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A wide shot of lake bled and Bled castle on the cliff.
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Attractions to cover in Bled: Slovenia’s hidden gem

When it comes to the Eastern part of Europe not many people are aware of it or even plan on visiting it. Surprisingly for most of the 20th century, Slovenia has been untouched by international travelers. Out of all the places to visit in this beautiful Balkan country, Bled tops the list. Although the capital Ljubljana seems to be the most popular tourist destination, Bled proves to be in demand just as much. Located close to the Julian Alps on the northwestern side, Bled is a small Slovenian town. There are plenty of interesting things to do here. Read further to find out more about the attractions you could cover in Bled.

Bled Castle

Sitting on top of a cliff overlooking the serene Lake Bled, it is the oldest castle in Slovenia. This castle is a hotspot during the season and even otherwise, it sits amidst the forest and gives you great views along with a bit of history. You can reach this castle either by road or water. If you’re in for a hike then you can hike to this place from the Lake which sits 130 meters above the lake. The castle is romantic by nature but what makes this castle more stunning is that it sits amidst blue emerald waters and is just breathtaking to just look at and that’s why this is one of the top attractions to cover in Bled. 

Bled castle sitting on top of the cliff: attractions to cover in Bled.
Image credits: Unsplash

Vintgar Gorge

Situated only a few miles away from the Lake Bled is this 1.6-kilometre long gorge that shows you how marvellous mother nature is. The Vintgar Gorge is a sight to behold as it cuts through surrounding rocks with its turquoise waters. This place is a perfect fit for a romantic getaway anytime during the day or evening. It is just too beautiful to miss since the sights will feel surreal and you’d never want to leave.

Lake Bled

These turquoise waters just keep dragging you to them like a magnet, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to say no to this angel. Lake Bled will look like a frame carved out of a gorgeous fairytale. Take a dip here in the cool waters when it gets too hot outside. If you are interested you could even swim across to Bled Island as the island has a church on it as well. You can also engage in paddling or kayaking as the boats will be readily available for rent. This will surely be your favourite way of taking the heat off and might also be your most favourite attraction to cover in Bled once you see how beautiful this lake is.

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a snippet of Lake Bled
Image credits: Unsplash

Church of the Assumption of Maria

Located right in the heart of this island is the church that has 99 steps which were supposedly built just for the groom to carry his bride up before the ceremony takes place. It was built with a great Baroque-style architecture during the mid-15th century and is well preserved ever since. This church is known to host and conduct weddings, so if you’re lucky you get to witness the traditions that take place inside.

the maria church on top of Bled Island.
Image credits: Unsplash

Eat like a Slov

Activities; check, breathtaking views; check, what about the food? Slovenian cuisine has somehow been super lowkey and not so popular. What people missed to notice over years is that it is pretty filling, packed with flavours and unique in its own way. There are plenty of options here in Bled, from cheap to trendy to fine-dining experiences. You can try it all and it will be once in a lifetime experience. The most important dish you should try here is the Bled cream cake apart from meat-stuffed dumplings and delicious wines.

Hike to the Lake Bled Overlook

Hiking is very common and famous here in Bled. One of the most sought after hikes is the one overlooking Lake Ojstrica. The view is almost 645 meters above the lake. The hike up the hill would take about 45 to 60 minutes, and anyone can hike up. You don’t have to be too prepared for it, it’s pretty much comfortable to walk up. Once you reach the top, turn left after the metal stairs for the Mala Osojnica where you will get the most dramatic view of both the island and the castle. The climb might get a little taxing, but the view is surely worth it and the view is the reason why this should be on the list of attractions to cover in Bled.

Triglav National Park

This park is home to the highest peak in the country, and that is why most hikers and adventurers are drawn to this attraction. Do not miss out on the Soca river that gave birth to the Soca Valley, rafting and zip-lining activities, Vršič Mountain Pass, and the Savica Waterfalls. You can also find shops on the path selling products, and there is no specific way to get here. You can reach the park by any private transport, or on foot as well. This park is a mix of so many activities that it is the major reason why it has to be on your top attractions to cover in Bled.

a snippet of the Triglav National Park
Image credits: Unsplash

Postojna Caves

Take a short trip outside Bled to these underground caves that are submerged with stalactites and stalagmites and let the magic sink in you. These caves are very popularly combined along with the Predjama castle as a tour because it’s pretty close by. But most tourists take a while in these caves before they head on to the castle, and yes these caves might even push the Bled castle down to number 2 on your list of attractions to cover in bled with its magic.

Bled Island Gallery

Bled is a very scenic and artistic place, Bled Island Gallery stands and depicts these very things that bring the gallery alive. With both historic and contemporary pieces that almost resembles the sights you have seen already, the work here is just simply extraordinary. Most people spend about an hour here to just take in the immense work that is exhibited here.

If you are visiting Bled during winters then be sure to visit the Straža Ski Resort. Even though it’s not up to the ones in France or Switzerland, it will surely be just as much fun! Slovenia is a true gem that is yet to be discovered and explored by most tourists and Bled will always remain the most picturesque European place. What are you waiting for? There’s surely more to see in Bled! Go ahead and find out more about attractions to cover in Bled and plan your customized vacation with Pickyourtrail! You can ping us on Whatsapp to find out more as well. In the meantime please download the Pickyourtrail app for Android and iOS.

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