one of the top adventure activities to do in Singapore, right?


iFly Singapore, Sentosa island

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2. Universal Studios

A ride in Universal Studios
Image Credits: Unsplash

Well, how can you miss to take a ride at Southeast Asia’s first Hollywood movie theme park? You can’t miss it, right? Universal Studios is packed with some heart-pounding rides which are perfectly suitable for adventure freaks. Some of the must-try rides in Universal Studios are the Transformers Battle Ride, Far Far Away, and The Lost World. Make sure you add this place in your itinerary for a fun-filled screaming experience.


8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore

3. Changi Experience Studio

We all know how beautiful Singapore Changi Airport is, right? If you are stuck at Singapore Changi Airport at a layover, consider yourself lucky. You have plenty of amazing things to do here. One of them is the Changi Experience Studio. Changi Experience Studio is completely for the adventure freaks. The studio is a digital attraction which is designed to take you on an adventurous journey. You will find virtual games and many more which will make it hard for you to leave from the studio.


Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd, L4, Singapore

4. Reverse Bungy at Clarke Quay

A click at Reverse Bungy
Image Credits: Google Images

Reverse Bungy at Clarke Quay is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Trust me, this is undoubtedly one of the top adventure activities in Singapore and if you are into adventure, make sure you try this. You can do reverse bungee jumping with the help of the G-Max reverse bungee jumping machine which is capable of holding 3 people at a time. The machine propels 60 meters high at the speed of 200 km/hr and sways from side to side for at least 7 times. Crazy, huh? Also, not to worry about the safety measures as everything is very well planned and taken care by the Reverse Bungy team.


3E River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Block E, Singapore

5. Freefall Adventure at Sentosa

Here is some real adventure which could give you an adrenaline rush. Yes, it is the freefall adventure at Sentosa. Freefall adventure at Sentosa is one of the best ways to get indulge in an adventure with your folks. Interested? Well, all you need to do is to reach ParaJump at Sentosa which could offer you the best of Freefall adventure. And yes, the breathtaking views will make you go crazy.


10A Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore

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6. Adventure Cove Waterpark 

Adventure Cove Waterpark
Image Credits: Google Images

The real adventure is only when you wet yourself in water, right? If you are one of those who believe in that, make sure you add the Adventure Cove Waterpark in your Singapore itinerary. Located in the Southern part of Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark has some amazing adrenaline-filled rides to refuel your soul with adventure. Take those rides and smash in the water! In addition, the waterpark also has 20,000 different fishes and many more interesting things for the tourists. Totally cool, right? I am sure a visit to Adventure Cove Waterpark will give you both chills and thrills!


8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore

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7. Go-Karting experience

Image Credits: Unsplash

Well, I know many of you must be waiting to see go-karting on the adventure activities in Singapore list, huh? And yes, here it is. Turn into a Formula 1 racer by taking part in go-karting and test your skills here with your folks. There are 4 major go-karting spots in Singapore and Maximum Drift Karting Arena is one of the best spots to race. It is quite challenging and thrilling at the same time. Well, that’s all about adventure, right? So, make sure you add this in your itinerary to have an amazing racing experience.


81 Lorong Chencharu, Yishun, #01-15, Singapore

8. Forest Adventure

A guy at Forest Adventure
Image Credits: Google Images

Since our childhood days, most of us have dreamt of living a life just like Bear Grylls in the forest, right? And yes, Singapore offers a chance to make your dreams come true. Head to Forest Adventure theme park where you can enjoy some great adventure activities. You will get a chance to climb huge trees, walk through the bridges and swing like Tarzan. Also, Forest Adventure offers something unique for every age group of people. Forest Adventure is thrilling and safe. Also, you will always find instructors guiding throughout your adventure journey.


Bedok Reservoir Park, Singapore

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Want a life full of adventure, why not take part in such adventure activities and make your life super exciting? And yes, adventure activities in Singapore will refuel your soul and will make you scream happily! Enough of living your same boring routine life. It’s time to get into adventure! Already excited? Well, all you need to do is to reach Pickyourtrail website and check on the amazing travel packages to Singapore. Also, you can drop a message in Whatsapp for more options. Get ready for an adventurous vacation with Pickyourtrail!!

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