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Amazing Places to ‘Trip’ With Your Girl squad

As a girl squad, travelling to new geography can be the most liberating and daunting experience at the same time. It can, in fact, turn out to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. After all, you’re your own boss, and with your ultimate ‘Gal-gang’ to accompany you, your wild side will be unleashed in no time.

Or scroll down further to get inspired more and add these destinations to your bucket list, if you are game to pack your bags and get out to explore the world with your girlfriends.

Top places to visit with your girl squad

1. Hungary

Gellert Hill,free things to do in Budapest

Picture Hungary. What comes to the mind? River Danube and Széchenyi Thermal Bath would be topping that list. Ever thought of indulging in wellness retreats like thermal baths with your very own girl gang? Budapest’s got a lot of it! Also with Baroque architecture adorning every piece of brick and stone in Hungary, you’re in for a colourful culture trip!

Insider’s Tip: Take a wine tour in Tokaj hunting for Tokaji Aszú, the best wine indigenous to Hungary. Or if you are in for some mystery, Szentendre is a mysterious and beautiful little village, that can easily be reached by a one-hour ride in HÉV commuter train.

2. Bali


When Julia Roberts experiences the taste of food in Italy and inner peace at India in “Eat Pray Love”, Bali is where she finds and falls in love with the island. Whether you want to relax by a picturesque beach, chat with the locals and learn about Bali’s culture, surf, do yoga or meditate, or even just laze around at your five-star resort, Bali has you covered. That’s what travelling with your friends does to you – unwind, relax and reinvigorate.

Insider’s Tip: Don’t take the taxis waiting at the Airport (absolute rip-off). Instead, go just outside of where all of the taxis are lined up, and into the parking lot. Look for the light blue taxis that are “Blue Bird” taxis. They will charge you by the meter, and nothing more.

3. Slovenia

While Western Europe countries like France, Brussels & Amsterdam are crowd-pullers and a great way to experience the European life, travellers miss out on Slovenia! Over a third of Slovenia is a protected natural area and the country isn’t short of a few lakes either with 1,300 of them within the country.

Its capital Ljubljana – hard on the tongue yet easy on the charm – has a riveting Baroque style architecture. Meaning ‘the beloved city’, Ljubljana is big on culture and you’ll often find musicians and locals reciting poetry in the main square.

Insider’s Tip: Visit Slovenia in the winter and you can ski in the Julian Alps with the picturesque view of the Jamnik Church on the slopes. But you don’t need snow to enjoy this country as watersports also draw the adventurers and you can raft, scuba dive or paraglide at Bovec  – the adrenaline capital of the country.

4. Iceland


Iceland being termed as one of the safest destinations in the world is one of the easiest places to travel for a group of female wanderers. With a population of just 300,000 people, it seems like everyone knows each other. You can forget the myth of language being a problem – as most Icelanders speak near-perfect English.

Meet new people — locals and fellow travellers alike. Reykjavik has plenty of bars where you can socialize and play trivia night with your new friends. On your last day, relax at the soothing, natural spa of Blue Lagoon.

Insider’s Tip: The best way to explore around is to rent a car and drive out to the wild countryside. The Ring Road trip is one of the best! Though, be sure to take a map and turn on the GPS. The rural side of the island can get quite rugged!

5. Peru


Peru inspires wonder, from the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu and the mysterious Nazca Lines to the Cordillera Blanca’s soaring peaks and Lake Titicaca’s floating islands. The capital (Lima) is a great place to start your journey while travelling with your girl squad. In the heart of Old Lima, you can find the cathedral, museums and the Archbishop’s Palace.

A great place to stay the night is at the coastal district of Miraflores. You’ll find joggers along the promenade, surfers in the sea, good restaurants and a great nightlife – albeit, different from that of Lima’s!

Insider’s Tip: If you’re travelling in Peru, not all indigenous villages will welcome you; some remote Andean villages living in complete isolation are not keen about visitors. So stick to the tourist route or hire a Quechua speaking guide for the more remote areas.

Celebrate this Women’s Day by taking the step to explore the world around you and experience what life is all about. To manifest your dreams into reality, here we are – just a Postcard away! :)

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